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Fallout Shelter Online Now Available for Pre-Registration on iOS and Android

Gaea Mobile has recently announced that Fallout Shelter Online, the much-anticipated sequel to Fallout Shelter, is now open for pre-registration.

Fallout Shelter Online has been available in China for over two years as a free-to-play multiplayer title. Having at its core the famous Fallout franchise, the game challenges players to participate in thrilling PvP battles, join a guild, embark on thrilling journeys and adventures, etc.

fallout shelter online

Fallout Shelter Online features numerous beloved characters from previous Fallout releases that players can recruit as heroes. Players will need to use the characters to build up teams. Depending on how you team your characters, they will develop ‘Bonds’ that might help you do extra damage when fighting against a specific type of enemy. Players will have to put their strategic skills to a test and rotate heroes depending on each mission.

You can check out the game’s official trailer below:

If you want to pre-register for the upcoming title, you can do so through Google Play or on the Fallout Shelter Online official website. By pre-registering, you will be able to win a series of valuable goodies – such as caps, Nuka-Cola Quantum, pre-war cash, etc. – upon the game’s official release.

Fallout Shelter Online is expected to be launched in the near future and it will be available in English, Japanese, and Korean languages. Though there is no official launch date set for the game as of this writing, the Philippines App Store lists the release date as April 22nd.