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World War Rising Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Dominate Battles

Mobile War LLC, as a new entrant to the mobile gaming industry, recently released their first game, World War Rising on both Android and iOS. With less than two months on the Google Play Store, World War Rising has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times and has become a highly ranked strategy game in several countries. Considering the plethora of MMO strategy games that practically flood the mobile gaming market, it’s a surprise to a witness a new game from an equally new developer pierce through the competition. As World War Rising still brings a lot of new concepts and mechanics to the table on top of the most common ones players love on other strategy games, both experienced and new players of the genre can find something new to enjoy in this MMO strategy game.

In World War Rising, you are a commander of your own base in a world torn by war and to survive, you must ceaselessly become stronger by collecting valuable resources, building and upgrading structures, and training troops. As you develop your base further, the resources required to perform upgrades become heavier as resources become more and more difficult to produce on your own. You will have to venture out into the world and gather more resources while putting your base and your army at constant risk. As resource spot can be destroyed by other players as well, your last resort leads you to engaging other players in combat to try and claim their resources as your own. With the hardships you encounter in the field, find allies to work with as you watch each other’s back and support one another in your endeavors. The path towards domination is a long and difficult one but it can be achieved more likely with a lot of hard work, careful strategies, and team cooperation.

World War Rising provides sufficient information about what you need to do in the game as you are walked through the initial phases of setting up your base. As you proceed to build and upgrade one structure after another, you are provided with a brief description of what each structure does and which ones may be constantly tapped on to stay perfectly productive. The Base Missions lead you on to determine which structure becomes the next priority on your seemingly never-ending list, and not seeing your assistant, Riley, that often anymore hints that you should explore on other icons and features for you to learn the rest.

While the game is actually pretty simple and straightforward, the more challenging part revolves around the lack of resources and the difficulty of generating them on your own to sustain your ever-growing needs. Whether you are an MMO strategy game veteran or a total newbie in this genre, having to engage in battles early on does present a huge challenge. As far as challenges go, however, there’s no need to worry as much, as our World War Rising beginner’s guide can help you stay ahead of a lot of players and bring you several steps closer to dominating the land.

1. Always Multitask And Keep Nothing Idle

world war rising guide

While you will constantly be pushed to build and upgrade structures following the recommended tasks under the base missions, there are several other tasks you can accomplish to further speed up your base’s growth and development in World War Rising.

Following building upgrades, you should also ceaselessly improve on your base, hero, and troops’ performance through research at the Research Facility. Under the Research Facility, there are several areas of improvement you can choose from and depending on your priority; you can choose to focus your attention on Economics, Combat, Defense, Hero, or Missile Strikes. Keep in mind though that while some of the researches you can do here can only take a few minutes to finish, some require several long hours to complete.

As you prepare for war from all possible sides, you should also continue to train troops at the Training Ground for as far as your resources can support. Be sure to read each unit’s description and begin with an end in mind before choosing which units to spend more resources in. Make sure as well that you can generate or secure enough food supplies to sustain your growing army’s needs.

There are also Hero Missions and Alliance Missions that you only need to click on for them to initiate. These missions vary in terms of completion duration, but offer much needed resources as rewards. Initially having 5 missions each for you to complete, both Hero Missions and Alliance Missions refresh once every 6 hours. As most of the missions here can be completed within just a few minutes, be sure to always check these out whenever you are playing.

2. Scout The Map For Potential Targets And Threats

world war rising tips

One of the first things you need to look into in any real-time strategy game like World War Rising is the immediate area surrounding your base camp. Whenever your production queues are full and still processing, feel free to check the surrounding map and check the base levels and activities of players around you. Although you will be immune to attacks for the first 24 hours of the game, which is actually a shorter period than in most games, this should serve as the best time for you to identify who from among your many neighbors are potential predators and who are prey.

On top of the surrounding players, be sure to check for resource tiles as well as you will hardly have enough of any resource to ceaselessly sustain your base camp’s building and upgrading needs. Keep in mind that once your army sets foot outside your base, they will not be covered by the attack immunity bubble and can be targeted by nearby enemies. Understand as well that gathering resources in the game takes a lot of time so you may want to constantly check on your army deployed in any resource tile.

3. Join An Alliance Immediately

world war rising alliance

One great thing about World War Rising is that you can immediately apply to join in an alliance at the start of your game unlike in most games where you need to first reach a certain level. As it is commonly known that the availability of Guilds and Alliances in games means it is a must to be a member of one. More so, the sooner you are able to join an alliance, the earlier you can reap rewards from it as well as contribute to its growth.

Like in most strategy games that heavily involve base-building and management, the best benefit you can get in joining an alliance in World War Rising is the production speed-up boost that your allies can provide whenever you start building or upgrading something. Reciprocally, be sure to return the favor to all members of the alliance as well. Speed-ups are comparatively more difficult to acquire in World War Rising which is why the value of being in an active (and supportive) alliance is much higher than most strategy games. As up to 20 members can assist you in speeding up production and research, the disparity in each alliance’s growth and development can be determined primarily by the number of active enough members that it has.

On top of assisting one another in speeding up production, there are gifts each member can receive as a result of purchases made by any of its members and the more members open up those gifts, the better the rewards can become.

With the loyalty you earn for activities contributing to the growth and development of the alliance, you can purchase a lot of useful resources and items at the Alliance Store to help you even further with your base management and battles so be sure to check the contents of the store and have an idea in mind of what you necessarily have to target when you earn enough loyalty points.

