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Zoo Evolution Tips, Cheats & Guide to Build the Best Zoo

Zoo Evolution is a zoo management game developed by Raiser Games for iOS and Android. The game puts you in control of a virtual zoo similar to the popular Zoo Tycoon series on PC. You will spend the game managing the animals in your zoo in order to attract as many guests as possible so that you can earn a lot of coins and keep the zoo running. The gameplay is fairly simple as it consists of grinding to earn new upgrades for your zoo and new animals to put in it.

So without further ado, here are the best Zoo Evolution tips and tricks to build a nice zoo!

1. Choose A Good Starting Biome

When you start the game you are given a number of biomes to choose from. Each of them come equipped with different animals and looks that you can use when building the biome. The early biome can be important for the feel of your zoo although keep in mind that you can change the biome later in the game.

When choosing your biome you need to think what sort of aesthetic would you like your zoo to have? If you are more a fan of jungle animals then the jungle biome is for you as it contains exotic creatures like panthers. If you prefer African landscapes then you should choose the safari biome. All of the starting animals for the different biomes make a similar amount of coins per minute so you don’t have to worry about choosing the most efficient money-maker. But what you should be mindful of is how the first biome you are going to choose will impact the future look of your park.

Making a park look good is all about having a unified visual style. If you start with a polar biome and build your zoo around it, changing to a jungle biome later in the game will destroy the visual coherency your zoo had and make it less appealing to others who are going to visit it.

2. Level Up Your First Animals To Gain Levels

When you start the game it is not that clear what the right path to take is. The game only gives minimal instruction and takes a very hands on approach to tutorials. This will leave you early on in the game with a single biome and maybe one or two animals. The problem is that most structures and other things that you can adorn your zoo with are only available for purchase after level 2.

That means that it is up to you to take the initiative and get yourself there using the two starter animals that you have been given. The first thing you should do is to feed them as much as you can to grow their level. This will increase the amount of coins that they will earn you per minute. Also you get a small bit of experience points when your animals level up. Then what you have to do is keep waiting for the coins to accumulate as visitors come to check out your animals. Each time you collect money from your animals you also collect a bit of experience points.

It will take a while but if you keep focusing on the first two animals that you get, you will be able to advance to level 2 and start building more interesting buildings that will allow you to upgrade your zoo even more.

3. Diversify Your Zoo Animals

Zoo Evolution is all about creating the best zoo that you can given the limited space in the park. How good a zoo is, is basically judged by how much coins you can earn. This is because coins allow you to buy more animals and make your zoo nice in general. People will come to see your animals and the rule is that if more people come to your zoo they will spend more coins.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that not all animals are equal. Your starting animals are pretty nice but eventually people will get bored of coming to see plain old deer. In order to increase your cash flow you will need to starting adding in new types of animals. This is where good park design also plays a part in your success. You need to make sure that you have a good variety of animals so that more people come and look at them. In turn you will then have more money to lavish on your animals.

Try to have a good mix of animals that make money and animals that look good. The zoo is mainly for your own pleasure after all so make sure to have a good balance between animals that will make you money and animals that you actually want to have in your zoo and interact with. Otherwise there isn’t much point to the game.

4. Fuse Animals For New Species

As mentioned earlier, the more new species that you have in your zoo, the more people will be willing to come and spend money at the zoo. So it is best practice to have a lot of animals that will be able to attract new customers.

One of the ways to get new species is to fuse existing ones. Fusing is when you take two existing species and fuse them together to make a new one. This is a more advanced technique as the animals need to be level 20 in order to be fused. But the reward is worth it as fused animals can net you more cash from your zoo, so make sure to explore it and find some unique combinations!

5. Take Advantage Of Free Coins

Like all mobile games, Zoo Evolution is determined to make you spend money and it does so using the oldest trick in the mobile gaming freemium handbook, waiting times. You have to wait for damn near everything which makes you wonder if this was designed to be a zoo or waiting simulator. However, good news is that if you keep levelling up you will be rewarded with tickets that you can use to speed up construction or upgrade your zoo. That saves you some real world money. Also, if you don’t want to buy coins, make sure to watch as many videos as possible. That way you don’t have to hand over too much cash to this game.

There you have it! All the tips and tricks you need to build the best zoo you can, happy zoo keeping!


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