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Eternity Legends Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat the Evil Deities

All sorts of gods and deities are featured in Eternity Legends: League of Gods Dynasty and your task is to assemble a team so powerful and colossal that it can take down even the most fearsome of gods. Since Divmob’s new game is an action strategy RPG title, you will have to carefully plan your course of action, but at the same time – it’s guaranteed that you will have fun for hours on end! As we all know, awe-inspiring heroes are one of the most common sights in popular gaming, but Eternity Legends brings these celestial beings right at the palm of your hand. With its stunning 3D design and captivating missions, this game offers high levels of enjoyment.

That is why you should stick with our Eternity Legends beginner’s guide, and read everything there is to know about the game. We have prepared the best Eternity Legends strategies, tips, and pointers so that you can go through missions with ease!

1. Upgrade Your Heroes Regularly

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As the name of the game clearly implies, Eternity Legends gives you an opportunity to step into the shoes of famous deities. Those gods and demigods come from various cultures, legends, and tales. Even though they all possess a range of supernatural and monumental skills and capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses vary a lot. That is why a novice player should first take a look at the options offered in their left bottom corner. Once you find the available heroes and form your team, you should then look for ways on how you can improve their skills and enhance their stats.

The statistics are available when you click on a respective hero, and these numbers and facts will give you an idea of what you can expect from your character. For instance, every member of your team has three best attacks, and you can invest precious coins in boosting the strength of these attacks. If you do so – your overall team strength will consequently rise as well, and you will be able to disintegrate powerful boss heroes and complete more demanding missions as you progress through the game. Besides upgrades to their attack, you can also Level Up and Tier Up your heroes, but you will have to fulfill certain criteria to unlock these features.

2. Invest Your Coins Wisely

eternity legends campaign missions

Even though the heroes, i.e. the gods in Eternity Legends are designed to look really badass, they are still not omnipotent. In other words, they do not have access to eternal fortune or an unlimited number of coins. That is why novice and intermediate players of the game need to pay attention to the upper right corner of their screen. Coins and gems are the base currencies in Eternity Legends, and of course – you can buy them out with cash.

However, not all players are willing to go through all that hassle. In case you are one of them, we advise you to carefully invest the in-game funds and to avoid impulsive purchases. Also, the game offers several ways by which you can obtain the coins. For instance, you can send out your heroes on Club missions, or you can spend time completing the Campaign missions and thus earning rewards. Either way, the rewards are not that generous and it can take a while before you collect any decent amount. That is why we emphasize the importance of planning when investing your coins and gems.

3. Time Your Moves To Perfection

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In many areas of life, timing plays a vital role. The same rule applies to Eternity Legends as well, and you need to time your moves perfectly if you want to beat even the toughest of opponents in the game. Since the pantheon of gods in this RPG includes the likes of Thor, Hades, Thanatos, Neith, Bastet, Raijin, or Zeus – things can get pretty difficult over time and you will need to use every trick in the book to send one of these deities into oblivion.

What we mean by perfect timing is the sequence of calls and actions you make during combat. For example, one of the best ways to overcome a mission is to send your leader into battle all on his own. During the opening skirmish, he will have little trouble evaporating low-level opponents. Admittedly, some of them will be more challenging than others, and they could take a big chunk out of your hero’s health. However, once you survive all those tribulations – the boss hero arrives, and that is the moment when you should deploy all of your sidekicks and their powers. For instance, Hermes, the healer, will restore your health, and the others will boost your firing power and hopefully guide you to victory.

4. Use Hermes To Heal You

eternity legends hermes

The majority of gods in Eternity Legends Warriors comes from the Ancient Greek mythology and folklore. Hermes is one of them, and according to legends – he had a pretty nice life growing up. All the other gods loved him, and he was the only one with the ability to move freely between the world of the living and the dead. His wings are legendary, and those same visuals are present in this game as well – the swing of his majestic silvery wings is a sight to behold.

More importantly, Hermes owns the ability to heal and regenerate your power while simultaneously decreasing the armor of the enemy. His three essential attacks are the God Jump, Miracle Zone, and Hermes’ Voice. The best time to summon Hermes is during the final stages of the battle and his Miracle Zone will create a circle in which your health will quickly go back up. During that time, your opponent’s armor will decrease, and all of these characteristics make Hermes a crucial ally. If you upgrade his powers and skills, he can make you an invincible and almost immortal force.

