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Xenowerk Tactics to Be Released on October 10

When Pixelbite released Xenowerk four years ago, it was a top-down action shooter that had players clearing locations filled with mutants. Even back then the game already had polished 3D graphics that was quite impressive for a mobile game, so fans were delighted to hear that Xenowerk Tactics is coming out this year. A couple of months after it was initially revealed, it has finally been confirmed that the game is coming out on October 10.

xenowerk tactics

Xenowerk Tactics is more of a spinoff than a sequel to the original Xenowerk game. It still involves clearing out mutant infestations, but Pixelbite decided to go with the real-time strategy genre for this release. Instead of a lone soldier blasting through hordes of mutants, players get to lead a team of combatants.

Pixelbite released a new trailer video that shows more of the actual gameplay. The Xenowerk Tactics video shows a team of three units entering a lab. Players will be able to give out commands to these units as the enemies are barreling down the corridors of the facility. There is also a pause option if players need more time to gather their thoughts and plan their attacks.

As for the story, it seems Xenowerk Tactics didn’t pull any punches either. It is not the typical experiment-gone-wrong plot as the story will change depending on your actions within the game. If the correct NPCs are found, the day will truly be saved. Otherwise, all that has been accomplished is a band aid solution to what could potentially be a bigger disaster.

Xenowerk Tactics will be available for download on the App Store and Google Play as a premium app, and is expected to cost $6.99.