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X-HERO: Idle Avengers Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Heroes in the Game

Glaciers Game’s X-HERO: Idle Avengers has certainly captured the hearts of mobile gamers, recently breaking the 1 million downloads mark on both Android and iOS platforms. With its unique mix of idle, strategy RPG, and card game elements, topped by a f2p-friendly environment, X-HERO: Idle Avengers provides a fresh yet familiar gaming experience to new and veteran card and RPG enthusiasts alike.

Set in a comic-styled scenario and packed with tons of contents and features, X-HERO: Idle Avengers has a lot to offer in terms of gameplay. While the game can be aptly enjoyed by casual players, the available game modes and activities to engage in can surely keep avid gamers busy for hours on a daily basis.

While there are plenty of fun and engaging elements that contribute to the game’s success, it is typical for every RPG with a massive roster of characters for the characters themselves to be at the center of attention. Especially in X-HERO: Idle Avengers where battles are team-based, collecting heroes and choosing which from among them to invest time and resources in becomes a continuous, regular activity.

x-hero idle avengers best heroes

X-HERO: Idle Avengers was launched 6 months ago but if you have just started playing it and want to shorten the learning phase and jumpstart your adventure, we recommend that you read our X-HERO: Idle Avengers beginner’s guide. Our article provides you all the basic tips and strategies you need to secure a firm grasp of the game’s basic mechanics and features.

Given the limited resources at your disposal, it is important to be very selective when choosing heroes from your collection to invest resources in. Although there is a reset option to take back the resources you invested in a hero you will no longer use, it has its own costs as well. In this guide, we will be showcasing our picks for the best heroes in X-HERO: Idle Avengers. While each hero’s rarity grade is a decent measure of their value, not all heroes within the same grade are absolutely at par with one another.

Although developers working behind every game that boasts a massive roster of characters naturally make an effort to ensure that balance exists across each unit, some will simply stand out. For this reason, tier lists like this one aim to provide a semblance of order in weighing each character’s overall capacity as compared with all other characters. Note that like all other tier lists as well, our X-HERO: Idle Avengers tier list is subjective.

X-HERO: Idle Avengers S Tier Heroes

These are the top-of-the-line heroes that are definitely worth every bit of investment. While Mythic-grade heroes in X-HERO: Idle Avengers S Tier Heroes are each difficult to pull from the gacha, some of them will be given for free on special events. It will take a while before you can have a full team of heroes within the top rarity grade but you will have more than enough to fill a full team roster eventually. As such, picking from among the top ranking cast of characters become a must, and these heroes are the ones you should primarily consider.

Battlefield Angel – Aphra (Support – Nature)

battlefield angel aphra x-hero idle avengers

Every team needs a reliable support unit, particularly someone who can increase the whole team’s survivability through healing above all else. The Battlefield Angel, Aphra, stands at the top of the ranks and is the best healer in the roster.

Aphra’s core skill, Light of Life, is a mass healing ability that restores HP of each ally by an amount equal to 25% of her max HP. Life Extension provides HP regeneration to allies equal to 4% of her max HP following the activation of her core skill. This effect lasts for 3 rounds and also reduces everyone’s damage taken by 10%. Regeneration Shield gives Aphra’s basic attack an added effect that grants a random ally a regeneration shield for 2 rounds, restoring HP for the unit equal to 5% of Aphra’s max HP when attacked.

Cyber Ronin – Musashi (Raider – Technology)

cyber ronin musashi x-hero idle avengers

Musashi is an excellent raider that can deal decent damage but his value comes from the support effects of his skills, whether it’s for PvE or PvP combat. He can heal an ally as well but his ability to reduce damage taken by his team and likewise increase damage taken by enemy units makes him a fitting support unit for every roster.

Instant Hell Chops deals 200% damage to front row enemies and permanently increase the damage they take by 15%. Blade Synergy provides a 10% damage reduction to all allies at the star of round 2. With Shadow Extinguished, Musashi’s basic attack does 10% damage to 2 random enemies, increasing damage they take by 15%. Blade Guard enables Musashi’s basic attacks to replenish health of the ally with lowest health equal to 150% of his attack.

Electric Arc – Indira (Mage – Nature)

electric arc indira x-hero idle avengers

One of the most powerful mages in X-HERO: Idle Avengers, Indira comes packed with strong offense as well as the innate ability to replenish her own energy. She has an excellent AoE attack and the added damage to random enemies comes in handy even as the enemy roster shrinks down.

