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Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Anniversary Update Brings Eclair Cookie and Tea Knight Cookie to the Game

A major content update has just rolled out to Cookie Run: Kingdom, Devsister’s mega popular mobile RPG to celebrate the game’s 1st year anniversary. As part of the update, the South Korean developer has introduced two new cookies, that will surely spark excitement within the CRK community.

cookie run kingdom anniversary update

Eclair Cookie and Tea Knight Cookie

The two brand new cookies that have just made appearance in Cookie Run: Kingdom are Eclair Cookie and Tea Knight Cookie. Eclair Cookie is an Epic cookie that falls into the Support class and comes with a special skill called ’Book of History’. This cookie’s position is prioritized to the middle. Eclair Cookie analyzes and identifies the opponent’s weakness to deal some heavy damage.

cookie run kingdom eclair cookie

Eclair Cookie’s Description

“When you’re looking around the museum, taking a look at the ancient relics that hold mysteries and stories untold, it feels as if the whole world has grown peaceful and silent. That’s usually when the curator of this museum will approach you with a gentle and kind greeting. Eclair Cookie, at your service! With an entire dessert covered in premium fondant icing adorning his hat, he’ll greet guests of the museum with elegance and grace, all while making sure there’s no trace of dust to be found. But it must be said that he tends to go overboard with his explanations whenever a guest shows interest in his favorite topic: dragon-fighter Cookies! Which is precisely why he’s mostly seen in his office, writing reports on these brave and heroic dragon-fighter Cookies. He may be sitting in front of his desk, but do not underestimate his scholarly heart—for his passion for history burns bright as any other adventurer exploring this world.”

With regards to Tea Knight Cookie, he is an Epic cookie and a member of the Charge class. This cookie should be used in the Front to hammer the enemy formation into a tight blob. Tea Knight Cookie is a powerful cookie that should help out a lot during battles.

cookie run kingdom tea knight cookie

Tea Knight Cookie’s Description

“There was a time when dreadful dragons ruled the skies. Their fire ravaged entire kingdoms, and their claws crumbled countless Cookies. An order of knight in shiny silver armor, infused with courage and battle prowess, swore to put an end to this threat. Led by Tea Knight Cookie, the knights courageously opposed the gargantuan monsters through fire and jam an remained in history. But even the most fragrant tea loses its aroma–with time, the glorious tale of the knight became a legend, a mere echo of the past. Tea Knight Cookie, the fearless hero, was forgotten by those he strove to protect. Now sadness and regret shadow his scar-ridden face. Perhaps he wanted to be forgotten…? Yet… when he reminisces the battles he fought side by side with his comrades of old, a spark lights up in his eyes: the flame within him still burns bright!”

In-Game Events

Alongside the two new cookies, Devsisters is also launching multiple in-game events. Players will have the chance to claim a ton of rewards including crystals, rainbow cubes, special cookie cutters, magic cookie cutters, EXP star jellies, stamina jellies, speed ups and many more. Here’s a complete list of in-game events:

  • Tea Knight Gacha Event
  • Tea Knight Gacha Mission Event
  • 1st Anniversary Jigsaw Puzzle (10 different puzzles, 15 pieces per puzzle)
  • Kingdom Arena Tier Rewards for Frost Queen Season 2

For more information on Cookie Run: Kingdom, feel free to head over to the official website, as well as the game’s Facebook page and Twitter account.