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Artery Gear: Fusion Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Assemble a Powerful Team and Save the World

If you are part of mobile gamers around the world who love anime, and particularly fond of anime girls and mech combat strategy games, then Artery Gear: Fusion is definitely right up your alley. Artery Gear: Fusion lets you take command your very own team of mech girls to neutralize the Puppets that threaten the world.

artery gear fusion tips

Despite the plethora of turn-based strategy RPGs out there, Artery Gear: Fusion still provides features and mechanics that are certainly unique, giving the strategy aspect of your adventure something to really give some thought and planning about.

Artery Gear: Fusion’s world is not just brimming with an abundance of content and features for avid gamers to revel in but it also hosts more than enough ways for customizing how characters and teams are built, ensuring tons of hours not just to battle through the challenges, but to enjoy essential activities that contribute to your team’s growth as well.

artery gear fusion intro

The initial tutorial session touches on all the basic stuff you need to survive the initial challenges and each new feature you unlock along the way comes with an option to view the accompanying guide. There certainly are a lot of information to peer through and the info buttons will certainly be helpful for beginners.

Although the initial salvo of info you need to take in is somewhat overwhelming, Artery Gear: Fusion provides plenty of conveniences like auto mode and A.I. battle to make some aspects of the adventure easier. There are notifications and in-game guides as well that can aid in leading you towards where you need to go and what to do. If you are raring to set up the best teams and save the world, then our Artery Gear: Fusion Beginner’s Guide will certainly come in handy.

1. Reroll For The Best Characters

Strategy RPGs that host an abundance of characters to recruit and upgrade typically employ gacha mechanics and Artery Gear: Fusion has the same mechanics. Although you can recruit some units from progressing through your adventure and partaking in special events, the bulk of your roster will come from banner recruitment, which requires the consumption of either special tickets or premium currency.

artery gear fusion character

The idea behind gacha mechanics is that you will never know which of the many characters you will be able to obtain with each recruitment. Given that characters have rarity grades, which more or less determine their starting strength and potential, the rarer ones are typically what players would want to get their hands on. Regardless of your pulls, however, Artery Gear: Fusion can be enjoyed and you can make progress in your journey. However, having better characters to begin with makes the adventure easier.

artery gear fusion reroll

With gacha systems being a common feature in strategy RPGs, experienced and veteran players are always on the lookout for ways and means of capitalizing on this feature, leading to the concept of rerolling. For the uninitiated, rerolling simply means going through your initial rolls over and over until you are satisfied with your pulls at the cost of resetting the progress in your adventure.

If you are the type of adventurer who prefers blind playthroughs or simply going forward you’re your journey with whichever characters you have, then you can completely skip this part. Rerolling is, after all, not a requirement for you to be able to move forward or enjoy the world within Artery Gear: Fusion. However, if you want to start off with an edge and can afford to squeeze in some time and patience to have the best starting characters possible, then you should definitely prepare yourself for the steps below.

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An important requisite to rerolling is initially signing in on the game with a guest account. If you bound your adventure with one of the optional sign-ins, then you will have to bind a different one after rerolling. It takes a bit to get to the point where you can reroll in Artery Gear: Fusion but there are plenty of cut scenes, dialogues, and tutorials you can quickly skip from the second and succeeding attempts.

artery gear fusion recruitment order

You will have to progress through the main story and finish episode 2-6 to amass 1,800 Forging Crystals, which is the amount needed to perform a 10x summon. Artery Gear: Fusion provides a beginner banner where you can basically reroll for free to nab a 5-star character of your choice. If your other 5-star picks can be recruited from the available banners at the time, then you should definitely spend your Forging Crystals there. Otherwise, you can just roll on the regular banner.

Although we have yet to come up with our very own tier list for Artery Gear: Fusion, we recommend trying to nab Ginga, Morris, Alice, Sirius, Shyura, or Ruri. Although we have yet to secure 2 5-star heroes in any of the 10x rolls we performed, a good enough one can net you at least 1 5-star unit and 3 4-star ones.

artery gear fusion ginga

If you finally nab the heroes you want to start your adventure with, then you should proceed to log in and bind your progress. If not, then prepare to delete your progress and start over. On the home screen, click on the menu icon at the upper right corner and then choose “Settings”. From there, go to the Account settings tab. You can log in if you are done rerolling and if not, hit the “Player Center” button and click “delete”.

