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Angry Birds 2 Hints: How to Get Free Lives

Angry Birds 2 is finally here, and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices as the “one true sequel” to the original Angry Birds. That said, this is close to the fifteenth Angry Birds game Rovio has released, and as it’s the first game in a new iteration, it comes with several new features. Many of these features have gotten praised, but others, such as the Candy Crush-esque lives system, have gotten panned. After all, if you’ve been playing Angry Birds for a while, you’re probably used to having as many tries as possible to complete a level.

So what’s to do if you want to get more free lives? What’s to do if you’re one of those mobile gamers frustrated by the energy/lives system Rovio included on Angry Birds 2? We’d advise you to read the following Angry Birds 2 hints as we tell you all about how to earn free lives.

Time Lapse Your Way To More Lives

The time lapse cheat still works on Angry Birds 2, and it’s a very simple cheat to pull off. Once your lives are all out, go to your phone or tablet’s date and time settings, and advance the time by half an hour per life. Ergo, a full reload will come after you’ve set the time at least two hours and 30 minutes forward. Keep on doing this trick each time your lives have run out, and don’t forget to change the time back to normal; you won’t lose the lives you re-earned anyway.

Watch An Ad Video

It can be quite unwieldy to keep changing the time on your phone just so you’ve got a full set of lives once again, or even one or two. Rovio does have a way in which you can earn free lives without cheating, and that’s through watching an ad video. You’ll always get a choice to watch advertisements once your lives are at zero, though those videos do run out eventually. To work around this, you can leave the game, wait it out for a few minutes, then restart it again.

Don’t Pay With Your Gems

By connecting your game to Facebook, you can earn 70 gems right away. However, we strongly advise against using them on lives, unless you’re an extraordinarily honest guy who happens to be out of ad videos to watch. It would be better if you try the two aforementioned techniques, instead of wasting your gems on free lives.

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