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Gardenscapes: New Acres Guide & Tips: How to Get Free Lives

Gardenscapes: New Acres is a brand-new Match 3 game from Playrix that once again takes the beloved, super-popular genre of casual gaming and adds a rather unique twist to it. While all the vintage mechanics are in there, this Android and iOS game also adds some city building mechanics in here, making it a rather unusual hybrid, on top of the fact that it’s a gardening game, which you don’t see too often from Match 3 titles. And, if you joined us a few days ago, we already gave you a variety of helpful hints covering different aspects of the game. But what about getting more lives for free without having to wait for those lives to replenish? We did cover that in brief, but it may be a good idea to delve in depth into the topic.

We do repeatedly acknowledge that it can be very tedious, having to wait a couple hours before all your lives are restored. Of course, that means a couple hours (or less, depending on how hooked on the game you are) away from the game, and that could sometimes be an issue. Fortunately, there are some ways for you to get free lives, and we shall be exploring them in this new Gardenscapes: New Acres strategy guide.

1. Connect The Game To Facebook

Many mobile game makers realize this, but it’s more fun to play these games when you’re interacting with friends. How can you do this here, and how can that help you get lives? As we said in our main strategy guide, you can connect your game to Facebook, which would instantly allow you to ask for lives from friends who play the game, or send lives to them should they need a couple. Just make sure not to be too intrusive by pestering those FB friends of yours who couldn’t care less about mobile games. (And you’re sure to know at least a few who feel that way.)

Now if you don’t have any friends on Facebook who play Gardenscapes: New Acres, you can always create a dummy account, add friends from the Google Play or App Store reviews or from the comments pages of gaming tips sites, and trade lives with each other once you’ve added each other up. Or you can add friends from your own account, though you will, once again, have to follow proper Facebook netiquette and avoid mass-inviting people to play the game so you can ask them for lives.

2. Pay With Coins

We would understand, though, if you’d rather not take the social route when asking for lives. If you can’t stand the wait and need to play right away, you can pay coins to get your lives back, though the catch here is that it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to get all your lives back – that’s 900 coins, which, we’d say, is on the steep side of things.

3. Get Extra Moves While In The Middle Of A Game

Alternately, you can get some additional moves while playing a level. That’s going to cost you 500 coins for five extra moves, which isn’t as much as the 900 coins you’ll pay to get all your lives back. But is it worth it? The way we see it, it isn’t. For one, that 500 coins will only allow you to “save” one of your lives, and that will depend on whether you were able to make good use of your moves or not. Five moves, at the end of the day, really isn’t much, so in most cases, it may be better to simply lose the life and restart the level with a fresh board.

Icesis Dawson

Sunday 23rd of April 2017

How do you get free lives?