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Zeon Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Become a Legend

An addictive Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that will blow you away with stunning visuals and an exciting gameplay. Zeon is a welcome new addition to the MMORPG gaming universe from the developer eYou Technology Pte Ltd. Having delivered fantasy role playing titles in the past like Legend of Immortal and Storm of Knight, eYou amazes once again with their in-depth character story creation and engaging internal game mechanics.

The game was released just recently on 20 September 2016 and has already been downloaded thousands of times with a high rating of 4.2/5 stars. Zeon is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store and it is also available to download and play for free on Android devices from the Google Play Store. Some in-game purchases might help boost you on your way to becoming a legend in the game but that does not mean that hard work and dedication in the game will not get you there as well.

Zeon is very different from other MMORPG games in the sense that you only have to select a server once while you log into the game. After that there is no matchmaking or ranked queue for you to wait for hours in. You are immediately introduced to the fantasy world of Zeon and other players playing on the same server as you will start to appear alongside you while in game. This feature of Zeon creates a lifelike reality where any new teammate of a new faction might just pop beside you to help you or steal your kills.

The basic concept of Zeon is the same as other MMORPGs where you control a special character or hero from one of the four factions available in the game. These four factions are further divided into two sub-factions each with a range of abilities and spells for different characters. Zeon does not offer much for the cosmetic customization of your chosen character apart from the option of naming them but that does not in any way hamper the exciting gameplay of this MMORPG as there are quite enough stunning graphics to keep you entertained for hours on end.

At first impression, Zeon might look like any other MMORPG and you might take the gameplay as very easy. This is kept so by the developers so as to not scare away beginners who are new to the genre of MMORPG games. However, Zeon becomes much more of a challenge as you level up and even seasoned players of strategy and fantasy role playing games might find themselves trapped in certain fights and situations. Because the game is based on a concept of exploring and discovering hidden game mechanics by yourself, there is no in-game help after the initial basic guide on how to play Zeon.

The absence of these instructions can lead to quite a bit of frustration in late game situations where you have to take split second decisions and find items fast in order to defeat the high difficulty level enemies. It is in these situations that you would resort to external guides and as this game has just been released, there is not much online help for you as well. This detailed guide will help get you on track from the beginning right into the advanced stages of gameplay so that you can continue your path to becoming a glorified legend in Zeon!

1. Choose Your Character Wisely

The entire storyline of Zeon will be tailored according to your character which gives this game even more depth as you can explore different storylines by playing the game again with another faction. However, if you are playing Zeon for the first time do not randomly pick out a character because they look very cool to you. You cannot change a character once selected and if you select a character that has a sharp learning curve, you will become easily bored of the game. There are four factions in Zeon each having its specific set of abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Your gameplay style will determine which character is the best for you and if it is your first time playing any MMORPG game, it is best to go with the character faction which is easiest to master. Tips for choosing your character and using them in battle are the only guidelines needed for this game as the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.

2. The Strike Of A Swordsman

The first faction that you will see on the character select screen is the Swordsman faction. Described as “warriors of the Beiluo Dynasty with unyielding will and fearless hearts”, the swordsman instantly seem desirable to any new player. More experienced MMORPG players will realize however that characters of this faction have one major drawback. They are melee range characters and even though you wield a huge sword, you can only swing it in a defined radius around you. This may cause you to become overwhelmed with enemies swarming upon you left right and center during later stages of the game.

Despite being short ranged, swordsmen do pack a very powerful punch once enemies come into their striking range. They have the highest physical attack of all factions in the game and the greatest benefit of having a high attack power is that it requires no Mana Points and so can be infinitely used. The basic attack itself is quite enough to deal with early stage enemies. The Swordsman faction is further divided into the Berserker and Paladin categories which have different abilities and high attack power.

The Madness Of A Berserker

The Berserker category is signified by red hot flames and are instantly recognizable as the more aggressive of the two choices. They have a high melee attack power which demolishes enemy forces around you in an Area of Effect (AOE). Due to their high damage, the Berserkers are not very sensible during fights and therefore they have a low defense. This simply means that you should always aim to target as many enemies as you can while playing with a Berserker before they can reach you.

Remember, if an enemy is able to reach you before dying, you will take a high amount of damage due to your low defense stat. Always play on the offense with a Berserker and you will be rewarded for your bravery.

