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Angry Birds Blast Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Enjoy Angry Birds, but want something simpler and more straightforward than having to defeat the Bad Piggies with your knowledge of in-game physics? If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out Rovio’s Angry Birds Blast for Android and iOS. Most of us can agree that the “classic” Angry Birds mechanics appealed to a lot of gamers, and helped make the franchise a runaway success a few years back. But Rovio recognizes that physics-based puzzlers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, hence this new title that may have broader appeal thanks to its being a Match 3 title. There are more than 250 levels in this game, and your job is to pop matching balloons so you can set the Angry Birds free and defeat the pigs.

If you’re a veteran Match 3 player, then a lot of these tips may be optional for you. But then again, we would disagree on that, as Angry Birds Blast has enough in it to help set it apart from other games in the always-popular genre. And there’s always someone out there who hasn’t tried the genre yet, which is why we’ve compiled an Angry Birds Strategy guide designed for all kinds of newcomers – from Match 3 beginners to those just starting out in this particular game.

1. The Vintage Match 3 Mechanics Apply

We probably don’t need to deal with them individually, but Angry Birds Blast is an ideal game for relative Match 3 newcomers, as the basic mechanics don’t come with any really unusual twists. That means you’ll still have to create special pieces by matching more than three of a kind, so that you can take out more pieces quicker. You won’t have any time limits either, unlike some of the newer Match 3 titles that have introduced timers to the equation to make things more challenging. And you will also have to review each level’s objectives carefully for the best chances of reaching three stars. No curveballs when it comes to the basics – if you’re new to the genre, you might want to start out here.

2. The More Leftover Moves, The Better

Out of all the “vintage” Match 3 mechanics Rovio didn’t change up on this new title, this is probably the most important, and the only one that deserves to be mentioned as a standalone tip. You should try your very best to use as few moves as possible, and take advantage of the lack of time limit to review the board, and make only the best possible match. Just because you’re able to match balloons willy-nilly in the first few levels and get three stars doesn’t mean you will be able to do it all the time. Your goal should be to make your moves in such a way that you can string together an impressive combo (e.g. one special piece leading to another), but just as long as you’re not settling for basic matches of three, you should be fine.

3. Move Your Free Pieces

As we said above, the basics are hardly different from your average Match 3 title. But there are some advanced aspects of the game that set it apart. For one, you will be told in the tutorial that there will be some “free” birds in levels once you load up the board for the first time. These birds pop balloons automatically, provided they are of matching color, so if you see any balloons that are isolated and difficult to take out, you might want to gently move a matching “free” bird so you can take it out. Just make sure you use this privilege sparingly and prudently to ensure yourself of a better chance of getting three stars.

4. Switch The Rockets Around

Rockets are another thing in this game you should consider switching around if the opportunity arises. These are special pieces that you can create if you’re able to free five birds, and if you notice that they’re not facing in the desired direction, you can rotate them to your liking, in hopes of taking out one whole row or column. Just don’t activate it and you should be fine – it’s quite easy to make the necessary adjustments. The rocket will then be facing horizontally or vertically (depending on how you rotated it and on the original orientation) on the next turn.

5. What Kind Of Objectives Can You Expect?

As we mentioned above, it’s essential that you review the objectives of each level so you know what exactly has to be done. But what objectives can you look forward to in Angry Birds Blast? These may be very precise ones, such as blasting balloons of a certain color, taking out a certain number of pigs, to name just a couple of examples. Every move you make on the board should be geared toward reaching any of the objectives – don’t waste your moves or, in conjunction with the second tip, rush them!

6. Use Boosters In Emergencies

There may be times where you think you’ve tried everything there is to try, but can’t seem to complete a level. If that’s the case, you have the option to use boosters. Just like the basic rules of this game, don’t expect anything too special – they may allow you to get extra moves, get an additional balloon or a certain color , etc. And you shouldn’t expect all boosters to be available across all levels – just use the one you feel would best work for you given the situation.

7. Get Rid Of The Glass, Wood, And Other Obstacles ASAP

As this is an Angry Birds game, it’s no surprise that a lot of the unique twists here are related to the mechanics of the original, physics puzzler-based titles. For instance, there will be levels that have glass and wooden blocks positioned in such a way that you may be hearkening back to the usual type of Angry Birds games. These are obstacles designed to block balloons, so it’s important that you destroy them as soon as possible. In fact, you should make taking out those obstacles a priority from the start of the level, so you can get the balloons you need with less hassle.

And this wraps up our strategy guide for Angry Birds Blast. If you know additional hints for this excitng new Angry Birds game, then leave us a message below.