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You Can Now Play as the All-powerful Sorceress Class in Black Desert Mobile

With Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Mobile having been out in the wild for over a month now, fans have been wondering when the highly anticipated Sorceress class would finally make her grand appearance. Well, thankfully you won’t have to wait any longer, as she’s just now arrived into the game’s epic fantasy world.

black desert mobile sorceress update

The Sorceress is a skilled magic user who can nevertheless hold her own in a melee fight. Her mastery of both Amulet and Talisman weapons gives her a distinct feel and surprising number of applications when on the battlefield.

She’s a high-damage character, able to cast ranged spells such as Sinister Energy to devastating effect. When fighting 1v1, she can easily dodge out of the way of incoming attacks, then counter-strike with a Rushing Crows dash attack.

Teleporting around the battlefield is one of her biggest strengths, especially when you make smart use of the Night Crow skill, which triggers a massive dark magic explosion when used. The Sorceress is made even more powerful by consuming Shards scattered throughout the world. These grant impressive buffs to her attack range and overall damage.

Clearly the Sorceress is not to be messed with. She boasts one of the most dangerous combat styles around, and you’ll struggle to find a character class that can match her damage output and fighting variety.

Black Desert Mobile is easily among the most ambitious and impressive mobile MMOs to date. The title’s gorgeous visuals have also been recognized at Mobile Game Awards 2020 as the game won the awards for Best Audio/Visual Accomplishment. To get involved, head on over to the App Store or Google Play and download the game for free.