king of avalon excalibur war tips

King of Avalon: Excalibur War Guide: 3 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Need to Know

Dungeons, dragons, fire and chaos! Kingdom, gold, treasure and eternal glory await your arrival in King of Avalon: Excalibur War. The latest game in the strategy mass multiplayer online category from FunPlus is sure to transform the screen of your smartphone into a thrilling battlefield. The game is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. King of Avalon: Excalibur War packs high quality graphics and beautiful landscapes into a reasonable package size of 178MB. You will need a constant network connection in order to play the game so plan accordingly because you do not want to miss out on all the daring quests and adventures that await you in King of Avalon: Excalibur War.

The basic concept of this game is like all other mass multiplayer online strategy games; establish your rule over your kingdom and expand it until your dominion is unlike any other in the land. For this purpose, you will be granted some initial resources, gold and a dragon egg! It will be up to you to determine how large and powerful your kingdom will become because always keep in mind that in this game, if you do not devote yourself to your empire, you will become but a part of forgotten history. In King of Avalon: Excalibur War your actions at every crucial moment have an effect upon the destiny of your kingdom and people so always choose wisely and with care.

There is a very welcoming and informative tutorial given by the Lady of Avalon when you start the game. However, you are only introduced to the basic gameplay mechanics and a sample of what you would expect from real online multiplayer play. Needless to say King of Avalon: Excalibur War starts to get more difficult as you gain more experience points and attain higher levels. You will immediately notice a marked difference after reaching level 4 and your battles as well as resource gathering abilities will seem insufficient for the required effort from you. This is where you will need the guidance provided by the tips in this guide to King of Avalon: Excalibur War. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your smartphone and ride forth into a blaze of glory!

1. Focus On Your Stronghold

King of Avalon: Excalibur War is a strategy game at its core and your main objective is to both expand the stretches of your empire as well as make sure that the citizens of your kingdom are safe from enemy attacks. This objective can only be completed if and only if your stronghold in the capitol of your empire is impenetrable. You will be shown the benefits of upgrading your stronghold during the beginner’s tutorial when you start the game and you can unlock a ton of new features as you continue to upgrade the core building of your empire.

The stronghold is the most important building due to all the other buildings and research activities being dependent upon certain levels of the Stronghold. For example, you can train normal foot soldiers on the starting levels of the Stronghold but you will have to upgrade if you want to train Paladins and mounted warriors in the stables. In fact you will also need to upgrade your stronghold in order to build stables and other advanced buildings.

Upgrading your Stronghold requires a considerable amount of gold which continues to increase as your player level increases. Therefore you will need to keep track of your gold and always save enough to upgrade comfortably because putting the Stronghold upgrade on hold will cause all of your buildings to become inaccessible and your empire will come to a standstill. As you will be playing online and against real human players you cannot afford to lose your momentum because once you lose your status on the map, you will be raided and hunted by the bigger players until you get tired of defending your kingdom.

In addition to making new buildings, troops and research available, your Stronghold also serves as the management center of your empire. It is from here that you can manage the tax and revenue collection from your citizens and view important details about the workings of your empire. As you are not only a warrior but a King, you will need to focus on the happiness of your people as well as the strength of your soldiers. To this end, you will need to keep a balance between the upgrade points that you spend on unlocking barracks and stable upgrades and the amount that you spend on resource building and town center upgrades.

The happiness of the citizens of your kingdom is dependent upon the general tax rate that you impose on them and the levity that you provide on special occasions for them to celebrate. As all construction depends on the workers and workers are from the public of your kingdom, you must take great care in handling financial matters as well. Striking a balance between benevolence and discipline in your kingdom always yields the best results. The Stronghold acts as a major aid helping you with useful data about the current happiness level of your citizens as well as the gold level in your treasury. Remember you have to compromise on the happiness of your people when your treasury is getting low and increase the tax rate to compensate for the low gold level. This is because only you as the king can decide what is best for your people; temporary happiness or continued survival and preventing your army from starving on rations. As a wise king the choice is obvious and as your player level increases you will be face repeatedly with similar situations so make it a habit to always put your people first and take the wisest course over the most appealing one.

