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Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers for All Levels

We’ve covered a plethora of word puzzle games and given you answer keys to them, but let’s take a breather from those titles for a while, and move on to the wild and occasionally wacky world of professional wrestling. Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz is an iOS trivia game from Partho Protim Ghosh that allows you a chance to guess the names of several pro wrestlers, guessing the names associated with the photos. And just as a spoiler of sorts before we give you the answers, you’ll need to be more than just a WWE fan to guess a lot of the names. The game also includes wrestling stars from other promotions such as TNA and Ring of Honor, as well as competitors from the Japanese and Mexican wrestling scene, and several retired wrestlers from the past.

So what’s to do if the only wrestling you get to watch comes courtesy of Vince McMahon and his family? What if you’d like to play the game, but don’t have much knowledge of sports entertainment? We’ve got you covered, in the form of this Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz answers and solutions. We’ve got the answers to the first 100 levels, though if you’re familiar with various wrestling promotions, you might not want to read this one from start to finish.

Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers Level 1

#1-1 : John Cena
#1-2 : (The) Rock
#1-3 : The Undertaker
#1-4 : Triple H
#1-5 : Steve Austin
#1-6 : Randy Orton
#1-7 : Brock Lesnar
#1-8 : Sheamus
#1-9 : Dolph Ziggler
#1-10 : Chris Jericho
#1-11 : CM Punk
#1-12 : Big Show
#1-13 : Rey Mysterio
#1-14 : Edge
#1-15 : Paige
#1-16 : Lana
#1-17 : Roman Reigns
#1-18 : Kane
#1-19 : The Miz
#1-20 : Dean Ambrose

Wrestling Super Star Trivia Quiz Answers Level 2

#2-21 : Goldust
#2-22 : Daniel Bryan
#2-23 : Rob van Dam
#2-24 : Ryback
#2-25 : Sin Cara
#2-26 : Kofi Kingston
#2-27 : Becky Lynch
#2-28 : Big E
#2-29 : Bobby Fish
#2-30 : Bobby Lashley
#2-31 : Bobby Roode
#2-32 : Bray Wyatt
#2-33 : Bret Hart
#2-34 : Brian Cage
#2-35 : Shawn Michaels
#2-36 : Bxb Hulk
#2-37 : Carmella
#2-38 : Cedric
#2-39 : Cesaro
#2-40 : Charlotte

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