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1943 Deadly Desert Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

1943 Deadly Desert is a turn-based strategy game coming from HandyGames. The game puts you in the boots of Allies or Axis forces, offering long, interesting, and hard to beat single player missions as well as a couple of different multiplayer modes. The game asks from players to carefully use their forces, to try destroying enemy forces without lots of casualties and to beat levels without staying out of gold.

The single player missions are very long, very hard, and very fun. All of them have gradually harder objectives where keeping your forces loaded and with full health is beneficial if you plan to finish a mission. More often than not you’ll realize that there is just too many enemies for you to defeat but using smart tactics will make you much more tough to beat than you thought. The key to victory in 1943 Deadly Desert is to use what you have in the best possible way and to never, ever rush into the enemy.

Even if playing in a careful manner and even if taking care of each and every friendly unit deployed on the battlefield the victory may slip away from you at the worst possible moment. 1943 Deadly Desert is a hard game but it can be played without paying a dime (gold can be bought for real money, and you’ll probably be close to spending your hard earned money on gold as soon as you beat the first mission), just by using a couple of handy tips. We played the game and gathered lots of helpful advice, just follow this guide and find out how 1943 Deadly Desert can become a joy to play, without spending a cent on gold. Stay with us and find out how to become a proper general leading your army through various battlefields found in 1943 Deadly Desert.

1. Play The Tutorial Missions To Learn The Basics And Earn A Couple Of Ranks

Tutorial missions can look like a chore but they will give you important information, information that will prevent you from making foolish mistakes that can turn the tide of the battle in just a few turns.

Finishing tutorial missions will also earn you a couple of levels, making you an experienced soldier before beginning the campaign.

2. Spend Gold Wisely

Gold is hard to earn and easy to spend. Make sure to always have a couple of hundreds of gold bars at every time. Use gold to build units able to make a difference on the battlefield. For instance, if you notice that there are lots of armed forces on the map, build a tank destroyer. Or if a particular map consists out of a couple of enemy bases build a supply truck for every battle group you plan on deploying.

3. Free Gold Is Always Helpful

Even if being in a middle of a mission, there is a way to earn free gold. You can either watch ads (they last around half a minute) or pick some task to complete, like installing and running a free app. Free gold is always helpful and if you see yourself running out of gold watch a couple of ads in order to refill yourself.

4. Instant Supply Should Be Skipped At All Times

Instant supply can refill ammo and fuel instantly, but doing so costs lots of gold. A Much better tactic is building a couple of supply trucks and keeping them on the rear so you can refill your forces every time they need fuel and ammo. Also, supply trucks ask for less gold than other units for using instant supply, so try using instant supply only with supply trucks. Other forces should be resupplied only by supply trucks.

5. Watch Out For Ammo And Fuel

In 1943 Deadly Desert, each and every movement will spend a bit of fuel, except with infantry units. During the first couple of missions, it’s better to have lots of infantry units since they only spend ammo and are able to move without asking for fuel every second turn. Use infantry to scout for enemy units and move vehicles only after revealing new enemies in order to conserve fuel. This is an excellent tactic because it prevents vehicles from spending their fuel reserves and it keeps all your forces together.

6. Hide In Forests And Villages, Your Units Will Be Harder To Destroy

Don’t rush, take your time, and always look for forest ground and/or villages before attacking the enemy. Hiding inside the forest or a village will grant you a defensive bonus, a very important bonus to have while playing 1943 Deadly Desert. While hidden, your units will take less damage while attacking enemies with full force.

Using this tactic can turn the tide of a battle and make your forces much tougher to destroy. First scout for enemies, then hide your forces inside a forest, and only then attack the enemy.

7. Try Attacking Enemies From A Higher Ground

Attacking enemies from a higher ground can be pretty lethal. Not only that your forces will receive attacking bonus while shooting from a hill, the enemies won’t be able to attack you since they are placed below you. By using scouts and always knowing where enemy forces are, you can make deadly ambushes, and if having enough forces you can destroy an entire enemy party in just a couple of turns. Always try attacking from a higher ground if possible.

8. Use Special Abilities Only When There Isn’t Any Other Way Of Defeating The Enemy

Special abilities (like a bombing run) can be very lethal, but they are extremely expensive at the same time. Also, after using an ability, it will be more expensive to use it for a second time, so use them only if there isn’t any other way to destroy enemy forces.

9. Keep Commanding Vehicle Alive At All Times

The commanding vehicle is a powerful weapon if used smartly. Always keep it in the rear, and never attack enemies with it except if they attack you first. Since commanding vehicle gives your forces an attacking bonus, try to have as many forces as you can place around it. With the attack bonus, your forces will be much more powerful and will be able to destroy some enemy units with just one shot.

Thanks for reading our 1943 Deadly Desert guide. We tried to make this guide the best possible by gathering only helpful tips. By following advice presented in this guide, no mission should be impossible to beat. Just be patient (this is a turn-based strategy after all), plan your turns carefully, and never rush towards the enemy. If possible, let the enemy attack you first, especially if playing online missions. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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