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Wonderball Heroes Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips for Success

What is Wonderball Heroes all about? In a nutshell, your goal in this game is to help the White Rabbit get to Wonderland, swiping to aim and tapping to shoot the red pegs in hopes of moving on to new levels and achieving your goal. Blue pegs will come with special power-ups, while all balls that enter the bucket give you an extra move. You can even get more points and more balls by hitting “trick shots” or “combo shots.” In other words, this is a very similar game in concept to Peggle, and if you’re hoping to consistently win three-star honors, check out our Wonderball Heroes tips and tricks and we’ll show you how you can earn those.

1. Try To Hit As Many Red Pegs As Possible With One Ball

In order to do this, you’ll have to ensure that your shots are aimed properly; you’ll see a guiding line that gives you an idea of where the ball would travel through, so you’d do good to take your best shot by following that line.

2. Complete Each Level With As Many Balls Left Over As Possible

Aiming for as many red pegs as possible is all well and good, but when each level is over, you will notice that majority of your points would come from the final bonus on the level. This bonus score is determined by the number of balls you have remaining by the time the level is complete. That’s where the first tip would also come in handy, because it’s always a good thing when you’re able to clear multiple red pegs with one ball.

3. Plan Ahead Before Starting Any Level

Each level comes with its own quirks, and there may also be times when the level’s layout will give you an idea of how and where to shoot the ball and hit the pegs. And since there’s no time limit in the levels, that gives you even more time to plan your next move, analyze how the level’s setup could help you (or harm you) when taking shots, and make sure you’re only making the right moves and making the most out of them.

4. About Blue Power-Ups

As we mentioned above, the blue pegs will give you special power-ups once you’re able to hit them. The type of power-up would depend on the Wonderball Hero who’s featured on the level. For instance, if the beaver is the featured Hero, the power-up will simplify things whenever you try to hit the free ball bonus hole. The bear, on the other hand, would allow you to hit all pegs surrounding the blue peg. Use your power-ups wisely, as you won’t get too many opportunities to earn them.

5. Replay One- And Two-Star Levels

Got one star, two stars, or even worse, no stars? No problem. You can always replay levels on Wonderball Heroes, and that’s where you can take stock of your previous missteps, try alternate strategies, and keep practicing/replaying until you reach that vaunted three-star mark.