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Amateur Surgeon 4 Walkthrough Levels 31-42

You’re probably ready for more Amateur Surgeon 4, considering how popular Adult Swim’s new Android and iOS surgery simulator has been. For the customary refresher on this game, this is a title where you have to operate on different people, animals, and even robots, following a certain set of steps in a specific way, and completing these steps within a given amount of time. You will have partners to help you in these surgical procedures, and you can also take part in limited-time events, on top of the main levels which you may be trying to ace with a perfect three stars.

Now that you’ve been given another overview of this game to remind you of what it’s all about, let’s cut to the chase and bring you our next Amateur Surgeon 4 walkthrough. In previous Amateur Surgeon 4 walkthroughs, we’ve covered levels 1 to 12, then levels 13 to 30. Now let’s move on to levels 31 to 42, where the difficulty should ramp up quite a bit. But don’t let that scare you off too much, because if you follow these steps, chances are you’ll be racking up more three-star levels at this specific part of the game!

Patient #31 – Ed Scape

Use the car battery to kill the fleas, and remove the dead fleas with the tongs. Cauterize with the lighter and add gel to heal the cuts. Create a left incision, and use the artery clamp by turning it clockwise. That should stop the blood from flowing, and once you’re done with this step, you can use the lighter and the ointment to fuse the artery shut. Staple the larger cuts, cauterize with lighter, and apply gel on all cuts. Create the right incision, and repeat the above processes. Close both incisions.

Once on the next screen, kill the fleas, and treat the cuts using the lighter and the gel/ointment. Cut inside once again. Use two artery clamps to stop the blood from flowing, and use the lighter and gel to keep the artery in its place. Perform the standard staple/cauterize/gel process on the cuts. Since you may need to keep Ed’s heart rate at a steady level, you’ll also need to use the injectors.

Patient #32 – Earnest Pickles

You may have noticed we haven’t mentioned any partners up to this point. But with Earnest, this is where you may need someone like Procrastibot 3000, or any other partner who can add seconds to the timer. Take out the cement by creating a small circle with the chainsaw. Follow the staple/cauterize/gel series when treating the big cuts. Use the vacuum to suck out any blood spatters. Create an incision. Use the chainsaw again to get the rib out, and make sure to tap and not swipe so you can minimize blood spatters. Pull the rib out with the tongs, and fuse it with the lighter and gel. Repeat this process with the other two ribs, then close the incision.

Moving on to the next screen, remove the debris, suck up the blood with the vacuum, and treat the cuts. Create another incision. Take the bone out with the chainsaw, and fuse the new bone in with the lighter and gel. Close the incision. As for the third screen, you’ll have to chainsaw the cement, then staple, cauterize, and apply gel on any cuts and abrasions you may see.

Patient #33 – Killa Bee Killed

Use the cutter to free the bees, and get rid of them with the cutter or the battery. Remove the dead bees with the tongs. Use the red syringe to get rid of the poison, vacuum the bee splats, then cauterize and apply gel, following the latter step on both the cut and the battery shots. Repeat the process with the second hand. Kill the bees found on his stomach, and take care of the poison and abrasions. Create an incision on the left side after you’ve used the injector about thrice to get his heart rate up. Kill the bees, and remove both the dead bees and green bee splats. Use the chainsaw to get the old kidney free, and put the new one inside. Keep the kidney secured with the lighter and gel, and close the incisions.

Patient #34 – Tengu Downe

You will notice that this patient has a number of objects on his fingers; remove them with the tongs, and replace them with the nails by using the same tool. Make sure to do this on both hands. Create an incision and insert the wing mount machinery. Create a second incision, and go inside. Once there, use the chainsaw to free the old arteries, and the tongs to pull them out. Next, close them with the clamps, and insert a new mechanical piece. Use the lighter and the gel to attach. Close the incision, and use the tongs to attach both left and right wings onto the wing mount. Create a third incision. Beware of the green slime – you will actually need the chainsaw to free it, then the vacuum to clean out the debris. Also be sure you’re doing this gradually, as you wouldn’t want his heart rate to fall too fast. Close the incision, and insert his beak.

