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Zombie Safari Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Challenges

Zombie Safari is an exciting new zombie-themed mobile game from Dogbyte, which is now available for iOS devices. Instead of the typical urban setting you may know from most zombie movies and TV shows, you’ll be leaving the city behind and heading to an off-road setting, driving 4×4 off-roaders, monster trucks, six-wheeled “gas guzzlers,” and climbing those post-apocalyptic mountains. It’s an open-world kind of game where you can explore your settings, complete challenges, find secret spots, upgrade your vehicles and unlock new ones, and of course, keep destroying more zombies. It wouldn’t be a zombie-themed game if you can’t kill the undead, right?

As this game has a different backdrop, set of mechanics, and theme as compared to the average zombie game for mobile, you might be wondering how you can dominate the post-apocalyptic world and get rid of more zombies. Read on, as we’ve got a complete Zombie Safari strategy guide for you, touching base on every important aspect of the game, from the cars to the zombies to the various environments in the game.

1. Ramp Up On Your Time Bonus By Killing Zombies

Zombie Safari will generously gift you with loot chests, and at some point, you’ll need to wait at least an hour before you can open them. That might not be an ideal situation for you – nobody likes waiting, as we always say. But you can use “time bonuses” to expedite the process – the zombies may occasionally drop a stopwatch while you’re opening a chest, and collecting those stopwatches will reduce five minutes each from the chest timer. That might not be much compared to an hour, but it’s better than nothing, right? It’s certainly better than spending gems to expedite, which is also an option but one you shouldn’t take advantage of.

2. Use This Technique To Really Speed Up The Loot Chest Wait Time

Instead of spending gems, you can also try this simple trick when trying to slash some time off the chest timer. First, play a challenge – either a boss or survival challenge. When playing these challenges, you’ll see a whole lot of normal, garden-variety zombies, and that means you’ll have a lot of chances for stopwatch drops. Survival challenges only require you to complete the challenge; once the time is up, all surviving zombies will automatically get killed, and that means even better odds for multiple stopwatch drops!

3. Want To Upgrade Your Cars? Don’t Spend Gems

The game will allow you to spend a specific amount of gems to upgrade your vehicles, with low-end upgrades costing cheap and higher-end upgrades, of course, costing you a ton of gems. But even if you’re planning to make a small, early upgrade, we would advise you NOT to spend your gems. Instead, you should spend those gems on weapon upgrades. So how should you be upgrading your cars instead?

Instead of plunking down a few gems, you can try opening chests instead – you’ve got a chance of getting car parts by opening chests, though each vehicle has a corresponding set of parts you can equip on them. Collecting a set of these parts will allow you to upgrade the car for free – no need to spend gems, quite obviously! Then again, if you’re struggling in the game and need to improve your ride ASAP, you can spend your gems – just don’t make this a habit!

Yes indeed, upgrading your cars is very important, or you’ll only find yourself at the zombies’ mercy. But it should be done in the least expensive way possible.

4. Take A Breather, Drive Around

Challenges may get to be tedious – you’ll probably be feeling that way at some point in the game. So if you get tired completing either type of challenge, you can just drive around. It doesn’t matter where you’re going – it’s an open-world game, after all! When driving around randomly, you might bump into chests, gems, and other freebies that are waiting for you to collect. And if you want to go back to challenges after driving randomly a bit (and you should), you can always look at your mini-map, as it will tell you which challenges have not yet been completed.

5. 100 Percent Completion Per Zone Isn’t That Important

Of course, it is important, but you shouldn’t worry too much about finishing up a zone with 100 percent completion. Level requirement will be the gatekeeper when it comes to entering new zones, so if you’ve reached one of those level requirements, there’s no stopping you if you want to head to a new zone and take a break from the environment you’re currently in. Changing things up can freshen up your mind and help you in your overall gameplay, so feel free to do so at any time you can!

6. Be Careful Of Exploding Zombies

If you’ve played Left 4 Dead or other similar zombie games, you’re probably aware and familiar with those fat exploding zombies. Zombie Safari does have a “Boomer” equivalent, and they’re just as big and burly, not to mention rather unsightly, with red spots covering their body. Watch out for the red exclamation point hovering over their head – that means they’ve seen you, and you’ll be best advised to watch out. That’s because they will self-destruct and explode if they make their way to you, doing a ton of damage on your vehicle, if you’re lucky enough to survive and not get destroyed.

When dealing with exploding zombies, it’s important that you take them down before they take you down – use your guns to shoot them the moment you see them. You can also drive behind them and run over them – sneak attacks on these special zombies is especially fun, we’d say. And it’s also safe, as they will only explode if you’re in their line of sight and they’ve actually reached you.

7. Boss Challenge Basics

We won’t really deal too much with boss challenges, but we’ll try to simplify things and limit our boss challenge pointers within the scope of one tip, or one set of tips.

First of all, boss challenges are obviously the most difficult challenges out there, and you should not take them lightly, not even one bit. You will be fighting against a super-zombie of sorts, and it won’t just be far more powerful than the average zombie; it will also be beefed up with all sorts of armor and other reinforcements. But you won’t be without any help in such situations – there are some arenas where you may see some mounted guns with a green marker beside them. Park your vehicle on that marker, wait for a few seconds (maybe two or three), and voila – you will activate your mounted gun, which will then fire away, blasting everything in its line of sight. You’ll need all the help you can get during these boss fights, so make sure you’re activating those mounted guns.

That’s all you need to know to succeed in Zombie Safari. If you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to share them with us in the comment area!