Plasma Field deals 120% attack damage on all enemies and creates an Arc Mark on 3 random targets that last 2 rounds. Enemies with an Arc Mark, along with 2 of their allies, take 100% attack damage whenever Indira attacks. With Thunder Arc, Indira stars with 1 30% chance to create an Arc Mark. At the start of each round, Indira also deals 70% of attack as damage to 3 random enemies. Sh also gains 5 energy whenever an Arc is released.

Galaxy – Galaxy (Mage – Universe)

galaxy x-hero idle avengers

Galaxy is yet another superb mage type damage-dealer. Beyond having an innate ability to boost his own damage outputs, Galaxy can also replenish his own health, effectively increasing his own survivability.

Star Movement does 120% damage to all enemies and lets Galaxy create 3 stars after the attack that lasts for 3 rounds. Each star on Galaxy adds an extra 30% attack damage. Stars Create lets Galaxy earn 1 star for every enemy hit by his basic attack. This makes him lose a star whenever he is hit by an enemy’s basic attack or skill. Galaxy’s basic attack is also an AoE attack that deals 80% damage. At the end of each round, each star on Galaxy restores 2% of his HP.

God of Sky – Zeus (Mage – God)

god of sky zeus x-hero idle avengers

One of our personal favorites on the list, the God of Sky, Zeus, is not only among the best DPS characters in the game but also and exceptional control character. Zeus can stun enemies and what makes him more fearsome is his immunity from stun as well as the ability to earn energy, enabling him to fire off his ultimate more often.

Split Sky Judnucleusent casts a lightning attack on 4 random enemies, dealing 160% attack damage to 1 enemy with a 50% chance to stun as well as 100% damage to the other 3 with a 15% chance to stun for 2 rounds. Supreme Power lets Zeus cast his ultimate skill when his energy is charged to 100 once per round. Celestial Realm can grant Zeus 20 energy whenever allies activate a skill. Thunder Power passively increases his attack by 15% and grants him stun immunity.

Light – Light (Warrior – Universe)

light x-hero idle avengers

No team can make it far without a capable tank to defend the team from the front lane. Light is not just the best tank there is in X-HERO: Idle Avengers, she is also a formidable damage-dealer. Beyond having high HP and defense stats, Light’s edge over other tanks is her ability to mitigate damage received paired with her superb health restoration abilities.

Light Obsession deals 150% damage to 4 random enemies heals 3 random allies equal to 150% of her attack. Mark of Light is casted on her for 3 rounds whenever she takes damage and adds 10% holy damage to her attacks. Faint is a passive ability that lets Light deal 60% of attack as damage to 4 random enemies whenever she is attacked. This also lets her restore HP to an ally with the lowest HP equal to 40% of her attack. Body of Light passively reduces incoming damage by 15% and boosts her healing by 20%.

Mecha Rex – Rex (Warrior – Technology)

mecha rex x-hero idle avengers

He may be behind most warriors in terms of defense but Mecha Rex more than makes up for it with his powerful damage capabilities. Rex tends to up his damage outputs with critical hits and can also reduce damage he takes.

Rex’s ultimate attack, Laser Memory, deals 140% attack damage to 4 random enemies, inflicting them with a Crit Mark as well for 3 rounds. A marked enemy will then receive an additional 100% attack damage when hit by a critical. Energy Loading allows Rex’s basic attack to deal damage to all front row enemies. Overheated is a passive skill that grants Rex with a Preheat buff whenever he attacks or is attacked. This buff can be stacked 4 times and each point boosts his crit rating by 20% and reduces damage he receives by 10%. Energy Superpose is yet another skill that lodges a Crit Mark on enemies attacked by or attacking Rex. Enemies with a Crit Mark will also be taking 50% more damage.

Storm Falcon – Lara (Ranger – Technology)

storm falcon lara x-hero idle avengers

The gun-toting Storm Falcon may have idle times resulting from her “lack of bullet” state but can definitely pack the most damage with her ultimate skill. Beyond that, her ability to be completely immune to damage and her self-buff that improves overall stats makes her a deadly foe to contend with.

Open Fire deals 250% of Lara’s attack as damage to all enemies but drains her of ammo, initiating a lack of bullet state. This state disables her ability to attack if her energy is below 50%. If she does not attack for a round, Lara restores 50% of her energy and also regains 100% of her attack as health. Storm is Coming lets Lara bombard 6 random enemies, dealing 140% damage each and activates Air Raid, preventing damage to Lara for the round. Quick expand is a passive ability boosting Lara’s speed, attack, crit rate, and crit damage.