Patient #35 – Officer Hack Brutality

Create an incision, and use the cutter to slice along his intestine. That will reveal three pieces of debris, which you should then remove with the tongs. Believe it or not, you will also need the cutter to cut out the smoke. Vacuum any leftover blood and gray spatters. Follow the staple/cauterize/gel process on the cuts. Make another incision, and a third one right after. Use the chainsaw on the handcuffs, cutting them into three pieces as you follow the dotted line. Remove all three pieces with the tongs, vacuum the blood, and close the incisions.

Patient #36 – Vince “Petroleum” Blownapart

Treat the cuts by stapling and cauterizing them, and vacuum out the fire. Apply gel on the cuts. Create an incision and repeat the above process, then close the incision. Push on by creating a second incision and repeating the same process. Close the second incision and you’re good to go.

Patient #37 – Valerie Pipsqueak

Chainsaw around her head, then create an X through the head. Remove the four pieces with the tongs. Remove the shrapnel, clean the blood and staples with the vacuum, and use the lighter and the gel on the cuts. Use the chainsaw again to cut her brain in half, though you’ll only want to pull the right half off with the tongs. Burn the black coal with the lighter, and use your cutter to slice the smoke. (Yes, slicing smoke is a thing in this game.) Vacuum the soot, then cauterize and gel like you normally would on the cuts. Place the right brain back in, and fuse with the lighter and gel. Place the head back in and repeat the process.

Patient #38 – Edgar Stubbington III

Create an incision, then a second one once inside. Use the tongs to place the growth hormone inside, and staple/cauterize/gel the cut to heal it. Keep on repeating these until the level is complete. As this could be a time-consuming level, this is one where you may need Procrastibot or other time-extending partners to ensure that you successfully operate on Edgar within the specified amount of time.

Patient #39 – Donny Debonair

Create an incision, then remove the old kidney with the chainsaw and the tongs. Place the gold kidney inside, using the lighter and the gel to secure it. Close the incision. Create a second incision and use the chainsaw to get his ribcage off. Remove the ribcage by using the tongs. Use the chainsaw and tongs again to remove the piece of skin. Attach the PIMP plate and secure it with the lighter and the gel/ointment. Repeat the same steps with the gold ribs. While doing all this, use the vacuum from time to time to deal with the blood spatters. Close the last incision.

Patient #40 – Stinkin’ Joe Garbage

Staple the larger cuts, then cauterize with the lighter and heal with the gel/ointment. Create an incision. While waiting for the worm to appear, use the lighter and gel on all applicable cuts. Zap the worm with your battery once it appears; this may take about three zaps or so. Cauterize and apply gel on all the cuts. Return to the top staple, follow the usual healing process, and create another incision, then a new one into his heart. Zap the worm thrice, and while waiting for the worm to appear, keep yourself busy by cauterizing and applying gel on cuts.

Once you’ve zapped the second worm dead, cut into the lower left side, right around the middle part of your screen. The dead worm will then appear, upon which you should remove it with the tongs. Vacuum the blood spatters, apply staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the cut. Follow the same steps for the two incisions.

Patient #41 – Bug-Eater Peter

Create two incisions. Remove the coin from one cut, then staple/cauterize/gel on all of the cuts. Be sure you’re doing this quickly so that his heart rate doesn’t fall too fast. Use the cutter to slice the spider eggs, and use the cutter again to cut out the gray goo, making three short swipes per spot. You’ll want to do this about three to four at a time so that his heart rate doesn’t drop down to dangerous levels fast. Clean the gray goo with the vacuum, then cauterize and gel. Close both incisions.

Patient #42 – Karl Puccino

Create an incision, and use the scanner to find the coffee packets. Cut out the packets with your pizza cutter; you’ll find two in the lower-middle portion of the right lung, and another one in the lower-middle portion of the left lung. Remove these packets, and use the cutter to cut out the smoke on all three cuts. Suck out the gray goo and blood with your vacuum. Cut out the remaining three smoke spots and vacuum once again. Staple the round-shaped coffee packet cuts, cauterize with the lighter, and add gel. Close the incision and you’re all good for this level.

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