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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Surviving the First Two Days

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is a new, Android-only massively multiplayer online (MMO) base management game from KingsGroup, and if the name doesn’t quite ring a bell, they’re the same company that gave us DinoWar: Rise of Beasts. As the name of this game suggests, this is a zombie-themed title, set in an undefined time in the future where a “World War” has raged on for years, and scientific experimentation has led to a planet of “super soldiers” and huge Destroyers, or spaceships, that rule the skies. It’s also led indirectly to the rise of zombies, whom you’ll have to stop as you deal with the aftermath of this great, fictional war, form alliances, and compete against players from all over the globe for world domination.

High-end MMO games like this one are not easy to learn — just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, learning these games’ mechanics takes more than a mere few hours of gameplay to master. That’s why we’re doing what we often do and giving you our Z Day: Hearts of Heroes strategy guide in multiple doses, starting with this beginner’s guide that specifically focuses on tips and tricks that you’ll need to keep in mind during your first few days playing the game. This is a time when no one can attack you, so you’ll be doing a lot of preparation during these first couple of days, yet it still wouldn’t hurt to have some pointers handy to survive this period of adjustment!

1. The First Two Days – A Primer

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes, as clearly stated in the game description, is an MMO title — like almost every major title that focuses on base management, social play is a key element of this game, although we shall get to that at a later point in this guide. But let’s talk first about the mechanic that drives the whole social aspect of the game. Although you may be raring to take out some zombies at the soonest possible time, you’ll be doing a lot of base management in the early goings, as you will mostly be going through tutorials and completing missions as you get your base up to speed and do the other necessary things that will get you ready for the broader experience ahead of you.

To be specific about the timeline for you to get these things done, you will have two days immunity in what we can consider a tradition for any multiplayer base management titles. In the best interests of giving you enough time to set up your base and have all the necessary buildings, Z Day will give you two days where nobody can attack you, regardless whether you are online or offline. Once that immunity shield expires, you are officially on your own for the most part, and it will be up to you to manage your strategies and come up with the right tactics to defeat enemies and defend your base from them! That’s why it’s important to take this part of the game seriously, and why we decided to create a guide that focuses mainly on the things you’ll be doing while the shield is active.

2. Complete Those Missions

We mentioned them briefly in the above tip, but to go into further detail, you’ll want to complete as many missions as possible during your first two days playing Z Day. These missions are there in order to guide you on the right path, as you prep your base, create new buildings, and upgrade the ones you have, all with the end goal being to get everything ready for the real battles in the game. There are different kinds of missions in the game, so read on as we explain each of the different types.

The Main Missions, which are the ones on top when you tap on the Missions tab on the bottom right of your screen, are usually maintenance-type missions that assist you in setting up your base, and could reward you with a variety of things, including Commander EXP (to help toward increasing your player level) and food. Growth Missions, as the name suggests, are all about milestones, for example, gathering 500 units of oil on the Region Map, killing three level 1 threats, etc. As these deal with bigger numbers, the food, oil, and/or Commander EXP you’ll receive would be substantially more than what you can get for completing Main Missions.

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Finally, you’ve got your Epic Missions, which are those quests that are most essential to your objectives in the game — these are actually several tasks in one chapter, such as the “Start Your Engines” requiring you to build a Vehicle Plant, upgrade it to level 2, and build a barracks, then train 40 Light Tanks and kill a level 1, then a level 2 threat. The rewards in here are the best you could possibly receive for mission completion in the game, so make sure you’re trying to complete them as well! (The Epic Missions can be accessed by tapping on the book tab on the left-side game menu.)

3. Login Every Day For Your Daily Shipments

It may seem like a little thing, but if you come to think of it, there’s a good reason why you should be logging into the game every day, even if all you have is a few minutes to play. Z Day gives out daily shipment rewards to those who log into the game at least once a day and keep on doing so for the rest of the week. For your first login reward, you’ll get some Commander EXP points that, of course, are there to help you level up. Those rewards will keep getting better until the seventh consecutive login, where you’ll receive a free Teleport that would allow you to send your base to a random point in the region map. While most rewards are fixed, it appears that the day 4 and day 6 rewards are random, as denoted by the question mark — for example, the day 6 rewards would be any one (or more) of three different buffs.

4. Check Your Mail For Rewards

There’s a reason why we said that the daily shipment rewards may sound like a little thing. And that’s because the bulk of rewards are the ones you will be receiving via your in-game inbox. Make sure you check your inbox on a regular basis, because there are various types of rewards available here, including those that you could get for taking part in battles or through your membership in an Alliance — we shall be getting to that in a bit! You may also get invitations to join an alliance, and be notified if, for example, your troops have returned from gathering and have some additional food to stock. It’s more than just rewards here, even if they should be your number one reason to check your mailbox and not let it gather figurative dust.