Succuba – Anna (Mage – Dark)

succuba anna x-hero idle avengers

Just like Zeus, the Succuba, Anna, is top tier when it comes to control, having an innate ability to charm enemies and render them unable to perform any action. She packs a lot of damage as well and has a passive that boosts her armor, making her more formidable than most mage counterparts.

Charming Crack is an ultimate skill that deals 150% of her attack as damage to 4 random enemies, restoring health to Anna equal to 200% of her attack. Fallen Kissdeals 110% attack damage on all enemies, and increases damage by 18% each round. Deep Fallen grants Anna an 12% chance to charm enemies struck by Fallen Kiss for 2 rounds, preventing action from them. Fallen Guard boosts Anna’s armor by 10%.

Thinker – Michelangelo (Warrior – Nature)

thinker michelangelo x-hero idle avengers

The ultimate tank support unit in X-HERO: Idle Avengers, Michelangelo is tough as nails and shares toughness to his entire team. Although Light still comes ahead of being the top choice as a tank, Michelangelo’s ability to boost the defense of the entire team puts him on practically equal grounds.

Rockfall is an ultimate skill that deals 100% attack damage to frontline enemies and also grants a shield to allies worth 300% of his attack that lasts for 2 rounds. When his HP drops below the 30% mark, Michelangelo’s Harden lets him receive 30% less damage from all attacks. Stone Shield boosts the armor of allies by 20% for 5 rounds. Michelangelo also takes 20% of the damage received by an ally with the highest attack.

X-HERO: Idle Avengers A Tier Heroes

You can definitely build a strong team utilizing heroes from the above tier. If you are planning to maximize the effects of faction buffs, however, you will have to consider other heroes. The heroes within this tier are capable stand ins and have their own unique advantages that they can offer to the table. Considering the difficulty of nabbing every S-tier hero above, you should be fortunate enough to have these units in your collection as well and each one is likewise worth investing in.

Forest Avatar – Epeius (Ranger – Nature)

forest avatar epeius x-hero idle avengers

Wheteher you are taking on a number of enemies or a single target, Epeius will prove to be a strong offensive unit to have. His attack is further boosted based on his health and he can replenish his own health as well, increasing his survivability. Higher skill levels allow him to paralyze targets as well.

Emerald Arrow Rain lets Epeius fire 15 arrows one at a time, with each shot dealing 60% of attack as damage to a random enemy. Emerald Sadness lets him deal an extra 100% of attack as damage to an enemy with 5 arrows on them. This skill can eventually paralyze targets with more than 10 arrows on them for 2 rounds. Blast Spring does 240% of attack as damage to frontline enemies and restores Epeius’ HP by 10% each round. Natural Nourishment is a passive ability that boosts his attack by 35% if his HP is more than 80%.

Fury Wave – Pierre (Raider – Superman)

fury wave pierre x-hero idle avengers

Pierre the Fury Wave has edge as a DPS character for the innate selectiveness of his attacks. While he has AoE and control as well, his value comes from targeting the weakest link from among the enemy’s roster.

Wrath of Kraken is an AoE attack that deals 30% of attack as damage to all enemies 3 times, dealing an extra 200% of attack as damage to the enemy with the lowest HP. Waiting Game triggers Ghost sStrike whenever anyone dies, dealing 250% of attack as damage to the enemy with the lowest HP.Ghost Strike uses Waiting Game to reduce the enemy’s energy by 20 points and comes with a 20% chance to silence them for 2 rounds. Power of Kraken is a passive ability that grants Pierre a 15% boost to his basic attack.

King of Hell – Satan (Raider – Dark)

king of hell x-hero idle avengers

Much like Pierre, the King of Hell, Satan, is also a DPS unit that preys on the weak and dying. Satan grows stronger the lower the enemy’s HP goes.

The Demon King is an ultimate skill that deals 200% of attack as damage to 2 enemies with the lowest HP. Mortal Force leaves his basic attack to do 200% damage to the enemy with the lowest HP, healing him worth 150% of his attack and also restoring 30 energy if the target is killed. Reaper is a passive enabling Satan to deal double damage to enemies with less than 50% HP. Whenever an enemy unit is killed, Mortal Slaughter lets Satan boost his attack by 10% and act again.

Orochi – Orochi (Ranger – God)

orochi x-hero idle avengers

Strong damage over time (DoT) ultimate, one-time revival, and HP recovery form part of Orochi’s kit, making him a DPS unit you can easily squeeze in on any roster. He can effectively weaken recovery of enemy units as well, ensuring purpose against every team he fights in battle.

