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Arrow Ambush Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Get a High Score

Arrow Ambush is a new strategy game developed by Zoom. In this iOS and Android title, you get to shoot arrows at the target, but you shouldn’t hit the other arrows. In other words, this is a very similar game to aa. That’s all there is to it, but then again, you’ve got a ton of levels to complete, and compared to aa, it’s slightly easier. It’s all about one-tap action here, as you tap your display to shoot the arrow. While this all may seem very simple, it may get a bit frustrating at times if you’re trying to top your highest score. That’s where we come in, as we’ve collected some useful Arrow Ambush cheats and tricks to help you get a high score and progress further in the game.

1. It’s About Cutting It Very Close

As we said above, Arrow Ambush would require you to shoot all your arrows at the target, but make sure that no arrows hit the others. This would require you to shoot the arrows as close to each other as you could. Cutting it close is the name of the game here, which would include squeezing those arrows into tight spaces but making sure all of them can fit.

2. Use Rebirths

Rebirths are made available if you lose and you still have one or two arrows remaining. You can use this to keep your game going, but if you’re all out of rebirths, you can get one by paying with a golden apple – this is the game’s premium currency. Keeping that in mind, we suggest only using rebirths if you’re really having a difficult time moving on to the next level.

3. Get More Golden Apples

What should you do if you’re hoping to get more golden apples so that you can pay for more rebirths? All you have to do is wait until you encounter a stage that gives you a chance to get those apples. Fire arrows at all the apples in a stage, lose deliberately, but don’t use a rebirth if given the chance. This will allow you to get more golden apples, hence have enough of what you need to take advantage of a rebirth.

4. Grind If You’re Frustrated, Or If You Want More Golden Apples

Sometimes you’ll encounter a level that is seemingly impossible to beat. Don’t let this discourage you – you can replay previous levels so that you can practice for the level you’re having difficulty in, not to mention gather more golden apples if they’re available.

5. Play Offline

Zoom, like many other developers, makes use of ads to monetize its title, but you, as a player, may feel distracted by all those ads popping up. You can either pay to get rid of the ads, or, if you don’t want to spend any real money, you can also go to airplane mode on your device, or simply turn off cellular and Wi-Fi support. This will allow you to play without any distractions whatsoever.