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Zombie Frontier 3 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

It must be the fact that the seventh season of The Walking Dead is currently ongoing, but we’ve been seeing a lot of zombie games on Android and iOS lately. However, Zombie Frontier 3 doesn’t represent a new series, as you can see from the title. It’s the latest chapter in the Zombie Frontier series, and this game from FT is a first-person shooter that comes with more guns, goodies, and levels (and more zombies too) than the predecessor did. You can take part in multiple game modes and special events, as you try to save as many survivors as possible and defend yourself against hordes of zombies. There are more than 120 levels in this game “with excellent graphics,” so if you’re up to the task, this game should be another chance for you to play zombie terminator and have some fun while at it.

Before you go ahead and shoot down some zombies, you might need a little helping hand or two so you can transition quickly into the game and make good progress. That’s what we’re here to do, as we are now presenting to you a list of Zombie Frontier 3 tips and tricks. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? With these tips, you can.

1. Headshots Are The Best Shot

Although firing a successful headshot at a zombie won’t guarantee that it’s going to die, you will, at the very least, deal out a great amount of damage. Still, a headshot is good enough to kill a zombie much more often than not, and a zombie that’s staggering allows you to buy some much needed time that could keep you alive for longer.

When going for a headshot, it’s best to aim down to simplify the process. You can alternately try shooting from the hip, though that’s usually harder to pull off. Or you can fire away in small bursts, regardless whether your weapon’s in automatic fire mode or not. That reduces recoil and gives you a steadier aim.

2. Upgrade Your Starting Weapons, Don’T Rush To Buy The New Ones

Although it may be tempting to buy new guns once you can afford them, we suggest holding off on it first. Sure, the M629 and the M10 may seem like basic weapons, but these basic weapons can do you good for a decent period of time. That will require regular upgrades, but if you compare that to the cost of buying a new gun and upgrading it, you’ll actually be saving money. Furthermore, the new guns won’t give you much to work with at first, and as we mentioned, it’s more expensive to upgrade them to a solid level. And we aren’t kidding when we say the new guns are costlier – they are, in fact, MUCH more expensive. Stick with your two stock weapons, max them out, and keep using them until they’ve outlived their usefulness, i.e., when the zombie hordes get too much to handle for you.

3. Complete The Dailies

Once you’ve completed the first few missions in the main story, you will be able to play the Daily Challenges. You won’t always have to complete the dailies, but in the early goings, you will need as much gold as you can get your hands on, and Daily Challenges are a great source of extra gold. You can earn about 500 gold for completing one challenge, and that’s much greater than the 100 to 200 gold you will usually get for completing support missions. You want to add to your income early, and do so as quickly as possible, and the dailies are the way to go if you’re hoping to earn more in less time.

4. Feel Free To Swap Weapons

Swapping weapons is a great way to save some time instead of reloading. Any time that you’re out of ammo or in a tight spot with the zombies, you can save some precious seconds by switching from your main weapon to your backup. It will all depend on how you’ve been upgrading reload speed, so make sure you’re taking into account the time it takes to reload and comparing it against the time needed to switch. More often than not, it’s safer to switch than to reload if the zombies are too close to you.

Another thing you should remember is that your previous weapon doesn’t reload automatically. In other words, if you’re out of ammo on your main gun, then run out of ammo after switching to the second gun, you have no choice but to reload.

That’s it for now, as far as our Zombie Frontier 3 tips and tricks are concerned. In case you know more tips for the game, please drop us a line!