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Angry Birds 2 Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Characters

We probably don’t need to go into much detail when talking about Angry Birds 2 (iOS/Android), that long-awaited sequel from Rovio that earnestly follows up that smash hit from a few years back, the original Angry Birds. After countless new Angry Birds titles based on the first game, Angry Birds 2 is a completely new game, and one that includes new mechanics such as spells, as well as the addition of a few new characters.

Speaking of the characters, it is absolutely essential to know which character does what, as different birds have different skills. And since we want to help you familiarize yourself with this game’s characters, especially the birds, let’s move on to our latest Angry Birds 2 strategy guide.


Red is the leader of the pack as he always has been, and it can be argued that he doesn’t have any special power, just good old-fashioned stone breaking, no frills, nothing special. Some say, however, that breaking otherwise hard-to-break stone structures is his special skill. We’d rather call it right down the middle and refer to Red as the all-rounder of the group, with no extremely useful strength but no weakness either.

Blue / Blues

This Angry Bird’s special skill is to split into three once you tap on your screen. He’s best when it comes to breaking ice structures, and you can also use him in tandem with the Frost spell. Blues’ weakness is stronger materials, and even when he splits into three, he won’t do much good against them.


Chuck is the yellow bird, and his special skill is to speed up in a straight line once you tap on the display. His speed makes him ideal when dealing with wooden structures, so go ahead and use Chuck to chip away at wooden blocks or obstacles.


Matilda is the Angry Bird who lays eggs, and she does that when you tap on the screen – she’ll drop an egg down and easily take out structures below, as long as your aim is right. She can also boost herself higher the moment she lays the egg, which makes her a good Angry Bird if you’ve got structures up and down that both need to be taken out.


This Angry Bird is what he is – he’s the black bird that blows up when you tap him, or if he lands somewhere, even without the need to tap on him to detonate. He can be a real game-changer due to the damage he can deal out, but again, aim means everything if you want to make the most out of Bomb.


This is a brand new Angry Bird, and her special skill is starting a loop when you tap the display, and going down from the starting point of the loop. As such, she can take out obstacles while making that looping motion, as well as pigs that may be protected by a series of blocks.


Last, but not the least, Terrence is the “tank”-type character among the Angry Birds, a big, burly bird that relies on his size and power to destroy structures and pigs. That, in itself, is his special power.

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