Toxic Mark deals 150% of attack as damage to all enemies and the mark it leaves on them lasts for 4 rounds. Attacking, using a skill, and being attacked deals 4% of HP as damage to afflicted units, effectively reducing health restoration effects on them as well by 30%. Orochi will revive with a 30% HP after his first fall in battle. When attacking, Orochi has a 50% chance to restore his HP equal to 80% of his attack. Eight Head Tails is a passive ability granting Orochi 10% more attack and HP.

Samurai Girl – Toko (Raider – Superman)

samurai girl toko x-hero idle avengers

Toko can be a dangerous foe to contend with as she can easily eliminate a single target with ease with some probability. She has a DoT ultimate as well that consequently make her attacks more powerful. Paired up with a unit that can further increase her crit rate and crit damage, she can be very deadly.

Toko’s Samurai Slash attacks 4 times on a random target, dealing 160% of attack as damage each time, leaving an extra 50% of bleed damage that lasts for 3 rounds. With Pursuit, Toko’s basic attack has a 75% chance of activating pursuit, dealing an extra 85% of attack as damage. Pursuit can subsequently trigger another pursuit for a total of 15 times. Toko’s attacks are increased by an extra 80% against bleeding enemies as well. When Sword Shadow Mode is active, Toko gains 30% more crit rate and 40% more crit damage.

X-HERO: Idle Avengers B Tier Heroes

This is the tier where the better half of the Mythic Heroes (S) fall within. While you will initially be impressed with the power of these heroes when you obtain them, you will come to find that the more powerful Mythic Heroes (S+) generally outclass even them. Just the same, these are heroes that can be suitable unit choices for lack of better ones and just because the S and A tier heroes are awesome does not make these units useless.

Blaze Centaur – Rockefeller (Warrior – Technology)

blaze centaur rockefeller x-hero idle avengers

Rockefeller is a decent tank and comes with counterattack as well as the ability to stun on top of sporting a well above average defense. Cyber Charge may not pack as much damage, but a 30% chance to stun front row targets for 2 rounds ups its value.

Combat Type – Cui Pan (Support – Technology)

combat type cui pan x-hero idle avengers

Cui Pan is a little sturdy, can boost his allies’ attack, remove DoT effects, weaken the enemy’s armor, remove debuffs on his team, and he can even heal. Talk about a full support unit with “Combat Type” attached to his name.

Faith – Faith (Mage – Universe)

faith x-hero idle avengers

While striking random enemies does not necessarily makes Faith special, each skill she uses replenishes her energy by 20%. As far as random targets are concerned, Faith is the unit type that grows more efficient as the enemy roster dwindles down in number.

General of Rescue – Tchaikovsky (Warrior – Superman)

general of rescue tchaikovsky x-hero idle avengers

Tchaikovsky is a decent tank to have on your team who can also dish out decent damage. What we particularly like about him is his rage, that slowly convert his role from tank to DPS. AoE damage, self-heal, and damage mitigation also form part of his skill kit.

God of Egypt – Anubis (Warrior – God)

god of egypt anubis x-hero idle avengers

A decent tank as well, Anubis comes packed with a wide range of utility, making him a jack-of-all-trades of sorts. He does decent damage, can seal energy, prevents resurrections, can heal himself, and weaken all enemies just by being around.

Goddess of Ocean – Poseidon (Mage – God)

goddess of ocean poseidon x-hero idle avengers

Poseidon is a unique mage that does decent damage while at the same time can also serve as a tank for the team.She can remove buffs from enemy units, has an HP shield, can remove debuffs on herself, replenish her health, and boost both her attack and defense as well.

Lady Ivy – Eve (Mage – Superman)

lady ivy eve x hero idle avengers

Eve actually gives the impression that she can incapacitate enemies whenever she is around and that is actually what she excels at. Her attacks will leave seeds on the enemies that inflict DoT as well as have a chance of preventing them to perform any action.

Medusa – Medusa (Mage – Dark)

medusa x hero idle avengers

Medusa is a basic combination of DPS and control unit in one. On ytop of dealing decent amounts of damae, her ability to poison and petrify enemies in combination with dealing more damage to poisoned ones, make her a viable unit to use in any team.

Mother of Swarms – Sally (Ranger – Nature)

mother of swarms sally x hero idle avengers

Sally specializes in reducing the enemy team’s armor, effectively enabling her and her teammates to inflict more damage on them. She is very straightforward to use and can fit on different team setups, and also has increased survivability thanks to her health regen ability.

Saint – St. Matthew (Support – Technology)

saint st matthew x-hero idle avengers

Saint Matthew packs a superb combination of support and control skills. She has mass healing, can silence and stun enemies, and can also boost her own stats.

