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Airline Tycoon Free Flight Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: How to Run Your Airline Business

Airline Tycoon – Free Flight is a game from Kalypso Media that is the free version of Airline Tycoon Deluxe. The game allows you to run your own airline, buying airports in different parts of the world, building your own planes, hiring pilots and attendants, firing them if need be, and defeating other virtual tycoons as you seek to dominate the airline space. This is clearly a management game that allows you to make important decisions that could literally change the game for better or worse; are you going to focus on running a profitable company, or are you going to keep your customers’ satisfaction in mind first and foremost, profit margins be damned?

Running an airline, even in an in-game setting, is not an easy thing to do. As we mentioned, there are different considerations and different things to balance. And it could be quite challenging to figure things out in this game. So read on, and join us as we give you a quick Airline Tycoon – Free Flight strategy guide that’s mainly geared toward first-time players, but also designed for more experienced players who may need some guidance on what to do and where to go next.

1. How Should You Start Out?

If you’re playing the game for the first time, the first thing you’ll want to do is to expand your airline’s business. That means expanding it to where it’s more affordable to buy a new airport, and where you would be able to buy parts for the tier two airplanes. That place to expand to is none other than Latin America, so focus on that part of the world if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to get your airline business up and running.

When starting, it’s also important that you have a steady stream of revenue flowing in. The best way to ensure this is by taking on missions; specifically, you want to go for the destinations that come with their own events, and to complete those daily events while you can. Play the game every day so you can get the chance to complete more of those dailies.

2. Get New Parts By Flying Around The World

In the early parts of the game, you should also fly around the world as much as you could, and not buy new airplanes right away. It’s more important that you collect enough plane parts for the ones you will be acquiring, and since those new planes are faster and hold more passengers, you should prepare yourself for those planes by making as many trips to as many destinations as possible.

3. What’s In It For You When Rushing A Flight?

The game will allow you to rush a flight while you’re in the middle of one; this would consume some of your pilot’s and attendants’ energy in the process. This could be a rather risky thing to do, but if you succeed in rushing the flight, you will be rewarded by a faster flight and additional quality. Be sure you’re doing this while looking at the risk of incident – the latter stat should be as low as possible, and preferably at zero percent.

4. Visit The Store Regularly, And Make Those Upgrades

It’s also essential for you in this game to make regular visits to the store. The list of available items at the store refreshes once a day, every 24 hours, which means you should go back to the store at least once a day so you can buy accelerators, staff management improvements, and flight improvements. These items can be bought repeatedly, so don’t be shy about spending as long as you can afford it.

Speaking of upgrades, you can perform them at the Control Room panel itself, increasing the maximum number of passengers and terminals per airport, should you run out of either.

5. Use Your Best Staff On Your Larger Planes

Talking about your staff members, meaning your attendants and your pilots, each of these employees will gain experience points after completing a flight. As such, they can level up over time and become better at their jobs. That also makes them more expensive to keep aboard, so keeping those things in mind, you’ll want to use your better attendants and pilots on your bigger planes, where there are more passengers and higher stakes.

6. Claim Your Daily Rewards And Play Every Day

Airline Tycoon – Free Flight can be quite generous to its players. The game gives you incentive to play every day by giving you a daily reward for logging in. This reward may vary depending on how many days you’ve logged in consecutively, but on the 30th day, you will receive the Belugair, a large and exclusive airplane that is one of the best performers among the aircraft available to you in the game.

7. Get Social If You Need More Currency

If you’re short of in-game currency and need a quick boost, you may want to invite some friends to play the game, then ask them to enter your code when they play the game. This would give you more currency and other rewards, though you will also want to return the favor and be a good friend, as we often suggest in our tips; enter their codes in your game and they’ll be receiving the same gifts in return.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of tips and tricks for Airline Tycoon – Free Flight is concerned. Do you know more hints for the game? Let us know in the comment section below!