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AirPods, Amazon Vouchers, and Tons of Loot Up for Grabs in the Ark Legends Pre-Registration Campaign

Last month, the highly anticipated strategy-RPG Ark Legends went into closed beta, allowing a few fortunate players to sample its delights ahead of the game’s launch in 2022. 

If you missed out on that event, this is your chance to enjoy some pre-release perks. Ark Legends has just gone into pre-registration, allowing players to earn a ton of rewards just by signing up on the official website.

ark legends

Developer Melting Games has set out five milestones, from 100,000 pre-registrations all the way up to the magic million. 

At 100,000, every player who has signed up will get a cool 100,000 Gold to spend in-game. At 300,000, they’ll also get 100 Energy and 1 Rare Iron Core. 

The next milestone is 500,000 pre-registrations, at which point players will each pocket 10 Iron Core. If the campaign reaches 700,000, meanwhile, the rewards are 2 Rare Iron Core and 1 Hero Summon Chest (A). 

ark legends deck

Finally, at the million mark every player will get 7 Rare Iron Core. All in all that makes for an impressive haul. 

And that’s not all. You can scoop up additional in-game items, as well as real-life prizes such as AirPods and Amazon gift cards, by taking part in the free Lucky Draw. You get one shot for pre-registering, and another if you successfully refer a friend. 

For the uninitiated, Ark Legends is a visually stunning gacha RPG with a gripping storyline and a cast of characters that look like they could have been created for a Disney movie. 

The action takes place on Ark, a mystical land where some intrepid explorers have stumbled across some Vitan technology. This relic is more advanced than anything currently available on Ark, and so the various factions are in a race to control it and channel its power.

ark legends epic battles

There are six factions in the game, as well as all the usual classes, allowing you to compile a huge variety of decks for different situations. Plus, there are quests, dungeons, PvP, PvE, guilds, missions, a story campaign, and much more.  

And if you can’t wait for the full launch, you can join the innovative Content Creator Program, which lets you chat with the game’s developers, play the latest versions, and earn in-game prizes into the bargain. 

That’s more than enough to keep you occupied until Ark Legends lands.