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2D Battle Royale Action Game ‘Bullet League’ Launches Worldwide on iOS and Android

Developed by Funday Factory, Bullet League is a stunning 2D battle royale action title that ‘s now available worldwide on iOS and Android platforms.

Bullet League boasts fast-paced action, stylish graphics, intuitive touch controls, and user-friendly gameplay. It currently features three game modes, an expansive map with six biomes, and eight weapons. However, more updates are already in the pipeline for Bullet League.

bullet league

Since Bullet League brings forward a 2D perspective, platforming, building, and blasting, it aims at being more manageable for regular players. The mechanics behind building, shooting, and platforming allows players to come up with a wide variety of combat solutions.

Mastering the map and construction skills play a crucial role, as players need to find the best way to defeat their opponents by building better defences, evade obstacles, and keep safe. Speed is also crucial as ‘The Grid’ closes in and narrows the playing field. In the end, only one player will stand victorious!

Are you ready to put your skills to a test on the battlefield? If you want to find more about what the game offers before downloading it, check out the official trailer below.

As players progress through the game, they will be able to collect weapons that they can use against a wide range of enemies and resources that will allow them to survive and win. The stat tracking system and daily missions allow players to climb the leaderboard and master the World.

Among the game’s most notable features, we can highlight:

• Real-time multiplayer
• Tactical platforming action
• Fluid gunplay
• A wide variety of weapons and impressive visual effects
• 2.5D art style
• Unique, humorous character design
• Varied level design
• 3 available combat modes: solo, Friend Brawl, and Squad

Bullet League is a free-to-play title and can be downloaded straight away from the App Store and Google Play.