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Plucky Rush Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips to Help Plucky Survive

Plucky Rush is the second title in the saga of the fearless Plucky. In this iOS and Android game, you’ll meet the curiously named Pluckers, who are actually Plucky’s enemies, and determined to capture and kill him. Your objective is to complete as many laps as possible while avoiding the Pluckers. However, each stage would turn up the difficulty level, and if you are able to avoid the Pluckers for several levels in a row, they will have an ally assist them in trying to kill Plucky. This is a rather simple game, but if you’re having trouble avoiding the evil Pluckers, we recommend you to take some time out from your gaming and check out our collection of Plucky Rush cheats and tips.

1. Hold Your Finger Down On The Display To Move Plucky Quickly

If your finger is not on the display, that means Plucky will move rather slow. But if you place your finger on the display, that will allow him to go much faster. Take note that Plucky will briefly need to change his momentum during the times that you remove your finger from the screen, or put it in there.

2. Be Aware That Higher Scores Mean More Pluckers

As your score keeps rising, you’ll find that Plucky has more enemies to deal with. Be aware of this, as your goal, after all, is to avoid the Pluckers. That reinforces what we quoted from the game’s description – each level comes with more Pluckers as the game keeps getting more and more difficult.

3. Keep Your Finger On The Display For The Most Part

You’ll get a chance to hold down on your iOS or Android phone or tablet’s screen during the early goings of the game, when your score is still far from being up to snuff. Doing this will allow you to collect more points, though you’ll have to slow down a bit once you encounter those Pluckers. This will require you to play at a slower pace, so you can fine-tune Plucky’s movements and help him avoid the bad guys.

4. Take Breaks Once In A While

As this is a casual game that’s easy to learn but rather difficult to perfect, it isn’t uncommon for players to get frustrated. This causes them to make careless mistakes they ordinarily wouldn’t be making. But you don’t have to be like those players, just as long as you break in between games, probably for about 30 minutes to an hour or so. This will allow you to regain your focus and forget the clumsy mistakes you made earlier.

5. Turn Off The Advertisements

By default, you’ll be encountering a whole lot of ads in Plucky Rush. They can be quite distracting, though as you probably know, those ads are how the developers earn money. So if you find the ads a bit too distracting for your tastes, you can pay a nominal fee to turn off ads in the game. Or you can turn your phone to Airplane mode or turn the Internet off. Whatever works for you should be fine, regardless of your choice.