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Bubble Witch 3 Saga Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Three-Starring More Levels

The king of casual gaming “sagas” – pun definitely intended – is back with a new title in the Bubble Witch series. King’s new Android and iOS game Bubble Witch 3 Saga is here, and once again, Stella the Witch needs your help. This game will take you through hundreds of puzzles as you fight the evil Wilbur and deal with his “magical mischief,” bursting as many bubbles as possible and aiming for a perfect three stars in as many levels as possible. You can play the game in classic single-player mode, or compete against friends as all of you try to beat each other and finish with the highest score. You can also personalize your house, make use of booster bubbles to help you in the harder levels, and meet new characters and play in new game modes.

If you haven’t played these games before, they are similar in some ways to Match 3 titles, but this time more reliant on your ability to make impressive trick shots and create combos with the help of in-game physics. You might not need any assistance if you’re a veteran of the Bubble Witch series or the genre in general, but regardless of how good or experienced you are in these games, we’ve got a complete list of Bubble Witch 3 Saga tips, tricks, cheats and strategies, with all the tips you need to three-star most, if not all of the levels. And as an added bonus, some of these tips happen to come from King Games themselves.

1. Take Your Time

Just like you would in Match 3 games, the key here is to be patient, and not to rush through things. You might be tempted to fire off trick shots left and right, string combos together, and try to pop those bubbles as quickly as possible. But rushing your attack will, more often than not, result in a lower score than what you would get if you take your time and be patient. You don’t have any timer to worry about in this game, so you can take your sweet time and line your shots up properly, looking for the best placement that would allow you to hit those fancy, yet effective shots. (Or effective shots, period.) Be careful, don’t try to race a non-existing clock, and take it easy.

2. Go For The Weakest Links

This is in line with the first tip, because in case we didn’t make it clear above, taking your time is the way to go here. Be absolutely sure you’ve picked the best possible target, and when doing that, look for those “weak links” in the bunch of bubbles you hope to shoot at. You want to go for those points that do not have any anchor in the form of surrounding bubbles, and if there’s no anchor in any form, the bubbles will fall down and add to you total. Fire your shots at the thinner strings connecting big bunches of bubbles; more often than not, you will do this by bouncing a bubble off the wall.

3. You Can Swap Your Bubbles

The game will allow you to switch to a bubble of a different color if you see that it doesn’t match the color of your board at the moment. Just tap on the circle so you can rotate to the next one – it’s all that simple – and feel free to do this as well when it comes to the special bubbles. That too applies to the bubbles that allow your cat assistant Nero to power up. Follow this simple swapping process and you’ll be making the best use of all the bubbles in each board.

4. Use The Guiding Line To Your Advantage

The guiding line has returned on Bubble Witch 3 Saga, and as a refresher for those who don’t quite know what it is, this is a line that lets you make it to the top of the screen; use it to line up those difficult shots and ensure their optimal placement. You can also bounce the guiding line off the edges of the screen so you can get better angles and cover a larger amount of bubbles. In other words, this will be one of your best friends if you’re trying to shoot trick shots and clear out the boards quickly.

5. Get The Special Bubble Filled Up

Remember Nero the cat assistant? He holds an empty gray bubble located to the left side of your shooter, and each time you pop regular bubbles, this gray bubble will keep filling up. And once it’s filled up, you will get a special bubble – a bomb – in your shooter, which you can use to take out even more bubbles. Launching the bomb would detonate it once it hits its target, and take care of any surrounding bubbles covered by the explosion. You can use this when trying to take out smaller groups or the weak links we illustrated a few tips ago.

As a bonus tip, it is possible to sacrifice one of your turns so you can work a little more on the gray bubble and fill it up. How does this work? If you tap the special bubble and the two current ones you have won’t really be that useful, you’ll fill the special bubble up a little bit, while sacrificing one of your regular bubbles. This is a great strategy to employ if you’re all out of matches with the regular bubbles you have.

6. Complete Nero’s Quests

You may be wondering why we’ve got a “follow the quests” tip so late in the strategy guide, but the reason for this is the fact that this feature becomes available once you complete level 20. Completing Nero’s quests will give you Star Dust (that’s two words) as a reward, and you can use this as a form of currency for buying decorations for your house; just make sure to check back about four hours after completing each quest so you can check out the next one.

If you’re in need of more Star Dust, King suggests that you visit the homes of other players, so it does pay to get social and add some friends to the game.

7. Miscellaneous Tips From King

Speaking of King Games, here are a few other tips they offer to Bubble Witch 3 Saga players. Ready to get some “inside information” from the game’s makers?

For starters, you can get some literal help from other in-game characters by bursting the bubbles that have fairies stuck inside of them. That’s going to free the fairies, who will then assist you in clearing the board out faster. When talking about the social element, you should be on the lookout for the owl, which may sometimes appear on the map. That means the friends you added need your assistance; lend a helping hand and chances are they’ll be more than happy to return the favor.

8. How To Play The Ghost Levels

Aside from the standard levels, there are also special levels that would ask you to lead a ghost through a bubble maze. It’s not really a mini-game where the gameplay changes too drastically, as the ghost will move around by going to the highest possible vacant space, and once it gets there, the screen will scroll up. And anything that goes behind the white line is gone for good – it disappears forever. Keeping that in mind, you can minimize the number of moves you use by focusing on one path for the ghost, and not trying to blast the whole board by taking out a ton of bubbles.

This completes our detailed guide for Bubble Witch 3 Saga. Do you know additional tips and tricks for the game to complete more levels with three stars? Let us know in the comment section!


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