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Zombies vs DIY Store Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Beat the Zombies

Hordes of undead now rule the earth and your best chance of surviving is the nearest DIY store! Zombies vs DIY Store is an idle clicker game Android and iOS devices. As funny as it seems, the game’s premise is a really good idea on surviving a zombie apocalypse. Instead of having the same old idle clicker game, you will be getting an interesting crafting feature to help you survive the end of the world. Make sure you check out our Zombies vs DIY Store strategy guide to ensure your survival!

1. Unlock Everything

There will be items you can purchase using your ZP, and upon purchasing them, they will all add up to your idle ZP generation. Idle ZP generation will be the amount of ZP you will be earning whenever you are not doing anything at all. This is great, right? Gaining important ZP even though you are not actively playing the game will help you keep up with rising costs. Keep in mind that the better the item, the higher the price. Better items produce a higher amount of ZP when you obtain them.
One trick that can be done here is to buy a lot of the same item to increase the amount of ZP it produces. However, most of the time you will be saving up your ZP to buy a better one. One more way to increase the income is to equip the items and use the tap power. You can tap away at your screen, generating ZP with every tap.

2. Equip Items For ZP Boost

The items that you unlock in the DIY store will be helpful. You can equip them to increase your tapping power. When we say power, we mean the capability to earn large amounts of ZP per tap. To be able to know which ones are good you can always scroll down the items tab to see which ones you have crafted so far. Always make sure to equip the best one to optimize your ZP gain.

3. Useful Item Combinations

The game allows you to combine certain items to create things that can help you survive. You can tell what items can be combined based on their silhouette so make sure you pay close attention. Listed below are some of the most useful items you can combine in the game.

Screwdriver + Shopping cart = Spiky Shopping Cart
Nails + Bat = Spiked bat
Cat food + Tennis Racket = Tin Launcher
CD + CD player = Thriller
Burner + Gasoline = Engulfing Flames

4. Tap As Fast As You Can

If you want to increase further your ZP gain you can always spam tapping for instant ZP. Use multiple fingers when tapping to maximize the output. This way you will be tapping so fast that the ZP will come raining down on you. Always equip the best DIY item whenever you are in the mood to actively play the game. Then mash away with the three fingers that you are using. Don’t press down all at once but use them in an alternating fashion as though you are playing the piano.

Zombie apocalypse games are fun to play when you play them right. Be sure to follow the Zombies vs DIY Store strategy guide we gave you in order to succeed! Also, if you know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area below!