2. Harness The Power Of Dragons

Probably the reason why you downloaded King of Avalon: Excalibur War was seeing terrifying and powerful dragons on the game posters. These dragons are not just limited to artwork; they play an integral part in your empire and act as the identifying symbol of power for your Kingdom. Dragons are probably the toughest units to handle in the game and their ego is such that not even you as the King of Avalon can fully keep them under your control. Nothing less is to be expected from the mightiest creatures of the land and if used correctly these loyal beasts can make all the difference between a small player and a huge player in King of Avalon: Excalibur War.

You will be first introduced to the dragon as an egg placed at the center of your empire in the dragon stronghold. The egg will hatch normally after 8 hours but you can speed up the process by completing all the tasks given to you by the Lady of Avalon in quick succession. After all who wants to keep their dragon as an egg when you can have a fire breathing and awe inspiring beast ready at your call. The hatching process holds many wonders in itself and your luck will come into play here for the dragon that you will obtain after it hatches. There are three main categories of dragon abilities which are classified into Offensive, Defensive and Supportive abilities. There is no set pattern for obtaining these abilities in your dragon and the process is entirely random. This means that you can obtain either of the three abilities and you will have to mold your style of gameplay accordingly unless you get the ability which perfectly matches your play style.

To harness the true power of your dragon you need to know about all the mechanics of the three different dragon abilities. These are explained and their benefits to your empire detailed in the following section.

Offensive Terror

The most popular and most common dragon ability is the powerful offensive attacking abilities. This category of dragon abilities includes power ups to your dragon which will enable it to do terrifying damage to the opposing army when you send your dragon accompanied with your troops. Needless to say, having an offensive dragon at your side will enable you to conquer huge areas of land and expand the reaches of your empire much faster. However as they say with great power comes great responsibility so your terrifyingly offensive dragon will have a much lower defense and you can never afford for your empire to be under siege by another player who also has an offensive dragon.

As you might have guessed, keeping an offensive dragon means you will have to be online most of the times and raid as many other empires as you can to keep up your resources. This is because your play style with an offensive dragon should always prioritize the training of troops over the upgrading of resource production. When you have so many troops you will also need to feed them and the stronger the troops the more upkeep they require. Due to this constant pressure, you will have to stay on a raiding spree to make sure that your troops do not start dying of hunger which would be a terrible waste of resources and training time.

You should also take a closer look into the offensive abilities of your dragon and see if they are percentage based or absolute values. This might not seem so crucial at lower stages but percentage based bonuses to your army effectively stack up as your level and thus the power of your troops and dragon increases. Absolute value based bonuses are less stackable but extremely deadly at the earlier levels especially if your level is higher than the target that you wish to attack. Therefore you need to be aware of the extent of your dragon’s abilities before you blindly send it to destroy another empire.

Impenetrable Defense

The second category of dragon abilities suits the more casual player but holds immense potential for the dedicated king as well. There is a basic defense for every dragon and having a defensive dragon entitles you to a very high hit points and armor dragon. This means that with the right strategy you can survive almost any attack on your empire even from the largest of players on the empire. This is because there is a march limit to an attacking army but no limitation on how many defensive troops that you can station on your walls and the stronger your dragon the better your defense bonuses for combating a siege situation much more effectively.

A siege in King of Avalon: Excalibur War does not mean an enemy army camping outside the walls of your empire but a player who has chosen to take his wrath out on you and will keep on sending march after march of his best troops until your defense crumble or you are forced to strike a deal with him. The joke is on the attacker if you have a defensive dragon by your side because defensive dragons almost always come with percentage based defense bonuses and with no limitation on the number of troops you can station at your walls, the attacker army will almost always crumble as soon as it hits the walls of your empire.

Possessing a defensive dragon means that you will not be able to establish much map presence through raiding and attacking other players. What you will need to do to keep up your growth rate is focus on upgrading your resource and town production buildings. This is because you do not have the fear of being conquered by any player due to your strong defenses and thus your empire will be able to sustain itself without the need to pillage and raid. Being a defensive player, you should also focus upon training defensive troops only because training offensive troops would be a waste of resources and an unnecessary increase in your total upkeep.