5. Achilles Can Do Wonders With His Sword

eternity legends achilles

Achilles may not be an Olympian god per se, but he is often referred to as the greatest of Greek heroes and that certainly grants him a spot in the pantheon of Eternity Legends: League of Gods Dynasty. When it comes to this game, in particular, the “invincible” Achilles does have some additional weak spots aside from his well-known weakness, i.e. his sensitive little heel. However, he is an attacking force to be reckoned with, and that is why most players pick him as the chief in command of their four-man team. Because of the futuristic design of the game, Achilles may resemble a cyborg but his long sword is ideal for a classic hack and slash adventure.

Speaking of attacks, Achilles has three main attacking options – Cleaver, Sword Slam, and the Whirlwind. Ideally, you would want to combine them in a sequence which would grant you additional points for performing combo attacks. Also, novice and intermediate players will quickly realize the value of the Whirlwind – a move in which Achilles spins like a tornado and causes extreme damage to all enemies within range. This ferocious attack is perfect for decimating your opponents and sending them back to eternal damnation from where they crawled out.

6. Use The Air Support As Much As Possible

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Every experienced gamer understands the value of properly timed air support. You don’t need a West Point education to know that air strikes can cause havoc and even exterminate your enemies in no time. When it comes to Eternity Legends: League of Gods Dynasty, there are several gods and heroes who can provide you with this type of assistance. For example, the well-known Egyptian goddess Isis will be available to you during the initial stages of the game and you should definitely exploit her celestial skills and strengths.

In the Egyptian mythology, Isis has a role of providing maternal aid to the Pharaoh. Similarly, she can cover your back during combat with her three attacking options – Egypt’s Starfall, Tic-Tac Boom, and Sun Beam. All of these attacks can be devastating, but if you invest some coins and upgrade their features – Isis can rain down justice as you’ve never seen it before! Her circle of bombs is also quite helpful, and you will not be sorry if you summon Isis during those crucial periods of the battle. Portrayed as a lovely fairy-like woman, Isis flies on her golden wings and can scorch the earth on a moments notice.

7. Join Forces For Better Results

eternity legends team

The majority of ancient gods were pretty selfish and egoistic, and they did not collaborate too much. However, Eternity Legends Warriors allows you to play out that type of scenario – what would happen if deities from far-away cultures worked together? As you could see, we already mentioned some Greek gods and heroes alongside the Egyptian ones, and this action strategy game lets you make similar teams and join forces with all sorts of archetypes.

The process of creating teams is pretty straightforward and convenient. As a matter of fact, your guide in the initial moments of the game will be the lovely Greek goddess Artemis, and she will show you how to form teams and assign positions to your heroes. The leader of your team will hardly be powerful enough to take down boss enemies with a significantly higher level than his, but what if you were to add three more colossal characters to your cause?! Also, it is advisable to summon your sidekicks at the right time during a combat sequence. Call them too early – and you will be left alone when the boss of the level appears, but if you ask for help a little too late – all your efforts can go down the drain in a blink of an eye.

8. Engage In Club Missions

eternity legends club missions

Earlier on in this Eternity Legends guide, we mentioned the fact that money is scarce in the world of Eternity Legends, which is a bit ironic if you think about it. Nevertheless, players will have to adapt, and one of the easiest ways of earning some coins is by joining the Club missions. These missions, aka the hunt, are great for boosting your number of coins, but if you are lucky – your heroes can bring back some highly valuable items.

If you look at the right-hand side and you trigger the arrow pointing upwards – you will find several options and features. The one on the top will take you to those Club missions. Once again, Artemis will play her part in demonstrating what needs to be done in order to initiate the hunt. After that, we advise you to visit this section on a regular basis and to collect the rewards as soon as they arrive.

9. Collect Your Gifts And Rewards

eternity legends rewards

Eternity Legends is a game that offers a bunch of rewards and freebies, and who doesn’t like free stuff? Your only job is to collect those gifts as soon as they appear and to find the best use for those items later on. For example, you will receive daily and weekly presents, and it goes without saying that you should accept and collect those rewards without hesitation. Similarly, challenges and unlocked achievements will bring something your way, and there is no reason to miss out on these gifts as well.

On the left-hand side, you will find a command which will guide you to the list of challenges and tasks that you need to perform to receive a reward. A small notification sign will appear every time a new gift is available, and this feature is also quite helpful. Aside from that, the Gem Factory can regularly boost your collection of precious stones. Last but not least, you should also visit the Star Code option on the bottom of the screen and perform daily draws. Who knows – maybe your next hero will pop up and you could become an abomination more powerful than Thanatos himself.

Hopefully, our Eternity Legends tips, cheats and tricks will help you cruise through the game. With its 3D graphics and interesting gameplay, this Android game can be played for weeks if not months. If you happen to be familiar with some other types of strategies or useful tricks – feel free to leave us a comment down below!