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Grand Prix Story 2 Tips & Tricks: 11 Hints for Advanced Players

Yes, we did tell you last time that Grand Prix Story 2 is quite a deep game with a ton of features and a whole lot of mechanics to learn…as well as a lot of mechanics, as in the guys who work on cars, to hire. Kairosoft’s sequel to the original Grand Prix Story is now out for Android and iOS devices, and this is a car racing/management game that doesn’t test your ability to drive virtual cars with your quick reflexes, but rather your managerial acumen as you try to lead a Grand Prix team, say, your own fictional equivalent to Red Bull, McLaren, etc., to glory. You choose the drivers and the mechanics, and unlock car types as you progress through the game, going from strength to strength as you upgrade your existing cars, facilities, and personnel on the way to more victories.

That sums up the game’s overview and its features, and if you remember our first Grand Prix Story 2 strategy guide, that one was all about the basics of the game. Now we’re ready to deal with something a bit more advanced, so fasten your seatbelt and make sure you’ve got your helmet and racing suit on — we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to check out if you’ve been playing Grand Prix Story 2 for some time and now consider yourself an intermediate player or better.

1. Upgrade Your Basic Facilities

Now this is something we should have told you, perhaps, in the first GP Story 2 strategy guide. But since we could only fit so many beginner tips into one guide, it’s probably just right that we kick off our intermediate/advanced guide with this one — you should be working on upgrading the facilities you’ve got, while building new ones when the game prompts you!

The basic facilities, as you should know by now, are your Vending Machine, which generates a steady flow of income (G’s — the common currency) that should ideally be collected a few times per day, as well as your Refinery, which produces fuel for your cars to run, and your Fuel Tank, which stores all the fuel. Since you will reach a point where you’ll need more gas than usual to run a race (or a ton of fuel to run a Grand Prix), you need to keep that Refinery AND Fuel Tank upgraded, so you could store more fuel and not have to worry about running out of gas at any time!

2. What Happens When You Run Out Of Gas?

You’d probably guess that this would be our chance to segue into a topic about the new facilities you can build, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. Instead, let’s talk for a bit about what happens when you run out of gas in the middle of a race. As the game explains, your car would run at normal pace when there’s enough fuel in the tank, but if you run out, you won’t stall — instead, you’ll be switched to econo-mode, which is MUCH slower than the standard speed your car can go. That’s an easy way to get overtaken right at a time when you cannot afford it, so make sure you’ve always got enough gas to go around!

As a bonus tip, you can also pay medals to buy gas, if your secretary prompts you and warns you that you wouldn’t have enough to finish the race as normal. Buying fuel could really do a number on your medal haul, so save this emergency measure for that — emergencies!

3. Create New Facilities Once You Have The Chance

As promised, we’re now moving on to the other facilities you can create in Grand Prix Story 2. These buildings get unlocked over time, as you continue ranking up and winning more races. Each of these buildings serve their own unique purpose, and like the basic buildings we mentioned earlier, they can also be upgraded to improve their efficacy.

First off, you’ve got your Test Lab, which is where your scientists can perform experiments that could earn you Research Data tokens, which, as we last mentioned, allow you to learn new automotive (and otherwise) technologies. The Chimpan Z Lab is an upgraded take on the Test Lab, but instead of human scientists, you’ve got “brainiac” chimpanzee researchers in charge; you will need bananas (which you can win from your fans in races, or win by emerging victorious in a new race, should that be the prize) in order to keep that lab running. (Of course, somebody’s got to feed those chimps, right?)

The Chicken Coop is an interesting building, as its main purpose is for you to raise chickens, who will then lay eggs which you can use as enhancement items for parts or for cars. We will tell you in a bit about how you can earn some Grain to feed to your chickens and speed up the egg-laying process.

Our last example for this strategy guide is the Admin Office, which allows you to earn sponsorship deals. Having a sponsor is important once you reach an intermediate stage in the game, as that’s going to allow you to earn even better rewards, provided you perform well in a race; take note that rewards in here are still performance-based!

4. Make Sure Your Buildings Are Constructed On A Road

As a minor addendum to the tips we gave you above, we should also be reminding you that you cannot construct a building unless the site is on a road. One unfortunate drawback of this game is that it could be tricky to construct roads, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. You don’t get the same smooth control you would get when you, say, try to build roads on a PC city-building or civilization-building game. But you should at least try to construct roads to make sure every building is connected, and leads back to your garage; if you make a mistake, there’s always the option to remove whatever patch of road (or building) you accidentally created!

