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Zombie Deathmatch Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Form a Powerful Team of Zombie Fighters

Reliance Big Entertainment’s Zombie Deathmatch (Android, iOS) takes place in 2036 AD, as a genetically engineered serum has transformed humanity into a race of zombies. Lead antagonist Papa Rainbow controls these undead creatures, with their goal being to rule the world and get rid of more humans. However, there’s still a way around this, and that’s to form a team of Zombie Fighters (i.e. fighters who have since become zombies), each of which has some powerful weapons that could help take care of the evil zombies. It’s also possible to join pit fighting leagues and take on the zombies as you do this. Lastly, you can collect three zombie classes, each of which has their own unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

With Halloween just a few days away, the timing of this set of tips and tricks couldn’t be any more timelier. If you need some help learning the game before you download it onto your device, we suggest trying our collection of Zombie Deathmatch cheats, tips and tricks.

1. All Zombie Types Have Class-Specific Attacks

While all of the zombies have identical quick, medium, and strong attacks, there are also specific zombie types – and individual zombies too – who have their own class-specific attacks. You can pause your device in the middle of a game, as that would allow you to scroll up and down on your list of available attacks, so you have an idea what to expect from the zombies you’ll be facing.

2. Upgrade Your Zombie Fighters

Zombie Fighters can be upgraded in several ways, but the best way to do so is by using weapons and armor to upgrade a fighter. But since this could be rather costly, you can simply go to the My Zombies area, hit the upgrade button, and pay less in-game money to upgrade your Zombie Fighters, all in the span of about a minute.

3. Replay Previous Levels To Raise Money

Zombie Deathmatch allows you to replay previous levels you’ve already completed if you’re short on cash and need an upgrade in the worst way possible. In here, you can also have your Zombie Fighters hone their fighting skills, such as blocking and launching counter-attacks; it’s best to employ a defense attack strategy with those counters and blocks, and if all goes well, this technique of grinding and practice could earn you the money you need for an upgrade.

4. Switch Zombies For Class Advantages

Some zombies have advantages or disadvantages over other zombies. And by this we mean class advantages or disadvantages; what you want here is for your zombies’ attack stats to stay in the green, usually due to a class advantage. If the attack stat is in red, that means you’ve got a class disadvantage and that’s something you should definitely avoid.
Aside from exploiting advantages, it’s good practice to upgrade all your zombies on a regular basis. And if you’re wondering about the class hierarchy, it goes Brutes > Maulers, Maulers > Stalkers, and Stalkers > Brutes.

Have you come across any other cheats, tips or tricks for Zombie Deathmatch? If you’ve managed to come up with some tips that we haven’t listed here, don’t hesitate to let us know!