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Wrecked (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Survive Longer

Mat Dickie, also known as MDickie, is back with a new game for Android and iOS, and it has nothing to do with wrestling, MMA, prison, or superheroes. But it has everything to do with survival, as the game is entitled Wrecked, as in shipwrecked. This is a chance for you to survive for as long as possible on an island full of wildlife, and “even wilder people.” There’s an all-new two-handed control system that allows for different ways for you to interact with the game’s non-playing characters, and MDickie claims you’ll have the power to “create or destroy in your own hands.” There are ten different locations (a trademark feature of MDickie games), and if you’ve played Hard Time or any one of his other games, you’ll probably be familiar with a lot of the game’s mechanics and controls.

How can you survive such a rough environment? How can you last longer and interact the right way with the people you deal with, as well as avoid the typical challenges of being a shipwreck survivor in a strange land? We’ve got all the answers for you, as we’re now bringing you our Wrecked strategy guide, or should we say, our all-around survival guide for this all-new game.

1. Learn The Basics

Again, you’ll likely find a lot of familiar things and similarities with other MDickie games when it comes to the control system of this game. But things are decidedly more complex in Wrecked, so allow us to help you get started with this game’s controls. For starters, you’ll have two sets of buttons, with one red button and one blue button per set. These correspond to the controls you’ll be using with your left and right hands – not just you, but also your character! Tap on the red buttons to attack with the item you’re holding in your left or right hand, and tap on the blue buttons to drop that item. Hold both red and blue buttons simultaneously to eat what you’re holding, or interact with it should it not be an edible item.

2. The Basics Of Crafting

One of the new features in Wrecked, at least when comparing it to other MDickie titles, is the inclusion of a crafting mechanic. Combining items is easy, as you’ll have to hold both blue buttons down at the same time. Look for the plus sign between the blue buttons, as you’ll need to hold down there to start the crafting process. And once you craft, you’ll be combining whatever your character is holding in both hands. You’ll get your new item almost instantly if you get a match, though fortunately, it shouldn’t always be trial-and-error, as the pause menu includes a handy Recipes list which you can refer to.

There are two types of recipes which you can use in the game when crafting – Hand Recipes and Ground Recipes. For the former, you can create them by combining items like we showed you above. For the latter, both items need to be on the ground and next to each other. Move toward the items and hold down both blue buttons so you can start mixing the items on the ground and crafting a new item.

3. Craft The Backpack

When it comes to items that you can craft in the game, the Backpack is one of the more useful items you can create. You’ll need get two branches and craft those branches into the backpack, but it won’t be that simple – oftentimes, you need to keep hitting the bushes until they break and branches fall down.

Once you’ve got your backpack, you can equip it, and make very good use of it while equipped. If you hold an item and hit on the blue drop button, it’s going to go into your backup instead of on the ground. Hit on the drop button again with your hand empty if you want to remove the item – you may need to do this a lot, as the backpack only allows you to keep one item inside of it.

4. Keep Your Health And Hunger Meters Up

Like you would in other MDickie games, you’ll have two bars to deal with – it’s not only your health that you need to pay attention to, after all! In Wrecked, you’ve got your health bar, but you’ll also have another yellow bar underneath the health bar – that would be your hunger gauge. Your character will get tired faster when the hunger bar is low, and that would also mean your attacks will lose impact, your movement will slow, and you won’t be as strong as you normally should be. And if you try attacking while hungry, you’ll fall over quite frequently, and it will take you longer to get back up. To keep it short and sweet, make sure you’re well-fed before heading out on an adventure!

Over time, you’ll lose health once your hunger bar is depleted. So how do you ensure that you don’t go hungry while out there in the wild? Well, you will find random food items while you’re exploring – that would include fruit and vegetables you may see along the way. But that wouldn’t give you as much sustenance as meat, which means you will need to go hunting at some point. Meat helps you recover your hunger faster, and while you may find chunks of meat lying around, it won’t be as common as that healthy fruit and veg. Fortunately, there’s no need to cook the meat before eating it, but eating it with fire does allow you to recover more hunger. What’s strange, though, is how you’re more likely to throw up after eating food on fire.

5. Break Those Boxes Open

Aside from food, you may also find some boxes and crates. Just as you may expect, there’s stuff inside those boxes, and hitting those boxes and crates will release some random freebies. There’s lots of types of items inside there, and you may even find some of those cool weapons MDickie games are known for, including a laser gun! Those weapons are handy for those times you may get into a fight, or if you need to hunt for food, so keep breaking open boxes and crates so you can get more chances to find interesting and unusual weapons.

6. Why Do You Need A Sword?

Speaking of weapons, you’re going to need them in case of trouble, as we suggested above. And while you may try to turn the other cheek and act as civilly as possible to your fellow islanders, there’s always the chance you may find yourself beefing with someone else. You may be attacked by islanders at random, and since your fists won’t do much at times, it’s important that you have some sort of weapon on you. Don’t just wait for interesting weapons to become available through the boxes and crates; craft a sword by first combining a hammer and a rock. That’s going to sharpen the rock, but take note that you’re going to keep the hammer. Next, combine a log in one hand with the sharpened rock in another, as that’s going to allow you to create a knife. After that, combine the knife with another sharpened rock, and with that, you’ll get your sword. Use it if you run into trouble – oftentimes, you’ll got to fight to survive, and having a sword is the first step to winning those random fights.

7. About Learning Languages

Earlier, we talked about the hunger gauge. Below that, you’ll see yet another bar, and that would refer to language completion. As usual, you’ll start with that language bar at about 50 percent, and as you speak to the islanders, you’ll see at first that they’ll be speaking in asterisks. That means you don’t understand what you’re saying, requiring you to learn more about their language.

8. How To Become More Fluent In Islander Speak

Now that you know how important it is to learn a new language, here’s how you can improve your fluency. It’s as simple as waiting for random islanders to walk up to you and offer to teach you more of the language. Don’t turn down these offers, because there’s simply no downside to it. But in the absence of these random offers, be on the lookout for scrolls and books. Picking up and using these items would allow your character to start reading. Let your character read for some time, and you may end up picking up recipe hints or new letters of the island language, thus making you more fluent. Keep on doing this with the same book or scroll, and go to the Temple if you want to improve your chances of seeing these items spawn. You may need to be patient, but if you are, you should chance upon a scroll or book spawn at this place of worship.

That’s all you need to know in order to succeed in MDickie’s new mobile game, Wrecked. If you know additional tips or tricks for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comment area!