One thing to keep in mind is that just because you have a couple of 5-star units, even top tier ones, does not make your 4-girl team strong. Even lumping together the best 5-star units will not guarantee that you will have a formidable team. Artery Gear: Fusion provides various ways and means for you to build and develop your team and you should soon discover how to best make a synergistic and cohesive team that works across the challenges that will come your way.

artery gear fusion account settings

Artery Gear: Fusion utilizes an energy system, making every almost every battle you engage in require energy or stamina. As you will have an overabundance of energy on the first hours of gameplay, make an effort to expend as much energy you can to push forward with the campaign or partake in the extra battle modes for extra resources. There will certainly be instances when moving forward with the campaign will be very difficult or temporarily impossible but that should not stop you from expending energy on previously conquered levels for the resources you need.

2. Prioritize Main Quest Progression

Artery Gear: Fusion appeals as an action-packed sci-fi strategy RPG with epic character designs and dazzling battle effects and animations. However, an aspect some anime lovers and RPG enthusiasts may appreciate as well relates to Artery Gear: Fusion’s storyboard, which you will go through as you progress the main story campaign. Getting to know the lore of the game’s world as well as the major characters in its story will immerse you further into your adventure.

Beyond that, story episodes are also your initial source of basic resources you need to grow your characters. Each stage you complete comes with its own set of specific rewards for first time completions as well as random rewards you can farm as needed. Heroes you take to battle, as well as your commander or account level, gains EXP and reaches new levels with each battle completed.

artery gear fusion battle

On top of the basic resources, progression in the main story serves as your key towards unlocking the rest of what Artery Gear: Fusion has to offer. There are a plethora of unlockable features and game modes that will soon form part of the virtual places you will regularly visit as part of your daily routine. Given that some of the game modes let you target specific resources you need for advancement and upgrades; it only comes naturally that unlocking them sooner will be more beneficial for your journey.

The main story in Artery Gear: Fusion is divided into chapters that are further broken down into 10 episodes. On top of the recommended Battle Power or BP that you should check on the pre-battle screen, you should also take not of the missions for each stage. There are 3 missions to complete that earns you stars with the first one simply requiring you to beat all enemies. Although failing to secure a 3-star completion on your first run is okay, be sure to make an effort to complete it at a later time.

artery gear fusion cover search III

Stars you earn in the main story also earns you important rewards at certain milestones. You should strive to secure all stars as the end reward for each chapter requires a perfect collection of 30 stars. Of course, the main story campaign serves as the perfect training ground for you to polish up your team and your strategies. If it seems too easy, you should be happy to know that a hard mode can be unlocked sooner than you expect. Completing a chapter on normal mode makes you eligible to step up and take the hard mode challenge, which comes with its own set of rewards.

artery gear fusion missions

3. Assemble A Balanced Team

Team composition and strategy is always the more important element in strategy RPGs than each individual unit in your team and, as we mentioned earlier, simply lumping together 5-star characters or deemed top-tier units will not necessarily spell efficiency. Building your very own team can both be exciting and challenging given the numerous aspects of units to consider and, to be honest, the task of maintaining a balanced, synergistic team is never a one-time deal.

First and foremost, the are 5 unique AG types in Artery Gear: Fusion. Types are like roles or classes that define each unit’s typical job on the team. While some types may seem more important or valuable than others, a commendable team makes use of each class’ unique strengths to complement and support one another.

artery gear fusion mech girls

Potentially the most popular types of Artery Gears or AGs are the Assault Type, which are comparable to the attacker class in conventional RPGs. These units are aimed towards eliminating enemies on the other side of the field and expectedly have high attack stats. Chances are that Assault Types will be your main picks to work your team around on.

Balanced Type AGs are as their unit type’s name implies. These units are well-rounded and can be a typical filler in the team for a variety of game modes. Balanced Type Units may well be the ones that need good looking into as they have unique traits that can still differentiate their role in battle.

