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Sunken Secrets Tips, Cheats & Guide to Break the Underwater Curse

Big Fish Games’ iOS title Sunken Secrets was updated earlier this month, and just to fill you in on what this game is about, it’s a farming game where you can collect magic to lift the curse, farm crops (of course), make food and drinks, rebuild and decorate homes, trade and sell goods, and do much more in an underwater world. Bet you didn’t guess it was a farming game, right? That’s what it is, though, and your farming (among other tasks) will be made difficult by the presence of the Sea Witch and her associates.

The curse in question had the villagers of your town turned into turtles and other sea creatures, and if you want to come closer to breaking that curse while learning the basics you don’t learn about in the tutorial, we’ve come up with a list of Sunken Secrets tips, cheats and strategies you’ll want to check out.

1. How To Hold More Magic

When you start out in Sunken Secrets, you’ll have a whole lot to do, and a lot of things to sort out in particular. Making things harder is the fact you won’t have much magic to fix things up in the beginning. But you can upgrade Louisa’s house to stock up on more magic and hold more of it at a time. When you’ve got enough magic, that’s going to be converted into different parts and features of a house, including basic stuff like the doors and windows that can be attached to it. Attaching these parts will cause your magic limit to go up.

2. Buy And Sell Within The Game’s Limitations

The good news about the buying and selling mechanic is that you can purchase from other players the moment you’ve completed the tutorial. That means you can use your coins and buy some crops from other human players, especially if you accidentally used the last crop earlier. The bad news? Sadly, prices are fixed and that takes out the thrill of bidding. But you can still put your own crops up for sale as a quick way to earn some coins.

3. Focus On Magic-Producing Buildings

You can earn more from your magic by going for the most number of magic-oriented buildings. Magic will be ready the moment you buy a building, so keep this simple technique in mind – wait until that second you truly need the magic before you build a new establishment. Unfortunately, though, you can’t sell magic buildings yet.

4. Lend A Helping Hand

If you’ve got several Facebook friends who play Sunken Secrets, you can work together and help each other out depending on the task. That, again, is the benefit of connecting your game to Facebook, though we’d also understand if you want to keep it low-key and not get your friends involved.

5. Complete The Achievements For More Pearls

Pearls, which are the game’s premium currency, cost real-life money, but you can earn them for free by completing the achievements. Unfortunately, you’ll only get a small amount of pearls, but as you complete achievement after achievement, your pearl count will quietly add up and will eventually give you enough for some premium purchases.

Do you know any other tips, tricks or cheats for Sunken Secrets? In case you do, please share them with us!