You should pick a Berserker if you are confident in your ability to play on the offense and react quickly to critical hits by the enemies. Do not pick this character if you think your reflexes are slow and you might not be able to defend yourself against large hoards of enemies.

The Grace Of A Paladin

A Paladin does not look very attractive at first sight but do not be fooled by the soft exterior. These are sturdy warriors with lower attack and damage than the Berserkers but higher defense stats. The Paladins also make up for their weakness in attack by a special healing power which allows them to regenerate the health of your character as well as a percentage of the health of your allies who are fighting alongside you. This skill alone makes them an integral party of any strong team for fighting huge hoards of enemies. Paladins are especially effective during later levels when you have a high amount of Health Points and the healing ability causes you to become near indestructible in the game.

Pick a Paladin if you want to engage in an interesting style of gameplay and love to help your allies during battle. Do not pick this character if you prefer a more solo style of play and are reluctant to heal anyone other than yourself.

3. The Balance Of A Boxer

This is a balanced character faction of Zeon with equal amounts of physical attack and special magic power abilities. Described in the game as having “a strong physique and an extraordinary magic spirit, the huge focused fist will smash the Earth to bits!”. The basic attack of characters from the Boxers faction is also melee ranged and the second most powerful in the game among the four factions. Unlike swordsmen however, they do not solely rely on physical attacks to battle with enemies. They have flaming fists of fire which when fully charged have the ability to deliver powerful blasts which can damage a great area and lay waste to enemy forces. Due to their agile and strong physique, the Boxers are also able to cleverly dodge the attacks of enemies who manage to get into attacking range during battles.

Due to their partial dependence on magic, the Boxer faction does require you to be aware of your characters Mana Pool at all times so that you are not faced with a situation where you are surrounded by enemies and no Mana to use magic to defend yourself. Just like the swordsman faction, the Boxers are also divided into two sub categories with slightly different abilities and stats but both of them have high damage and agility stats.

The Speed Of A Pugilist

The first of the two sub categories of the Boxers faction is named the Pugilist. These small and agile fist fighters deal heavy damage to a single target enemy through their special ability: fists of fire. They do not have an AOE melee attack which means that they are susceptible to being swarmed by a large hoard of enemies. Due to this, Pugilists are usually kept in the inner circle while a battle is taking place which allows them to deal maximum amount of damage to the enemy with the highest health among all others. These characters can be compared to efficient Assassins whose main job is to take out the head of the enemy forces with their heavy single target damage attacks.

You should pick a Pugilist if you are reluctant of facing the enemy head on and feel more comfortable doing damage from far away. Also if you are a fan of agile and speedy characters, then the Pugilist is the best choice for you. Do not pick this character if you are unsure of your ability to dodge close range attacks by the enemy as the Pugilist has low defense stats and you will easily die if left exposed to large hoards of enemy forces.

The Power Of A Magus

The second fist fighter is known as the Magus and is an expert manipulator of the magic spirit. They are described as being able to “Annihilate all targets in one hit” which is of course an exaggeration but very true to some extent. Due to their weak physical attack, the Magus makes up by having an extremely strong magic fist ability that acts in an Area of Effect and targets multiple enemies at once. They are less agile as compared to the Pugilists but you do not really have to worry too much about enemies reaching very close to you due to your high magical ranged attack.

Pick a Magus if you are awed by magical powers and abilities and wish to deal a high amount of damage to a large number of enemies. You can do sufficient damage by just spamming your magical abilities during a battle so you can be very helpful in making a strong offensive team as a Magus. Do not pick this character if you are afraid of close quarter skirmishes and are reluctant to defend yourself if the situation arises because characters of the Magus faction have very low physical defense and Health Points.

4. The Wisdom of A Wizard

Any fantasy game is incomplete without characters from the powerful magical mages or wizard faction. In Zeon, you have the choice of becoming a major influence on your team and a true bane for your enemies by choosing a character from the wizard faction. Also if you are a female player you will naturally tend towards this faction as there are no feminine characters in the Swordsman or Fist Fighter factions. As is popular legend, characters from the wizard faction have a very high magical attack and many different spells for you to rain down upon enemy forces during a battle. They are also ranged units which means that their basic attack has a long range as well and you can spam this from a safe distance while you are waiting for your Mana Points to recharge after using a ton of spells.

