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3 Candy: Sweet Mystery Cheats – 5 Great Tips for Beginners

3 Candy: Sweet Mystery is a Match 3 puzzle game made by OmegaGames and it’s available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Match 3 games, just like uber-casual titles in the vein of Flappy Bird, have what we believe to be more staying power in the mobile game market. Though, a lot of them come with the same basic premise, each title has something unique about it that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. In 3 Candy: Sweet Mystery one quirk is that you’ll have to swipe to move pieces and that you can only move pieces if they result in a match. That said, this game features vintage Match 3 mechanics and it shouldn’t be a problem for most Candy Crush veterans.

While one of the game’s unique facets is a cute black cat that gives you helpful advice, we do have some beginner’s advice for you that may be better than what the black cat has to offer. Now, let’s take a look at five great 3 Candy: Sweet Mystery cheats that we’ve gathered.

1. Listen To What The Cat Says, If You’re Starting Out

We did say that our tips may be better than the tips being given by the game’s black cat, but if you’re a beginner, you’ll want to pay heed to what the black cat is advising you. His goal is to help you navigate each board and inform you about what certain special pieces do, so don’t disregard his advice when it comes up.

2. Moving Bricks

One thing you’ll have to remember about bricks is that they won’t move or disappear unless you complete a pattern with a piece inside a brick. This makes things tricky once you reach the sixth level, as you won’t simply be chasing a certain score, but also required to clear bricks.

3. Use Your Power-Ups And Boosters Wisely

Once you use them once in the early stages, they’ll be gone unless you’re willing to pay a nominal fee to get them back. The hammer power-up is one you’ll need to save only when you’re stuck, as it’s only capable of clearing one piece. It won’t do you much good if you’ve still got a lot of moves and still have a lot of patterns to form.

4. When In Doubt, Work From The Bottom

3 Candy: Sweet Mystery will only allow you to move pieces to complete a match, and things can get really tricky when you get to the rounds with bricks. That’s when you’ll want to follow classic Match 3 gameplay strategies and work from the bottom. However, you should also be aware of flashing pieces; while the cat will only brief you before the start of a level, these flashing pieces would also brief you by pointing you to a sure match.

5. Keep Replaying Levels

Just like your average mobile game, the more stars you earn, the better. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to replay levels in which you weren’t able to achieve three-star honors. This should also help you in refining your strategy, or making up for a time when you simply didn’t have any luck with the pieces that dropped on the board.