The Magic Of Support

The third type of dragon is the supporting type dragon. This is considerably a rare hatch as compared to the other two but gives the best variety of strategic options for you to choose from. A support type dragon is equally balanced with similar offensive and defensive abilities. The true gem lies however in the bonus abilities where the dragon supports your army through various different boosts. These boosts are both empire related as well as military related. For example the rationing bonus cuts down on the upkeep required for your army. This allows you to train much more troops in the same amount of resources consumed and also reduces the pressure for you to raid and pillage like a mad king all the time.

A support type dragon provides a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities so you get the best of both worlds. However, you also have to be more careful while sending out a march with a support type dragon because if you do not send a large enough number of troops along with it, the dragon will almost always be the first one to fall in battle. If this happens you can rest assured that your army will be met with certain defeat. Similarly while defending your empire from enemy attacks you will need to station all the forces that you have and even put more troops on training to cover up for the losses that you will most definitely sustain during the repeated attacks from your enemy. A support type dragon can help you in this department as many of the boosts are related to reducing training time or upgrading the defense or attack abilities of any one or more of your troops.

If you see the leaderboards of King of Avalon: Excalibur War, you will notice that players with support type dragons come right at the top along with offensive dragon type players. This is because a clever player can use the fact that a support type dragon is both offensive and defensive. You need to carefully plan out your strategy when you begin raiding players and never try to attack a player with a greater level than your own with a support dragon. Take it slow and steady and soon enough you will be powerful enough to send marches with or without your dragon and once you reach that level, you would no longer have to worry about other players attacking your empire unless you pick a fight with a player your own size who has an offensive dragon at his side.

3. Conquer With Your Alliance

King of Avalon: Excalibur War is a strategy game that encourages team work and has a gameplay which requires a lot of effort if you wish to play on your own. Like most other mass multiplayer online strategy games, there is an option for you to join an Alliance. The best scenario for you would exist if you and your real world friends are in the game and you form an Alliance which would enable you to truly enjoy making strategies and ensure perfect coordination among each other. However such a perfect scenario rarely exists so you will have to make do with strangers that have similar interests and a gameplay style that you are comfortable with.

You can only be part of a single Alliance at any given time and if you feel that your alliance is holding you back or if you see a much better opportunity elsewhere, you can simply choose to resign from your alliance. A word of advice here though would be to confirm your position in the new alliance that you plan to join before you quit your current alliance because most of the times players resign too quickly and are not accepted into their target alliance which leaves them stranded and an easy prey for raiders.

Being part of an alliance entitles you to many great benefits especially if you have managed to join a powerful alliance of the realm. The best advantage that you have is always having guidance and support from the experienced members of your alliance so you will never have to worry about getting stuck on a game mechanic or being confused about the attack or defense strategy that you want for your empire. This advantage is made even more accessible through the easy to use alliance chat option which enables you to see whoever from your alliance is online and you can quickly get an answer to most of your queries.

In addition to this, being member of a powerful and large alliance becomes a major source of protection for your empire. If your alliance consists of many powerful raiders with offensive dragons, an enemy player will think twice before making a move on your empire because no matter how small your level, if he attacks you it will be considered as an attack on the alliance and the larger players will come down with full force on his empire. Even if the attack goes unnoticed, you should never feel ashamed to notify your alliance leaders but do not make a habit to poke larger players just to see them getting plundered because the leaders can sense that and banish you from the alliance.

An alliance also comes to your rescue whenever you are in need of resources. Just ask nicely or send in a message to your leader and your troops will never have to go hungry again. Once more it is pertinent that you always try to obtain resources yourself first before asking for help and do not spam all the alliance members with request for resources as that would only make you look weak and desperate. Think of Avalon as real life and you would be surprised how much improvement you can make in your daily interactions just by having a cordial behavior in King of Avalon: Excalibur War.

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