5. Find Yourself A Sponsor

The Admin Office will prove to be an important building, as it allows you to find a sponsor — you won’t have too many options at first, but as you keep on upgrading the Admin Office, you’ll have a wider, and better range of choices to choose from. Choosing a sponsor, aside from improving your rewards, could give your team some buffs in some areas, such as parts research or vehicle stats, for instance, as long as they’re sponsoring your vehicles. Make sure you take a good look at each potential sponsor to determine which one could benefit your team the most — it’s not just about the rewards, but also the buffs your team could get.

6. Hiring And Firing

As your race team develops its reputation in GP Story 2, more and more individuals will want to see what all the fuss is about, and want to join your team as a driver or mechanic. This would normally happen once you’ve reached a certain rank, and get another driver or mechanic slot as a reward. Aside from looking at a potential employees’ six basic stats and comparing them to those of your present employees, you should also look at their Growth rating, which is next to their Form. A candidate with a good Growth rating (A is the best, E appears to be the worst) may have the edge in the long run when compared to a current worker who has a low Growth rating but far better stats at the present. Keep this in mind, as you may find yourself with no choice but to hang on to someone with a dangerously low upside!
Don’t worry if you have to fire someone from time to time to make room for someone better or with greater potential. Of course they’ll be upset and swear revenge on you, but it’s mostly empty threats from these unhappy ex-employees.

7. Pay Attention To An Employee’s Form

We did briefly mention the Form stat in the above tip, and if you guessed this is similar to a player’s form in soccer/association football management games, you are actually right. Employees who are in bad form won’t be able to complete tasks as quickly or as well as they should, and that could come into play if you’re designing a new vehicle, or preparing to take part in a race. Oftentimes, what they need is some rest to improve their mood and get their minds off the bad streak they’re currently in.

8. The Ins And Outs Of The Grand Prix Race

The Grand Prix races differ from the other race types in GP Story 2, and it goes without saying that these are the ones that could give you the biggest rewards. Unlike actual GP races that only consist of one race in one track, over anywhere from 50 to 100 laps or so in most cases, the GP races in this game are sets of three races, where you will ideally need to have multiple cars ready. The game mentions that durability is key, so you wouldn’t really want to make those low-durability vehicles of yours into workhorses. As such, this is where one of our basic tips from the last guide comes into play — you’ll need more than a few car types unlocked at some point in the game.

Points are added up for each of the seven competitors in the races, and if you’re looking to win a GP, you would probably need to win two out of the three races, at the very least. That’s because each of your opponents tends to place exactly the same in each of the races in a Grand Prix.

9. Don’t Ignore The Vs Races

Every now and then, one of the other teams in the game (human controlled, that is) will issue a challenge to you. You can also issue your own challenges for the price of 500 G’s. You should also take part in these multiplayer challenges, as this is another great way to earn some useful goodies, including a ton of G’s for finally beating the person who issues the challenge, as well as grain for your Chicken Coops, which would help your chickens lay eggs faster. But take note that this is something you should be considering later rather than sooner, as these races are extremely difficult to win! We would recommend that you only join these races once your chance of winning is at 50 percent or better, though even if you end up in last place, you can still earn some G’s and some grain.

10. Slippery When Wet

Grand Prix Story 2 has some tracks where the conditions are, without fail, wet. These tracks would require that you use a certain type of vehicle, so even if you are planning to use your best vehicle to dominate these tracks, you might not do as well unless you switch your car to something a bit slower in most conditions, but better-equipped to handle a wet track.

11. Unlock Multiple Cars, Stick To One Garage

Last, but not the least, you may have noticed that you have the option to have multiple garages in GP Story 2, thus allowing you more than one chance to run your team like it should be run. The game itself warns you against this, and we’d be inclined to do the same, to be honest. This is costly and largely unnecessary, as all those resources are best devoted to a singular garage with multiple car types unlocked. Of course, there’s no stopping you if you’re flush with in-game currency, but in most cases, it’s best to stick to one garage, no more, no less.


Friday 7th of June 2019

Can you upgrade your car to a S class car


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Should be in the swanky shop or in your warehouse under the use section


Wednesday 4th of April 2018

I didn't have enough money to upgrade my building size(allow for 2 teams) and now I don't see the option to do it again. :( I haven't found anyone with the same problem online either.


Tuesday 26th of March 2019

well after u have beaten i believe tha first grand prix or sec a promotion or offer will be offered from a promo i believe it was 30,000 he also then leaves u a phne to give him a call jus call him once u have the money.