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XCOM: Enemy Within Cheats & Tips: 6 Hints You Need to Know

XCOM: Enemy Within is an immersive mobile game by 2K Games, which is basically a ‘standalone expansion’ for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a title that won strategy game of the year honors a good three years ago. You get the same mechanics from the original title, plus additional content, including new soldiers, enemies, skills, missions, maps, and an all-new multiplayer mode. The developer warns gamers that this title is a rather intense one in terms of graphical requirements and features, so one thing you may do before playing the game is to turn off all other apps. Additionally, you may also want to check out our share of XCOM: Enemy Within cheats and tips to assist you along the way, just in case this is your first time playing it.

1. Get A Lot Of Satellites Up Early On

One of the most important things you need to have if you want to beat the bad guys is ample orbital coverage. So if you’re just starting out in XCOM: Enemy Within, you want to expend a lot of energy on getting satellites up by focusing on Engineer-awarding missions. You’ll also want to place your first two satellites in South America, while setting up your home base in North America or Asia; this is because there are just two countries that need satellite coverage for a continent bonus.

2. Use Your Spare Snipers As Dedicated Covert Operatives

If you’ve got one too many at the sniper role, you may want to have them serve as dedicated Covert Operatives. Have him or her learn some pistol skills, invest in a couple of Gene Mods, and outfit them with the best pistol you’ve got – do all this, and he or she should be good to go.

3. Have A Good B-Team To Spell Your A-Team

Just as you would in the world of sports, it’s important to have a deep “bench,” just in case someone from your starting lineup is injured, or if you simply want to shake things up a bit. In order to ensure that your B-team is ready to spell injured A-team members, we suggest having them take part in abduction missions and other easy missions so they can get the experience they need to level up.

4. Outfit Your Rookies With Training Rifles

If you’ve got some rookies, who are coming in rather late, you can wean them through the process by having them use light plasma rifles and a SCOPE. This would give them an easier time when it comes to hitting larger, more intimidating targets.

5. Get EXALT Weapons

If you beat one of these missions, you’ll get EXALT assault weapons or laser weapons, which serve the same purpose as conventional weapons of the same kind, but are far better to look at.

6. Make Good Use Of Flashbang Grenades

These grenades stun targets for a good two turns, which would penalize the opposing side and make them easier to blast with an Arc Thrower. You’ll also end up with their equipment once they’re stunned, and this would often turn out to be powerful plasma guns and/or grenades.