Tactical AGs are much like support units that bring in a wide array of different strategies in combat. Typical AG units can bolster their team’s performance or weaken enemy units.

No strategy RPG is complete without its share of field medics to sustain your team’s health in combat. While there are teams that can probably do well enough without a Repair AG in its formation, these units are generally indispensable considering almost every game mode that comes to mind.

If there are attackers or Assault Type AGs, then you can certainly bet that there are defenders or Defense Type AGs as well. Defense Type AGs do not just have superb defense and health stats, but also have skills that enable them to protect their allies or boost their defensive capabilities. As basic as tanks or defenders go, they are likewise prime candidates for a fully functional basic team composition.

artery gear fusion squad

Another aspect of team-building to consider in Artery Gear: Fusion is the mix of attributes that your team possesses. There are 3 attributes present in Artery Gear: Fusion and these attributes work exactly like elemental affinities in other strategy RPGs. As important as unit types are to determine how the entire team will function in combat, the individual attributes of each member must also be carefully considered.

Units with a Molten (Red) attribute will have an advantage against units with a Crystal (Green) attribute. Units with a Crystal attribute have advantage over units with a Thunder (Blue) attribute. Units with a Thunder attribute finally has advantage over units with a Molten attribute. These elemental advantages and disadvantages can heavily impact your team’s performance in combat but no same consideration will consistently be the best option across every game mode or challenge you take on.

As a recommendation, we prefer going with a main team that represents at least 2 of the 3 different attributes. What we want to avoid is having a full team representing just one attribute taking on a full team or waves of enemies that all belong to the advantageous attribute. There are definitely game modes and instances when you will have to consider building teams consisting of each attribute but for your main all-around team, consider variety.

artery gear fusion fight

Despite there being a variety of tier lists available, which ranks units from best to worst, what may be perfect for some players may not necessarily be the best for you, even if you have the same considerations for the team. Considering the gacha mechanics in Artery Gear: Fusion much like in conventional strategy RPGs, some upgrades will be dependent on having extra copies of the units you want to upgrade. For this reason, it can happen that some units whom you may not consider as among the best ones you have may fall behind the line as a result of lacking some essential resources for their upgrades.

4. Perform Upgrades Strategically

Growing your roster of mech girls in Artery Gear: Fusion by recruiting one after another, or ten at a time, can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. However, the thrills attributable to characters are only at the starting point when you recruit them. Artery Gear: Fusion has an abundance of ways and means to upgrade and strengthen your AGs, with some aspects of enhancements enabling you to customize their stats and performance in combat.

The most basic way of enhancing AGs in Artery Gear: Fusion is levelling them up and it is a good thing that units you take to battle earn experience points and reach new levels. There are Cat Orbs that you can use to instantly grant specific units additional EXP. While this is a great way to strengthen your favorite units, however, you should also consider saving some for new recruits that you want to join in your team to make up for the strength requirements of the current challenges you have.

artery gear fusion character attributes

It is important to take note at this point that all units have a maximum level of 60 just as much as each unit can be upgraded to 6 stars with each star determining the current max level. In this sense, 3 star units in your roster can only earn EXP up until they reach the initial level cap of 30. Units however, can undergo a limit break to reach the next star grade. This will require sacrificing units of a similar grade, making it a lot more difficult for 5-star units to reach the final tier. Note that there are fodder units you can obtain as a substitute for valuable AGs you may not as easily want to part with.

artery gear fusion upgrades

Having 2 exact teams on opposing sides of the field will most likely not yield the same performance or strength level in Artery Gear: Fusion given that each units provides you with some liberty on how to build them. This is attributable to the gears each one can be equipped with. Each unit can be equipped with 6 different gear types that boost specific stats.

The customization part actually relates to set items that further boost specific stats. There are sets that can activate requiring 4 pieces of gears and some sub sets may only require 2. While there are always recommended gear sets based on the role or AG type in question, you are very much free to choose however you build each AG based on your preferences and play style.

artery gear fusion filter

Just like the AGs themselves, pieces of gears also have their rarity based on color and star grade and can be enhanced as well by sacrificing other gears for it. Even gears that have already been enhanced can be used as an enhancement material with effects less than its initial potency. While you may be excited to consider upgrading gears as soon as possible, you may want to set some standards in doing so.

