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A Planet of Mine Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dominate Other Planets

A Planet of Mine is a new strategy game created by game developer Tuesday Quest for Android and iOS devices. In A Planet of Mine, you will have to explore, mine, and build up your planet using limited resources. It boasts of a stellar system generator that ensures you enter a unique world with each game you play. You will need wit and guile in order to succeed as you could easily lose your resources through poor investments. One incorrect decision can lead to the doom of your planet. What’s worse is that the game spends very little time in teaching you how to play so mistakes will definitely be made. It all sounds intimidating but don’t worry because you can always rely on our A Planet of Mine tips and tricks to help you survive!

1. Utilize The Ground View

Since this is a strategy game, the best thing to do before trying anything else is to gather information about your planet. You can do this by tapping on sections of the ground. Doing so will give you details on what is currently occupying that space, what type of ground it is, and how much resources are stored in it. Tapping on occupied spaces will allow you to view details of the structures. It will also give you access to additional actions for the structure such as leveling it up and demolishing it. Unoccupied ground will give you more information on the ground itself. You can find out whether or not you can plant stuff on that ground, and you will also gain information on what species like working there.

2. Know Where To Build Wells

The ground view is a good way for you to determine where you should build wells. As mentioned before, tapping on the ground will give you information on how much resource is stored. Pay special attention to how much liquid resource is in a particular segment. Liquid resources are hard to come by so when you encounter a piece of ground that has good levels of liquid resource, you should build a well on it right away. Make sure you extract all the liquid resources before using that area for other purposes. It goes without saying that you should not build any wells on ground that has zero liquid resources.

3. Understand The Planet View

When you are not analyzing a part of the ground, you will be on the planet view. There are several pieces of information that you can get from this view and it is equally important for you to understand what you are seeing in order to play A Planet of Mine successfully. Listed below are some of the things you should pay attention to while in the planet view.

Ground Colors

There are several different types of ground in A Planet of Mine and they will be represented by different colors on the planet view. Medium brown is savannah, medium green is jungle, purple is netheriumferous, dark brown is swamp, and so on. Looking at these ground colors in the planet view will help give you a quick assessment on whether or not you are utilizing the land well according to type. You want to make sure different species are assigned to work in the type of ground they prefer.

Remaining Natural Resources

As mentioned before, resources in A Planet of Mine are limited. The planet view will show you the percentage of natural resources that are still available in the planet. Most resources will regenerate if you do not harvest them for a while. If you deplete them completely, however, they will not grow back. The sea also will not regenerate no matter how much time you give it to rest. Keep these things in mind before you squander your resources.

Current Production

The different structures you have will produce different items. The planet view will let you know which items are being produced in your structures. This will help you figure out whether or not you should continue production in certain areas.

Worker Slots Available

The structures that you build have different capacities when it comes to workers. You will be able to see on the planet view which structures can still accommodate additional workers. Available worker slots are represented by dark circles under the structures. For example, if you have a structure that has two available slots, there will be two dark circles underneath that structure.

Size of the Ground

You will notice that the size of the colored chunk of ground will decrease over time. That happens when you are mining the resources on that chunk. Once it is completely depleted, the chunk will disappear. This view allows you to quickly estimate how much resource is left in a particular area. You will need to switch to the ground view if you want to know the exact number.

4. Check Out The Nearby Land

When building structures, you should take into consideration the composition of the land you are building on. On top of that, you should also check out what is on the adjacent land. The content of the land right beside the one you are building on will also affect your structure. For example, if you are building a well, you will have better chances of collecting water if the ground you build it on is right beside the sea.

5. When To Upgrade And When To Build

As with any game, there are several versions of structures that you can build. Better versions of structures, of course, cost more than the basic versions. It makes sense that when you start out, you will only build basic versions of structures due to limited resources. The good thing about A Planet of Mine is that you won’t need to demolish these basic structures in order to make way for better ones. You can just upgrade them to turn them into more advanced structures. On the other hand, of you have enough resources, you can just directly build the advanced structures. There is practically no price difference and it will save you more time.

6. Inhabitants Don’t Need Homes

As cruel as it may sound, your planet’s inhabitants don’t really need homes. The houses you build only serve as means to create inhabitants. Once you have created them, you won’t need the houses anymore. If you find yourself short on space for other structures, feel free to demolish the homes of your constituents. Just create as many people as you can support then destroy the houses to create space for more productive structures.

7. Don’t Kill Your Residents

While demolishing homes is perfectly acceptable in A Planet of Mine, make sure you don’t end up killing anyone while on a demolition spree. Before demolishing any structure, you should first remove any inhabitants by moving them to a different structure. You can also store them on deck by dragging them to the center of the planet. If for some reason, however, you decide that you want to kill off a few residents, demolishing the structure they are in is one way to do it. A cheaper way to murder inhabitants, though, is to send them to battle against the Pinatosaurus. There are no consequences for killing inhabitants aside from losing potential workers.

8. Working With Different Species

There are several different species available in the game. However, not all of them will immediately be available to you. When you create an inhabitant, its species will be chosen randomly from the inhabitants of the planet. For example, if you only have Rhinos and Beaverians on that planet, then any additional inhabitants will only be either Rhino or Beaverian. If for some reason you only want Beaverians on that planet, then you just need to kill off all Rhinos. When there are no Rhinos left, only Beaverians will be created moving forward.

9. Hold On To Your Research Points

Levelling up via Ascension will reward you with Science points and give you access to a new research tree. These Science points are used to unlock skills in the research tree. While it may be tempting to spend your points as soon as you get them, keep in mind that the cost of unlocking skills will increase exponentially after each Ascension. The points you get with each level up, on the other hand, will not increase. That means higher level skills will require an insane amount of Science points. Instead of splurging on low level skills, try your best to get by until you gain access to better skills.

10. How To Improve Your Civilization Score

There will be times when you will have to reach certain Civilization scores in order to complete a challenge. One good way to improve your Civilization score quickly is to conquer new planets. Keep in mind that the Civilization score is based solely on the number of structures you have built. Getting new planets will give you more space to create new structures. If your only goal is to reach a certain score, you can just conquer a new planet and squander its resources on building random high-score structures.

Managing your own planet can be a real challenge but with the help of our A Planet of Mine tips an tricks, you will surely succeed! If you know additional tips for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below in the comment area!