5. Collect Resources From Your Food Factory And Oil Well

During your first few days of playing Z Day, you will be asked to create your own Food Factory and Oil Well. These are two of the most ubiquitous, yet fundamentally important buildings in the game, and if you’ll notice logos floating above the roofs of each building, that’s your signal that there’s something to collect. It might seem as if you’ve got more than enough food or oil and do not really need to pay close attention to your resource-producing buildings, but that is, indeed, what you want to do — you never want to be in a bit of a bind with those two resources, so keep on redeeming that free food and oil from the Food Factory and Oil Well respectively.

6. Don’t Use Your Gold To Speed Up Construction Or Upgrades

During the early goings of Z Day, building construction and upgrades will generally be free to complete instantly, without any need to wait. But as those upgrades keep adding up, you’ll notice that the game will start asking you if you want to pay some gold in order to complete the upgrade or construct the building instantly. Gold is the game’s premium currency, and it could be quite hard to come about in this game — you don’t want to use it for speeding up something that can be completed for free if you’re patient enough and wait it out, and you don’t want to pay gold if you’ve got some Speed Ups on you. Don’t give into the temptation of paying gold for instant completion — use your Speed Ups, or just grin and bear it instead!

As an extra tip, you can only work on one building at a time by default, though if you want to be able to upgrade or construct more than one building at a time, you’ll have to pay some gold in order to do that permanently — it costs 250 gold to go from one team of builders to two!

7. Join An Alliance

This might need no mentioning in a game that we’ve established from the get-go is all about the social element, as is par for the course in the base management sub-genre. You will probably get an invite to join an alliance as one of the first few messages in your inbox, and we strongly recommend that you accept the invitation and join up, or, in lieu of that, join an alliance that can be considered active, with many members that are mostly actively playing the game. The main reward for joining an alliance is 200 gold, which we believe should entice most of you to follow our advice and get social — gold can be hard to come by, after all!

Once you’re in an alliance, you can tap on the Alliance tab on the bottom right menu to access your headquarters of sorts, where you can ask for donations, or help your alliance mates who are in need of construction assistance, among many other things. You can also shop for Alliance-exclusive items at the Defense Store, which is another nice perk of being part of this game’s equivalent of guilds!

8. Some Basic Tips For Dealing With Threats

The Region tab on the bottom right allows you to explore the world around you, and that means interacting with other human players by reinforcing their defenses or trading resources with them; of course, this is also where you can attack an opposing player’s base, if you choose to play ball that way! You will also encounter infected threats around you — aside from the actual humans turned into zombies, we’re also talking about zombified animals here. Defeating one of these threats gives you a chance of earning some Commander EXP, resources, and other items that we shall be discussing when we dive into the deeper details of this game in forthcoming guides.

When attacking a threat, you will only be allowed to attack in succeeding order, in terms of level — for example, you cannot attack a level 2 threat unless you’ve wiped out a level 1 threat, and so on. You will then be asked to choose which units you want to send out in order to take out the threat, and once you’re there, you’ll notice that all your existing units will be selected by default. You do not need to send everyone out there right away — if you’re dealing with a fairly weak threat, you can deploy a few of your troops, as that’s going to be enough to take care of things in most cases. Likewise, try not to send too few of them out either, because you will get the dreaded “Threat Fail” message. This may take some trial and error, but you’ll be able to figure this out over time, and have a fairly good idea of the number of troops you should be deploying to tackle certain threats.

And this wraps our Z Day: Hearts of Heroes beginner’s guide. If you know more tips and tricks for the game, please let us know below in the comment section!

James W Toms Jr

Sunday 1st of March 2020

I just made a $100 purchase and didnt receive it I want my money back or give me what I purchased bomber points thanks


Saturday 21st of September 2019

Click on War Tech and you will see a tiny red line show up in right hand corner. Click it to remove War Tech. The icon is very tiny so good luck if you have fat fingers!!


Friday 13th of September 2019

Do you know how to change the War Tech in the War Front to a different tech than the one you already selected? As you get better techs there seems to be a way to switch to another, but I can't make it work.


Monday 30th of September 2019

Click on the tech in the tech list (bottom left corner) when you touch an active one it'll ha e a red icon show up on that and it comes off.

Scott deblow

Saturday 8th of June 2019

Poeple are using boosting services in this game and devolpers completely ignore the issue as long as they get paid .suddenly some person will shown up in weeks they go from 1 million to 175 million .you know there cheating ..dont invest to much in playing this game they are getting ready to get sued buy several players supeana have been served on Google for information on the devolpers


Thursday 23rd of May 2019

how do you get a basic development punch card? I only have a basic war punch card ???