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Age of Solitaire Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Build the Ultimate City

Game developer Sticky Hands has really gone out of the box in coming up with Age of Solitaire. Available on Android and iOS plaftorms, this game is a mashup of the classic Klondike solitaire and the popular city-building mechanics. While these are two make up an unlikely pairing, they actually work well together. The solitaire aspect of the game gives you something tangible to work on compared to the usual tapping on buildings that you get in most city-building games. Some people might say that winning in solitaire is based on luck but you won’t need luck if you have our Age of Solitaire strategy guide on your side!

1. Keep Your Winning Streak

The goal of the game is to accumulate points for building your city by winning solitaire games. Aside from earning points to build your city in every win, you will earn bonus reward points for each consecutive win. Try your best to maintain winning streaks in order to build up your bonuses for each win. You may not notice it at first but the more you win, the easier it will be to collect more points for your city.

The game will give you two options to start over when you are stuck in a game. The first one is to simply concede defeat and start a new game. This will allow you to cash in any city points that you have gathered for the current game but will end your winning streak. It is better to try the second option which will have you start over with your current game. This will allow you to keep your winning streak but any points you may have earned while playing the current game will be reset to zero.

2. Watch Out For Falling Presents

While playing the game, you will occasionally see presents falling down from the sky. When you do, make sure you tap on them right away. Those presents are actually advertisements that you can watch in exchange for power ups. Those power ups can win the game for you so do not miss any opportunity to get them!

3. Win In The One-Card Mode

If you are having troubles completing a game even after retrying, the answer to your problem might be the one-card mode. This mode will allow you to draw just one card instead of the usual three cards. That means it will be easier for you to find the cards that you need to complete the game. In order to activate this mode, you just need to tap on the top left button on the screen and agree to watch a short advertisement.

4. Work From Left to Right

There are several columns on the table and you will notice that the number of cards per column increases as you move towards the right. You will want to quickly reveal as many tableau cards as you can in order to win gain access to more cards. This can be done if you prioritize clearing the smaller columns first.

It’s time to shuffle those decks and clear out those cards! Earning points to build your ultimate city is a breeze if you follow our Age of Solitaire strategy guide!


Saturday 5th of November 2022

Thank you would like to be at the same level I was before I think I won won over 100 times in a,row .thank you


Saturday 5th of November 2022

I love this game I had to get a new phone and I lost all the villages I built so I have to start all over if I can vac I to the GG and I had that would get great. Thank you