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Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels Guide, Tips & Cheats to Crush Your Enemies

Collectible Card Games, or CCGs, have always been intimidating to casual players due to the amount of time you need to invest in order to play the game. Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels solves that problem through a condensed battle system that declares a victor in a couple of minutes. Available on Android and iOS platforms, this intense strategy game utilizes a system wherein only eight monsters and eight items are allowed. You will need to prepare a strategy that will allow you to wipe out the enemy squad with such limited resources. The goal of each duel is to kill all of the opponent’s monsters. The first one to do so wins the duel. Coming up with the perfect lineup given these circumstances can be tricky but don’t worry. You can always rely on our Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels strategy guide for help!

1. Listen To Instructor Alfred

Even if you have been playing CCGs for a while, it still pays to go through this game’s tutorial. Instructor Alfred will walk you through the basics of Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels by giving you several easy quests. Make sure you complete all of them in order to get a head start in the game. The quests will reward you with coins and crafting materials which will be useful in building your first team.

2. Complete The Daily Quests

Once you reach level 3 in Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels, you will gain access to the Daily Quests. Take time to complete all of these because they are a good way to earn coins as well as collect new cards you need to make your deck stronger. The quests are easy enough to complete. They usually involve summoning cards under certain conditions. These are things that you would normally do anyway so just make sure you check out the quests for the day and prioritize completing them before playing as usual.

3. Pay Attention To Card Affinity

There are dozens of cards to choose from and you may get overwhelmed by the options you have. Some cards might look like they will help you out a lot but will end up being useless if they have the wrong affinity. Make sure you check the item cards you bring because they can only be used by monsters who have the same affinity. Since these battles last for only a couple of minutes, the outcome of the battle is largely determined by how well-prepared you are before it even begins.

4. When To Use White Cards

When it comes to card affinity, white cards can be your savior. They can be used by any affinity which comes in handy especially when you are in a pinch. Be careful when you include white cards in your deck, however. Do not be tempted to stuff your lineup with white cards as they usually cost more mana than regular cards. If you use too many white cards you may end up short on mana, rendering the rest of your cards useless.

5. Balance Is Key

When building your deck, it is important to prepare for different scenarios. You won’t know what your opponent has until the battle has begun so you need to make sure you have something to counter any type of monster. Instead of investing in a strong but highly specialized lineup, you should aim for a well-rounded team that will have a better chance of survival in different battles.

6. Use Weapon Cards

There are several different item cards that are available in Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels. Some of them provide added protection while others boost your monster’s attack. Choose cards that work best with your strategy but if you need help in making a decision, keep in mind that a great defense is a good offense. What that means is a weapon item card that gives your monster additional attacks will serve you well in any battle.

Think carefully about the weapon cards that you equip on your monsters. Equipping a melee monster with fireballs can be a great way to deal an enormous amount of damage. On the other hand, if you equip a ranged monster with a sword, it will not be able to deal damage using the weapon unless you put it on the front row. Putting a ranged monster on the front row, however, will disable its ranged damage. Either way, one type of attack will be rendered useless.

7. Level Up For Better Cards

As you play Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels, you will receive card packs. These card packs contain skill cards that match your current level. If you want better cards, you need to reach higher levels first. You cannot expect high level cards from low ranking battles. Just keep playing and keep levelling up and you will eventually get better cards for your deck.

8. Craft Your Own Cards

When you hit proficiency level 3, you will gain access to crafting and disenchanting. If you want to get a specific card, you can go to My Collection to check out the materials needed to craft that card. You will be able to collect those materials through quests and battles but an easier way is to disenchant your cards. If you have a bunch of cards that you don’t really use, you can just disenchant them to get more materials. Just make sure that the card you will be disenchanting isn’t part of any deck.

9. Upgrade Your Cards

Once you have cards that you like, you can make them stronger by upgrading them. You just need to go to My Collection, then choose the card that you want then tap on Upgrade. Keep in mind that this feature will only become available at proficiency level 5. There are also limitations on how much you can upgrade each card depending on its rarity. Common and Rare monster cards can be upgraded up to level 5. Legendary and Epic monster cards can only be upgraded to level 4. Item cards have lower limits, with Common and Rare being upgradable to level 3, and Epic and Legendary being upgradable to level 2.

It’s time to build up your deck and duel with players from all over the globe! Just follow what you learned in our Card Monsters: 3 Minute Duels strategy guide for some easy wins!

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