A slight drawback to characters from this faction is their low physical attack power and very low defensive stats. This is understandable due to the gameplay style of this faction. You will mainly be standing far away from the main physical battle and dealing huge amounts of damage without physically interacting with enemy forces. The Wizard faction is also divided into two sub categories which have different skill sets and slightly vary in their magical power usage.

Fire Of The Flame Mage

This character has one of the most powerful spells in the game as its main ranged AOE attack ability. In addition to being able to deal ranged damage from a respectable distance, the Flame Mage also deals constant damage per second to the enemy forces. When used at full charge, the lost curse lights up a large area burning all enemies for a percentage of their current health points until the duration expires. When used correctly with other skills, this can prove to be completely devastating for the enemy and you can almost annihilate a whole enemy army using your Flame Mage only.

Pick the Flame Mage if your play style involves more magic than physical interactions and you love seeing stunning visuals and graphics on the screen of your smartphone. The Flame Mage will never disappoint you in terms of high damage output and you can watch the progression of battle controlling it effectively from the sidelines. Do not pick this character if you are slow with your fingers and cannot spam attacks by tapping on the touchscreen effectively. The defense of this character is very low so always be on your guard for any enemies that might attempt to approach you while you are unaware.

The Frostbite Of A Frost Mage

Exactly opposite in both name and ability to the Flame Mage, the Frost Mage holds the key to defeating the biggest enemies in battle. The mage has a single target ranged attack which is aimed at targeting the head of the enemy forces much like a Pugilist does. However where a Pugilist is only able to deal heavy damage to enemies within its range, the Frost Mage has a long range that can be exploited to your advantage. While playing the Frost Mage you need to pick out the biggest, meanest and most powerful looking enemy from the enemy forces and target it constantly to gain a huge advantage for your team.

You should pick a Frost Mage if you agree strongly that cutting off the head of the enemy is the only sure way to stop their advances. The high single target attack power enables you to be a very efficient controller during the course of a battle and potentially create many opportunities for your allies to become more powerful than the enemy. Do not pick this character if you are unsure about who is the boss in a battle and you feel that you would be doing more harm than good to your allies by targeting the wrong enemy characters.

5. Firepower Of A Gunner

A unique faction that is mostly not found in similar fantasy role playing games; the Gunner or Gunslinger is another faction which portrays female characters in the game. The characters of this faction are innovative but war trained mechanics who have built their own guns with the advanced technology that they have studied about in the Mechanics Institute. Very different from the traditional swords, magic and punches that this game offers for the Swordsmen, Boxers and Wizards, the Gunners combine new tech with the skills learned from ancient masters to produce a truly effective combination in battle.

This faction is also well balanced with a ranged physical attack which deals high damage and also have well rounded defense stats which allows them to stay in battle for quite a long time. The Gunner faction is also comprised of two sub categories of characters which have various abilities and different attack powers.

Courage Of A SpitFire

This fearless character has a very good defense stat due to its self-crafted mechanical shell which is upgradeable as well when you level up. In addition, the SpitFire has a high damage dealing ranged attack which is dealt in an Area of Effect with a respectable radius. They are efficient battle controllers with the ability to become invisible when under threat so you can quietly sneak in and out of the battlegrounds completely confusing the enemy forces.

Pick the SpitFire if you love ammunition and guns which deal heavy damage from a safe distance as well as a ranged basic attack which you can easily spam without too much effort on your part. Do not pick this character if you feel your reflexes are not quick enough to dodge close range enemy attacks or if you are forgetful of the different skills that this Gunslinger possesses.

The Strength Of A Big-Puncher

These are the single target variant of the Gunner faction and possess the capability to deal heavy amounts of damage to a single enemy. Their basic attack is also long ranged and very easy to land with accuracy. Like the SpitFire, these characters also have good defensive stats in addition to the ability of nearly indestructible armor which is a decided advantage against close calls with enemy forces.

Pick the Big-Puncher if you are confident in your ability to change the course of a battle and one shot kill the head of any enemy force. Also pick this character if you want to play safe and are uncertain about your character choice as it is a very balanced character in the game. Do not pick the Big-Puncher if you cannot keep an eye on your ammo during battle as this is the first thing to cause frustration among players of Zeon.