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Golf Orbit Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

One of the key skills you need when playing golf is the ability to drive as far as possible. Some people even have seemingly inhuman strength when they send that little white ball flying across the course. Golf Orbit takes this concept a little bit further by literally telling you to aim for the moon. This golf-themed mobile title from Green Panda Games is not just about getting holes in one. You need to hit as hard as you can in order to reach greater distances. Your ball can even end up in outer space! Grab your golf club and practice your swing as you try to send that ball to different locations that are thousands of feet away. The farther it goes, the better your score will be. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats to cover even more distance with each shot. If you need help, you can always check out our Golf Orbit cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Aim For A Hole In One

Earning coins in Golf Orbit is easy if you know how to do it. Basically, you earn more coins for covering greater distances with your drive. That is not the end of it, though. You can earn multipliers when you get onto the green and successfully putt. Doing so will earn you a birdie which triples the amount of coins you earn. If you manage to pull of a hole in one, however, you get a 10x multiplier for your coins. It takes a bit of practice, but you can easily rack up a lot of coins once you master getting a hold in one.

2. Watch Ads For More Coins

Once you are done with your shot, you will receive an ad offer that will triple the number of coins you earned. Feel free to skip this offer if you had a bad run. If you hit a hole in one, however, make sure you do not miss out on watching the ad. Adding the ad bonus to the 10x multiplier can increase your income exponentially. You will need a lot of coins for upgrades, so always take advantage of different ways to earn more money!

3. Save Your Jackpot Spin

Every time you play a game, your jackpot bar fills up a bit. Once it is full, you will be able to spin for a prize. The prizes include coin multipliers of up to 100x! When you get the jackpot, don’t use it right away. Save it for when you get a long-distance eagle. This way, you can add the jackpot multiplier to the 10x hole in one bonus. That’s a massive amount of coins coming your way if you play it right.

4. Buy New Balls

Gems can be used to unlock new balls. Aside from looking a bit different, new balls also come with unique boosts. You can get double speed, double power, and even a permanent 3x boost in earnings and power. There is also a golden ball that gives a 3x multiplier, but you need to unlock it each time you want to use it. To unlock the golden ball, you just need to watch a video advertisement, so feel free to keep using it until you have other balls.

5. Unlock New Characters And Worlds

If you want to gain access to other worlds and characters, you will need to hit specific distances first. The milestones are set by the game, so you just need to keep hitting as far as you can. Once you hit the specified distance, you need to make sure you get that ball into the hole. Every time you hit a new milestone, you will be able to unlock a new character. After hitting a few milestone distances, you will eventually be able to unlock a new world.

You are now fully equipped for breaking distance records in Golf Orbit! Don’t forget any of the tips and tricks above to help you secure top scores!