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Space Frontier (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Space Frontier is a unique rocket-launching game created by game developer Ketchapp for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you are in charge of building a rocket and launching it as high up into space as you can. You will need to time your taps correctly, and find better parts for your rocket in order to get better scores. Be careful, though, because you might launch your ship right into the path of meteors. Don’t worry because with the help of our Space Frontier tips and tricks, you won’t have to be a rocket scientist to succeed!

1. Wait For the Right Time

The thing about your rocket is that it needs time to warm up in order to launch effectively. If you tap too soon, it will only fly up for a bit. You need to wait until the last moment to tap in order to get the maximum height out of your launch. It takes a bit of trial and error before you can master estimating the wait time for launch. Remember, if you tap too late, your rocket will heat up too much and blow up. There are four different ratings for a successful launch: Good, Great, Awesome, and Perfect. Keep practicing until you consistently get Perfect launches.

2. Keep Your Eyes On the Screen

The only way to know when the perfect time to tap is to watch the screen closely. Keep your eyes glued to the rocket and wait for the signs to appear. First, you need to wait until the stage has disappeared into the green band before you tap. Second, you need to watch out for the glowing light at the sides of the screen to see how far you have gone. If you tap right at the top, you will be able to execute a Perfect launch. The better the rating, the higher your rocket will go.

3. Upgrade Advertisements

It may sound weird but in order to get the most out of the free coins that advertisements give, you will need to upgrade them. You need coins to purchase upgrades but don’t worry because the investment will pay for itself in the long run. Upgrading will improve your coin rewards from 10 coins per advertisement to 200 coins. If you want even more coins, keep in mind that you will earn 1 coin for every 10 points that you score in the game so it will be easy to get more by simply playing more often.

4. Unlock New Rockets

Once you have a nice stash of coins, you can start spending them to unlock new rockets. Don’t worry because the new rockets will be able to keep all the upgrades that you bought for the original one. What’s great about getting new rockets is that not only do all the rocket parts change in appearance, you also get cool new quotes while playing. See if you can unlock the “Nice job, Elon” quote after scoring high enough.

Master the science of launching rockets and compete with some of the best players around the world. Don’t worry because you can always depend on our Space Frontier tips and tricks for help! If you happen to know additional hints for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comments!