As an example, a 3-star epic-grade (purple) gear is a good starting point and anything less than meeting both standards are to be considered as sacrificial gear. Relative to this, your warehouse, which is your storage for gears and items will have a limited capacity as expected so regularly maintaining the number of gears you have should form part of your regular concerns.

artery gear fusion gun

A unique enhancement system in Artery Gear: Fusion also lets you boost an AG’s attributes. Under the technology section of a character, you can make attribute upgrades by consuming Research Keys specific to that unit’s attribute. Each phase in the upgrade, however, will also require you to meet a minimum level for it to unlock. You will need to unlock phase 3 for you to be able to upgrade the unit’s skills.

artery gear fusion technology

Despite having more than the usual amount of resources early in your adventure, exercising a bit of prudence goes a long way. It is best to get to know each character in your roster as well as the ones whom you may not have recruited yet to have a planned team setup in mind. For units that you are certain will be useful to you in the long run, then you certainly can expend resources for them.

On the other hand, if you feel that a unit will only be temporarily a member of your main team, then you should only enhance up to the extent that you need, specific to the demands of the challenges at hand.

5. Expend Limited Battle Attempts

Artery Gear: Fusion’s Main Story serves as an introduction to combat in addition to being your gateway towards further immersion in its world. Artery Gear: Fusion holds plenty of trials and challenges for you to test your team as well as provide you with additional resources you need to continue moving forward with your adventure. While we do consider the importance of prioritizing progression in the story campaign, the limited attempts at every open extra battle mode should be expended regularly. Once you have unlocked a game mode in extra battle, you will have a new primary source of specific resources you need.

artery gear fusion game modes

The Battle Menu on the home screen takes you to extra game modes that will instantly form part of your daily routine. There are several challenges within with each one unlocking based on your progression on the main story campaign. Once available, you should definitely dive in. The first set of challenges are daily battles where you can earn Technology Level-up Keys, AG Gears, and other AG upgrade materials.

artery gear fusion prepared to fight

The Resource Collection group holds the Capture Cat Orbs, Bounty Missions, and Forbidden Blue Mist Zone game modes. Capture Cat Orbs gives you items to level up your characters while Bounty Missions grant you gold. While only the first attempt daily grants you extra resources, you can still challenge stages more than ones if you are in dire need of specific resources. Beating a level here also unlocks the next stage, which is expectedly a lot more challenging but grants much better rewards.

artery gear fusion resource collection

The Mutation Waypoint lets you earn AG Upgrade materials as well but works a little similar to tower game modes in other RPGs. You will basically push as far as you can through its 75 stages to earn Mutation Samples and progress will reset at the start of each week. Note that another mechanic that makes this game mode unique is that there are mutation factors that can work as debuffs on affected unit types on each stage.

artery gear fusion mutation waypoint

6. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

Artery Gear: Fusion aptly provides you resources and items to sustain your characters’ growth through the immediate rewards obtained in every battle you engage in. As far as your energy can sustain, actively partaking in the needed activities within and outside the story mode should suffice to provide you solid determinants of progression even in the smallest ways.

artery gear fusion weapon

On top of the outright rewards, however, Artery Gear: Fusion also has a missions feature, which is an additional source of much needed materials and resources to further boost your team’s growth.

Missions can be accessed via its icon on the lower left side of the home screen. In contrast with the usual quest types in conventional RPGs, missions in Artery Gear: Fusion are divided into 4 groups. While the long lists of target objectives under each mission category may seem to require some extra effort for you, all these targets actually directly relate to the usual activities that you should engage in following regular gameplay.

artery gear fusion routine quest

In essence, missions should be viewed not just as an almost free source of extra rewards based on activity, but also as a guide for you to follow and adhere to for a more efficient roadmap towards progressing across every aspect of your journey. In most cases, you will come to discover that you have accomplished some of the objectives laid out within the mission lists without even knowing the specific targets.

Routine Quests work much like daily quests and are the easiest set of missions to complete. These missions should stand as the core of your daily routine in tandem with pushing for progression in the main story campaign. Main Quest targets usually relate to progression in the main story campaign, including hard mode, and also touches on fleet activity and enemies eliminated.

