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Stony Road Tips, Cheats & Hints to Get a High Score

Stony Road is a new mobile game from the master of endless casual games, Ketchapp. As usual from the company, you’ll be getting that easy to learn/hard to master look and feel from the game. All you have to do in this game is to tap on your phone’s screen to jump over the stone patterns, while making sure you do not fall into the water, and that you avoid all stone blocks. Can you handle the challenge this time around, and come up with the highest possible score?

Like just about every other Ketchapp title, this game is available for both Android and iOS users, and the main objectives are as simple as you can get – beat your high score/someone else’s high score, and last as long as you can. And if you need some help doing that, we recommend that you read our list of Stony Road tips and hints.

1. Timing Is Everything

In essence, Stony Road is a game that challenges your sense of timing. Consider this simple example – if you have to leap over a wide gap, the best time to make your leap is when you’re at the edge, and not a millimeter farther. If you mistime your jump and do it too early, it’s going to be a case of close-but-no-cigar, which means game over for you as you fail to make the leap. As for taller platforms, the best thing to do is to nail the second half of your double jump as you’re in the peak of the first jump. Do this a bit too short or too soon and your double jump attempt will go to naught.

2. Don’t Pay Much Attention To The Gems, If Any At All

The gems you will see in the game are Stony Road’s currency, and if you want to unlock more goodies that only change the aesthetics but not the gameplay, you’ll want to chase after them. But if your goal is to beat your high score or beat that of your friend’s, you should pay no mind to the gems if you see them. Of course, to make things challenging, Ketchapp has positioned those gems mainly in tricky places, and going for them will often turn out to be a risky proposition. If you aren’t able to time your jump properly while going for those gems, then it will likely be game over for you.

When in the process of playing for a high score, the only gems you should go after are those that you can get while playing the game normally. These are the gems you may find on your path. Moreover, you may also get gem rewards after you’re done with a run and the game ends, so if you consider all that, there’s really no need to take so many risks just to gather more gems.

3. What Is The Falling Jump And How Can You Use It?

There’s one special move you can pull off in this game, and while it isn’t technically a special move (special skills are a foreign concept in Ketchapp games for the most part), it is a rather unusual way to get around in the game. Even if your ball goes off a ledge, you can go for a so-called “falling jump,” where your ball rolls slightly off the edge of a cliff, thus giving you more room to successfully pull off a double jump. This may be a tricky thing to do at first, but if you keep on working at it, you’ll be able to clear those tricky jumps much easier.

4. New Characters Don’t Change Gameplay

We did mention this above, but for the benefit of those who aren’t too familiar with Ketchapp games and how they work, we will mention it in a bit more detail. You can purchase new characters, which are essentially re-skins of your existing character/ball, in the in-app store, by paying the gems you had collected while playing the game. But these won’t come with anything special in terms of their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It will be nothing more than a cosmetic change, though if you’re the type who likes to collect characters, it might be worth going for.

5. Don’t Overdo The Double Jump

The double jump may, at some point, become your bail-out move for everything, but that’s something you want to avoid; instead, you should use that move mainly to play it safe and stay clear of danger. Sure, it can help you get out of a tight situation, but there are some parts of the levels where you may have to jump into a platform located overhead, thus making the double jump impractical and definitely not the right move to use.

These would be our tips and hints for Ketchapp’s new mobile game, Stony Road. If you know other ways to improve your high score in the game, let us know below in the comment section!