4. Spend Gold To Boost Growth

world war rising resources

As resources are scarce in World War Rising and given as well that your production can hardly be sufficient to keep up with your base camp’s needs for upgrades, one of the recurring concerns you’ll have throughout your game is gathering additional resources. Although there are more than enough resource tiles on the map as well where you can deploy your troops to for acquisition of extra resources, it takes so much time and the volume of resources is not that much as well.

The existence of gold or similar hard to earn currencies in games will always inhibit you from spending them early on in any game. In most cases, you will tend to save as much of it as you can for purchasing items which may be impossible or very difficult to acquire through other means. In almost any online strategy game like World War Rising, you may want to save your gold for items such as peace shields for attack immunity or items that can teleport your base somewhere else.

Another good thing to consider in World War Rising is that what you need to spend to gain extra hours of protection in the game is fuel and you can purchase most of every other thing at the Alliance Store. Given this, purchasing needed resources for building, upgrades, training, and researches can be made with gold without much apprehension. This is mostly critical on the first 24 hours of your game as you need to make the most out of the free protection you have and muster enough strength for when it is time to battle.

5. How To Invest Your Gold

world war rising treasury

One of the unique features of World War Rising is the existence of a Treasury where you can invest your gold in to earn a 10% interest after 2 hours. Even though it’s not that much and upgrading the Treasury further requires spending real money, the existence of this feature alone makes spending more time with the game worth it. Be sure to make the most out of this whenever you can afford to as you can never earn gold easily and neither can you have more than enough of it.

6. Utilize Your Missile Silo

world war rising missile silo

Another unique element of World War Rising is having your very own Missile Silo in your base which is a very versatile weapon in your arsenal. It has a variety of uses and can be further upgraded to have even broader functions and have more power.

As what missiles are typically used for, you can launch a missile from your base to target syndicates (NPC armies), enemy troops and even enemy bases. More strategically, it can also be utilized to incapacitate some of your enemies by destroying resource spots close to them. Lastly, and equally important, you can launch missiles for supply drones and earn additional resources that you need the most. Depending on its level and how you use it, a cool down time will commence after the 10 minute preparation time to launch it. With this weapon in your arsenal, be sure to utilize it wisely and as often as you can as it is one of the many tools at your disposal to tip the balance of power closer to you and your allies’ favor in the battlefield.

7. Participate In Events

world war rising events

There are numerous events in the game and oftentimes, you may even unconsciously achieve the requirements and earn extra rewards. To be certain that you take the most advantage in these instances, participate as much as you can and try to look into the various activities you may need to accomplish to earn better rewards.

8. Claim Rewards From Missions Sooner Than Later

world war rising missions

By practically just following the recommended Base Missions as well as doing some upgrades on the numerous structures within your base camp, a variety of rewards can be immediately collected as a result of its completion. As we mentioned earlier that resources are not that easy to acquire and maintain in World War Rising, you should collect your earned rewards as soon as you can so you can avoid instances of halting production and upgrades just because you lack a bit of some required resources. You may want to constantly check on this as you will occasionally be in a situation where your upgrades happen one after the other and having a lot to as well in the game may lead to you forgetting to collect your earned rewards.

9. Make Preparations For War

world war rising strategy

It’s as if World War Rising isn’t all about war and that everything you are doing is in preparation for it. Consider the 24-hour free protection as the most important part of your preparation towards the oncoming battles. However, before your shields go down or if you are eager enough to take on the base camps around you before your peace shield runs out, a few activities must be done first to ensure that you are indeed well-prepared enough.

First and foremost, of course, is that you should have already scouted the immediate surroundings in your area. If you find an active and more powerful enemy close by, then you may want to teleport your base to a safer zone. Assuming at this point that you are already in an alliance, it is of utmost important as well to stay close with one another as this gives a whole new meaning to well popular concept that each alliance member is there to watch one another’s back. As being in close proximity with your fellow alliance members not only boosts your overall defensive capability, it also provides the alliance better coordination capacity to strike a joint assault against an opponent or group of opponents.

Once you find potential targets close to your camp, be sure to always scout ahead first before deciding to attack. Although you can see some information just by highlighting an enemy’s base camp, a more detailed one can be obtained by using scouts.

It is also very important to note that you shouldn’t rely entirely on a base camp’s level to assume its power and defensive capabilities, some lower level bases may have more units in their army and attacking them can lead to defeat. Likewise, be cautious of attacking a member of any other guild especially if several of their alliance members are close by unless you are very well prepared for a retaliation and are confident that your alliance will be around to help you against possible multiple attacks.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, if worse comes to worst on the battlefield be sure to have some extra fuel for an emergency peace barrier that you can put up once the need to go defensive becomes critical. It may not require as much especially if you only need an hour or a couple to cool things down.

And that sums up our World War Rising beginner’s guide which pretty much covers everything you need to know to start the game right and progress faster ahead of the pack. Once again, as this is a fairly new game with a lot more in store for discovery there may still be features we have yet to see. If you have played the game enough and followed our tips, you should have a better chance to survive to deeply populated world of World War Rising. If you have additional World War Rising tips, cheats, and strategies you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section below!


Thursday 17th of January 2019

Where can I buy another shield


Friday 4th of January 2019

Is there any where to find what items combine to make other items in the Armory??


Friday 4th of January 2019

Im trying to move to another kingdom to ve with friends,but i dont know how to,anyone know?


Thursday 27th of December 2018

How do I change kingdoms

Timothy Ord

Wednesday 7th of November 2018

This game is anything but new. It is simply a rebranding and slight makeover of "Mobile Strike" by the same company several years old. The improvements make the game better but there are still lagging bugs that are a carryover from the previous version. Considering the amount of in game purchases that go on, there is absolutely no reason they should not have already been corrected.