Battle Quest includes accomplishments in the different game modes we discussed before and will most likely take some time to accomplish considering the increase in difficulty of stages in the battle mode. Last but not the least, Training Quests relate to upgrades and enhancements you have performed on your characters.

artery gear fusion rp

In addition to the extra rewards you can earn from each mission objective you completed, reputation points are awarded as well. Earning these points can level up your reputation for each mission group and unlock or upgrade buffs that help you perform more efficiently in your adventures.

7. Tend To Your Fleet Regularly

Artery Gear: Fusion is not entirely about engaging in various battles from one adventure to another. Growth and development can also be earned outside of combat and the Fleet feature does that, contributing to yet another means to boost your progress in your journey. The Fleet very much works like a base camp of sorts, which can grow as much as your AGs do over the course of your adventure.

artery gear fusion fleet

Your fleet is composed of 5 ships: the Mothership, the Supply Ship, the Armament Ship, the Exploration Ship, and the Science Vessel. All but the last can be upgraded to provide more perks that you can enjoy idly. For upgrades, though, you will need Fleet Upgrade Permits, which is a consumable item you can only obtain from the hard mode of the story campaign.

The Mothership serves as your main base camp where all your AGs reside in. There are unlockable rooms following upgrades that can provide different benefits for your favorite AGs. In the Lobby, which is the primary room, you can interact and send gifts to your favorite units, increasing their favorability in the process. Although favorability levels do not necessarily affect combat proficiency, it can unlock more audio scripts and stories for each unit.

artery gear fusion mothership

The Supply Ship and Armament Ship generates funds and Cat Orbs over time. There are soft caps as to how much of each resource can be generated by each ship as well as the amount it can hold. Upgrading these ships will not only expand their hold capacity, but will also increase their outputs over time.

artery gear fusion armament ship

The Science Vessel serves like an alternative means towards fusing and casting gears. The Exploration Ship lets you deploy groups of AGs on idle missions provided that you meet the requirements of the task at hand. Each dispatch mission earns you extra rewards so be sure to be available to claim them as soon as possible so you can also send some AG off to another expedition. Note that AGs on expedition can still be used in combat.

artery gear fusion dispatch complete

8. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Despite already having a number of ways to earn items and resources to ensure that your team is at least up to par with the challenges at hand, Artery Gear: Fusion still provides even more means for you to boost your growth and progression rate. There are different special events that you should take advantage of as the rewards you can receive from partaking in each one will make the initial part of your adventure much easier.

You might be inclined to think that taking advantage of special events would mean exerting extra effort and time with more tasks and adventures but just like the missions we talked about earlier, the special event targets are also very much in line with the usual activities that you engage in the course of your journey. Chances are that if you are able to accomplish the Routine Quests as well as make bits of progress in the other quests, you will also aptly accomplish the special event targets.

artery gear fusion pre-mission briefing

The Pre-Mission briefing is a unique event that has no set time limit for you to complete. In essence, it is like a beginner’s mission that takes you through various activities that you need to go through in line with natural progression. The rewards are generally better than what you would secure from normal quests and the design of the event as well follows the growth and progression path that you would normally take. Be sure to consider this event as an extra guiding tool towards moving forward in your journey.

Yet another special event aimed towards beginners is the Rookie Training Event. This will also be an excellent guide for you to adhere to and comes with a multitude of excellent rewards like Special Training Agreements or tickets you can use to recruit more characters. There is also a Union Order event, which is time-limited by nature and works much like seasons in other games. Your rate of activeness for the duration of the event can earn you various rewards as well.

artery gear fusion rookie training

Artery Gear: Fusion certainly holds more challenges and extra activities that are best left for your own discovery. For now, this is where we end our beginner’s guide and we hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared will hasten your progression in your adventure. As final tips, be sure to pay attention to markers indicating that attention is required on certain features of the game and always peek into the shuffling banners to know when it would be the best time to spend Forging Crystals on recruitment.

If you have spent quite some time in the world of Artery Gear: Fusion and have your own tips, strategies, or stories to share, do not be a stranger and share away in the comment section!