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Archero’s Latest Update Brings a New Story Chapter, a New Hero, and Exciting New Events

An endless roguelike, Archero is boasting a massive update that brings about a wide range of novelties, including new stories, daily events, and a new hero. The storyline includes Chapter 14, the Eskimo Lands, which challenges players to battle their way through it and defeat dangerous creatures and bosses.

archero update

As far as the new events are concerned, players will be able to enjoy the Spring Festival, an event in which you will have to defeat monsters if you want to win incredible rewards.

Archero also introduces Sylvan, a brand new hero that is able to cause damage by using various powerful elemental attacks.

Apart from these notable novelties, the update fixes a series of bugs: Meowgik’s Rage bug, skill explanation errors, the void issue in events, chapter display bugs, and Boss battles.

If you want to check out all the new elements and improvements, here you can find the patch notes. If you want to take the pulse of the community’s response to the new Archero update, you can join other players on Discord and participate in discussions.

If you are curious to test all the new content or you want to play the game for the first time, be sure to grab Archero from the App Store or Google Play.