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NEO Scavenger Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Survive Longer

Mobile gamers all over the world rejoiced when NEO Scavenger, a popular survival RPG was finally released for Android and iOS devices. In NEO Scavenger, you will be thrown in a game as a character with no memories after waking up from cryostasis. You will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where you will play the game to figure out who you are. This game is a turn-based survival title that combines a lot of different mechanics. It can be really challenging especially if you’re new to the whole survival genre. Don’t worry, though, because you can rely on our NEO Scavenger ultimate strategy guide for some much-needed help!

1. Tracking And Electrician Skills Are Needed

No matter what kind of character you play, you will need tracking and electrician skills. These cost one point each so it’s easy enough to pick them up. The useful thing about tracking is that it lets you find special information about items that you could have missed, and it also helps you cover up your tracks whenever you are on the world map thus keeping you safe.

The electrician skill, on the other hand, lets you handle electronics. It also does something useful at the start of the game. After you scavenged the cryo facility at the start of the game, you get the option to climb back into the same window you escaped out of. You will be able to explore around the facility even further and you will see the examination room. It will be filled with broken electronic panels. Since you have the electrician you will be able to fix them. Upon fixing it the whole facility will light up, making it a safe campground.

2. Get An Easy Heating Option

Hypothermia is one of the biggest threats to your life in NEO Scavenger. Since your character has little protection from the elements, it will be difficult to survive the cold. The fact that it rains so much doesn’t help your situation either. Pick up the mechanic ability to help your character stay warm despite the weather. This ability will allow you to fix the HVAC vent located in Examination Room 17. This will create heating in the campground. You can always stay here for a while if you need to warm yourself up.

3. Eat And Drink A Lot

Maintaining good hunger and thirst levels is crucial to success in any survival game. That is why your top priority should always be nourishment when you are scavenging. Always keep an eye out for bottled water. Never leave or go somewhere without a bottle of purified water with you or else you may regret it. You can drink from rivers and lakes to but be careful. Always boil and test first before drinking to avoid getting a disease from them. For hunger, there two useful abilities: Botany and Trapping. Trapping will allow you to make a squirrel snare. It will be great for catching a lot of little rodents. Botany will allow you to identify mushrooms and berries. Be careful not to ingest a poisonous mushroom or berry from unknown sources, though.

4. Look For Bags To Put Items In

You can’t really scavenge a lot if you don’t have a bag to store things in. Make sure you keep an eye out for items that can be used as storage. While the ideal storage would be an actual backpack, it will be difficult to acquire without having to steal it from another survivor. If your conscience cannot tolerate needless violence, it’s best to just look for alternative storages such as Plastic Bags.

5. Expose Your Enemy’s Vulnerability

Fighting in NEO Scavenger can be very tricky. You can’t just take your enemy head on or you may injuries that will put you at risk even if you win. Pay attention to the battle log and see which moves make your opponent vulnerable. Use moves like Tackle and Parry to make your enemy vulnerable before launching an all-out attack.

That’s all folks! Surviving in this game is difficult but if you just follow our list of NEO Scavenger tips and tricks above, you will be able to live to see another day. As always, if you are aware of additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below in the comments!

Malcolm DeCarlo

Saturday 11th of September 2021

useful tips and tricks, thanks, cheers.