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Dice Mage 2 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Winning More Dice Battles

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad and like dice-based RPGs on mobile, then you might as well enter the world of Dice Mage 2. This is the sequel to the original Dice Mage, and while Tapinator only has this game available on the App Store, iDevice owners can jump in and take part in dice duels, visit mystical worlds, and use tactical strategy while in the fray of combat. There are various types of enemies to defeat — skeletons, zombies, ogres, golems, and many more, various environments, and different types of equipment to use and spells to cast. It’s a completely different type of RPG for mobile devices, and it lives up to its name, staying somewhat true to the spirit of actual dice-based role-playing games.

Those who played the original game might have a good idea of what to do, but in any case, you may need some help learning the mechanics and rolling dice the right way to win more battles. If that’s the case, allow us to offer some assistance — we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for you, and listed them down for you, as part of our Dice Mage 2 strategy guide for beginners. Read on, and you’ll be beating bosses, casting spells, and choosing tactics like a seasoned veteran if you follow these tips and tricks.

1. Save On Your Gems And Your Spells

In the early goings of the game, you don’t need to worry much about re-rolling, as it’s only going to cost you one gem. That means you can easily save up, or even hoard some gems for the later parts of the game, when much better loot will be available if you get lucky. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to take it easy with your spells, as your hero will typically be able to take out most non-boss characters without the help of any. That’s going to be the case in the early stages, so when it comes to spells, it’s best to use them only against bosses, or if your HP is getting close to zero.

2. Do Some Number-Crunching

Don’t let the term “number-crunching” daunt you too much — it’s not the most exciting thing to do, but in (virtual) dice-based games such as this, you need to have a bit of a strategy in play so you can optimize the damage you deal out.

For starters, take note that your attack stat will always be equal to the amount of damage dealt out by your dice, not taking into account magic, pwr-up (power-ups) and critical (hit). With the exception of lightning, which is a random spell, elemental spells deal out damage based on a percentage of your attack stat. A critical spell is equal to twice the damage of your attack stat, and you could stack on the aforementioned pwr-up, which, on its own, gives your attack stat a 50 percent boost. Lastly, the Limit Attack deals out twice the damage of your attack stat, while also refreshing your set of dice and giving you a new one.

3. Earn Extra Currency By Selling Unneeded Stuff

It’s a pretty basic rule in these kinds of games, or any game where you can buy or pick up equipment. If you’re short on cash or currency, one good way to earn more of it is to sell the items you don’t need anymore, or the items you’re sure you won’t be using in the future. If you won’t be needing/using them anymore, why keep them around in the first place?

4. Be Prepared For Boss Battles

As we had mentioned above, it’s important that you’re well-prepared for a boss battle by having enough spells ready; don’t use them too early, because you don’t want to get caught short in a crucial battle against a particularly tough boss. Another thing you’ll need to do to get ready for boss battles is to make sure you’ve healed up completely, or at least to the point where you’ve got most of your HP back. Boss battles are obviously tougher and take longer to complete, which means every health point counts!

Additionally, you should also make sure that you don’t have any other enemies distracting you and throwing you off your focus; clear the entire level of any other enemies before fighting the boss. While you won’t lose too much health when one of them attacks you, that small amount of damage could add up. Enemies can also drop health or attack boosts for the benefit of their boss, and believe us when we say that can also add up before you know it.

5. How To Bail Yourself Out When Low On Health After Boss Fights

Once you’re done defeating a boss, that’s going to end it for the stage you’re currently in, and allow you to progress on to the next one. Thing is, your HP won’t reset after the boss battle is done, and there’s a good chance you may be low on health upon beginning a new stage. But there’s a way to give your HP a boost, and that’s by finding one of the floating skeletons and fighting them — these skeletons are very common in most of the stages, and if you beat one of them, you’ll be able to keep going in the game. Fortunately, the floating skeletons are usually very easy to defeat, with their low base health stats, and their tendency to move around low. You’ll also need to equip the heal or vamp when fighting them, but other than that, floating skeletons are a walk in the park.

6. Be Prepared For The Gambler Drops

There’s a chance you might find some Gambler gear while making use of Dice Mage 2’s gambling feature/mechanic. What’s in it for you with this gear? Simply put, this is gear that gives a boost to your roll, and it also happens to be quite rare — consider your expectations set. Some examples of Gambler gear include the Staff, which gives a six-sided die roll a +1 bonus, the Headpiece, which adds +3 on a 20-sided die roll, and the Armor, which is right in between with a +2 on a 10-sided die roll.

Due to the rarity of Gambler gear, it’s advisable to hang on to it, instead of gambling even more and seeing if you could get something better.

7. Why Are Sets So Important?

If you’re in the final stages of Dice Mage 2, sets will become very important. In fact, they may likely become the most important aspects of the later stages of the game. Why? Well, if you have at least two items within the same set, that’s going to increase your roll by one, and if you have three items, you will get a +1 to your roll, as well as a boost to your spell damage. Those boosts could be game-changers, so keep an eye on the sets! You just might have lucked out and found multiple items from one of them.

That’s all you need to know in order to succeed in Dice Mage 2. In case you know other hints for the game, please leave us a comment below!