Space Kong – Camp (Support – Technology)

space kong camp x-hero idle avengers

Camp’s appearance can easily give the impression that he is a tank or a DPS character but he is actually an effective support unit packed with a lot of buffs for his team. His unique ultimate skill grants allies a shield that can reduce damage taken and reflect some of it back to the enemies. He can reduce an enemy’s armor, replenish his own energy, and boost the team’s attack and speed as well.

Time – Time (Support – Universe)

time x-hero idle avengers

His name should not make you wonder much about what he can actually do. Control of time gives him a unique mix of abilities but his ultimate is what really stretches his usefulness. With a solid ally, Unending Changes lets an ally earn 50 energy and can immediately take action.

Universe Sage – Einstein (Support – Superman)

universe sage einstein x-hero idle avengers

Another unique support unit, Einstein also uses the power of time to aid his allies. He can resurrect an ally once in battle and can also make himself completely immune to damage.

Unlucky Aborigine – Gonibal (Warrior – Dark)

unlucky aborigine gonibal x-hero idle avengers

Gonibal is a decent tank that has decent damage outputs and control skills as well. What makes him worth it is targeting the enemy with the highest attack power and guarantees to stun them as well. He also has a counterattack and self- healing.

X-HERO: Idle Avengers C Tier Heroes

The heroes we enumerated in the above tiers are made up of mythic grade heroes, meaning, they are the rarest of the bunch and are not so easy to obtain, most especially the S+ ones. While nabbing a legendary grade hero in conventional RPGs is a “wow” moment, legendary grade heroes in X-HERO: Idle Avengers are next to ordinary or common grade ones. As far as possible, investment in these heroes ought to be very limited. It is understandable that you will start off with some of them as being the best in your collection given that ordinary ones ought to be ignored. In any case, these are the top choices if ever you need to capitalize on legendary grade ones.

Catastrophe – Behemoth (Warrior – Dark)

catastrophe behemoth x-hero idle avengers

Devil Hunter – Van Helsing (Mage – Dark)

devil hunter van helsing x-hero idle avengers

Dimension Runner – Houston (Ranger – Superman)

dimension runner houston x-hero idle avengers

Evil Bot – Domeron (Warrior – Technology)

evil bot domeron x-hero idle avengers

Evolver – Silas (Raider – Nature)

evolver silas x-hero idle avengers

Nightmare Flame – Eddie (Ranger – Dark)

nightmare flame eddie x-hero idle avengers

Nine-tail Idol – Park Kyulee (Mage – Superman)

nine-tail idol park kyulee x-hero idle avengers

Storm Walker – Lucy (Mage – Nature)

storm walker lucy x-hero idle avengers

Abyss Titan – Krooge (Warrior – Technology)

abyss titan krooge x-hero idle avengers

Aurora Blade – Tess (Mage – Superman)

aurora blade tess x-hero idle avengers

Bread Hero – Flore (Support – Superman)

bread hero flore x-hero idle avengers

Bullfight – Iselow (Warrior – Nature)

bullfight iselow x-hero idle avengers

Cheetah Runner – Sophia (Warrior – Nature)

cheetah runner sophia x-hero idle avengers

Desperate Crow – Claire (Mage – Dark)

desperate crow claire x-hero idle avengers

Entropy – Entropy (Warrior – Universe)

entropy x-hero idle avengers

God of Love – Cupid (Support – God)

god of love cupid x-hero idle avengers

Lady Icy – Jane (Mage – Nature)

lady icy jane x-hero idle avengers

Mask Man – Gascoll (Warrior – Superman)

mask man gascoll x-hero idle avengers

Master Programe – Alice (Mage – Technology)

master programe alice x-hero idle avengers

T-2080 – T-2080 (Ranger – Technology)

t-2080 x-hero idle avengers

There are still plenty of legendary grade heroes that did not make it even for the C tier in our book and, again, you should know early on that ordinary grade ones should not be invested in at all. You should know that one of the things that makes X-HERO: Idle Avengers highly addictive is the fast pace at which you can make progress early on, especially when it comes to recruiting and upgrading heroes. With a huge chunk of progression dependent on how actively you play and how often you claim idle rewards, you can certainly nab the right heroes for your team in no time.

And that’s the end, as far as our X-HERO: Idle Avengers tier list is concerned. We hope that the consideration of heroes for each tier and the rationales and description we provided for each hero will help you decide better on which ones to invest in. Again, our tier list like all other tier lists are subjective, and we respect and welcome discerning viewpoints on each hero we mentioned. Did your favorite heroes rank in accordance with your opinion on them in our tier list? We are very much interested to hear you out so let us know in the comments!


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