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World of Evolution Beginner’s Guide: 8 Tips & Tricks for the Earlier Stages of the Game

World of Evolution is an exciting new iOS title from Dikobras Games, that should appeal to anyone who likes alchemy or crafting games. This is your chance to command and combine the forces of nature, as you play God, creating your own world, splitting it from the water, and eventually adding people to your world and constructing buildings. The game’s overview adds that you will be taking your simple civilization from ancient times into the “space age.” But aside from the alchemy and crafting, Dikobraz also covers other mechanics in this new game, such as city building and MMO strategy. It’s several gaming genres in one, and we recommend that you try this new title out for yourself, especially if you’re into alchemy/crafting.

It might sound like a very overwhelming task to start your own world from scratch and build it from the earliest days of civilization to a high-tech age we aren’t even in at the present. But we believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. This is the first in a series of World of Evolution strategy guides, which will show you how to survive your first day, or first few hours playing the game.

1. Know The Basics Of The Game

World of Evolution, as we had mentioned, can be categorized as an alchemy game or a crafting game. You start out with just a handful of materials, but as you combine one material with another, you can create a new one, with different combinations having different results. The first few quests are tutorials, where the game guides you through each step of the process. You may not get it at first, but unless the game tells you to drag an item, you’ll need to tap on the material, then tap on the spot on the board where you want to place it. It’s just a simple reminder, but as we’ve noticed, it’s a bit easy to get confused when playing this game for the first time.

After you’re asked to create your first animal, the game will skip right ahead to the time in the world’s history where humans first appear. That’s when things become more hands-off, and once that happens, there’s one thing you should be doing in order for the game to keep progressing…

2. Follow The Quests

Yes indeed, this is what you should do, if you want to move forward in time and watch the world you created evolve through generations. The quests will appear in the upper left corner of your screen, first one-by-one, but ultimately to a point where you will have multiple quests open, all on that upper left corner, where they shall remain until you complete them. This is what you need to do to keep leveling up, and to ensure that you’ve got everything you need for your world to be up to speed with your level.

3. No Resources, No Work

After you create your first two people, that should be the point where you will be asked to create buildings, starting with the Lumberjack Hut, which you need to build next to a bunch of trees so you can collect wood. This will be the first of many buildings you can create in World of Evolution, and you will notice soon enough that you can’t expect those buildings to operate if certain materials/resources aren’t nearby. To cite some other examples, you can’t raise sheep for food at your Paddock if there isn’t any grass nearby, and you can’t create clay at the Stonecutter’s if there aren’t any rocks or mountains in the immediate area. The only exception is the Town Hall, which is your town’s ground zero of sorts, and, as a beginner, the place where you can add more settlers to your world.

4. You Can Move Buildings Around If You Wish

Made a mistake by creating a new building where the required resources aren’t anywhere near? Fear not, as World of Evolution will allow you to move your building to anywhere that you feel is more convenient, assuming you’re not moving it to an area covered by water, grass, dust, flowers, or other things that could interfere with construction. This is useful, as you won’t always be able to predict if a building should be constructed, based on the quests that ask you to create new materials from the existing ones you have, and set them up in your world.

5. What Does Upgrading Buildings And Houses Do For You?

As there’s a lot of city management in this game, on top of the alchemy/crafting mechanics that are at the center of it, you will also need to upgrade your buildings and houses whenever you can afford it. The quests will oftentimes tell you what needs to be upgraded and when, but you can carry out the upgrades on your own, especially if you’re about to leave the game for an extended period of time, say, before you go to bed. Especially as you reach later stages of the game, upgrades can take a substantial amount of time (think more than an hour) before they are completed; the same applies to the more advanced buildings you’ll be constructing.

The main benefit of upgrading your buildings is being able to produce new types of products; for example, you can start producing vines at the Lumberjack Hut after you’ve upgraded it to level 2. There’s a good chance your Market orders will include someone asking for vines, so don’t be afraid to get ahead a little bit, even before the quests prompt you to!

As for your houses, they earn income depending on the type of house, so if you upgrade your house, you won’t just be attracting more settlers; you’ll also be earning more passive income through taxes! Take note that the passive income won’t be too much at first, but if you remain away from the game for an extended period, you should earn more than you would if you were collecting taxes every 20-30 minutes or so.

6. Watch Ad Videos For Extra Rewards

You will, from time to time, see your settlers/townspeople with text balloons over their heads that look like play buttons. Tap on this, and you will be taken to an ad video, which will give you a choice of three rewards. Usually, you’ll end up with a couple gems (the game’s premium currency) or some coins; again, the rewards won’t be that much, but it’s better than nothing, and as is always the case, those video rewards can add up if you keep on watching advertisements when prompted.

You can also watch ads in World of Evolution to speed up the construction or the upgrade of a building; one video is worth 10 minutes saved, so go ahead and watch as long as the game has some ads to serve up! (Sometimes, it may run out of ads, which means you wouldn’t want to watch videos to speed things up, if it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the construction or upgrade of buildings.

7. Don’t Spend Your Gems On The Wrong Things

Gems, as we mentioned, are the game’s premium currency, but you shouldn’t be spending them just because you have them. As you can probably see, they’re hard to come by, and would normally be rewarded by completing certain quests, leveling up, and watching advertisements. That means there are a few things you should absolutely not be buying with your premium currency. Chief among these is the option to speed up tasks at the buildings. It only takes a few minutes to make some of the more basic products/byproducts, and the amount of gems needed to expedite doesn’t seem to change, regardless if you’ve only got a minute (out of, say 10 minutes) remaining before the task is completed.

Additionally, you may be asked to pay some gems for the “deals,” which are actually emergency re-stockings of certain materials/resources, should you be in need of a certain material but don’t have any on you. We suggest avoiding this, unless you’ve got a lot of gems to spend, unless you’ve fallen behind a bit and need to get caught up with the game’s titular World of Evolution.

8. Need Currency? Go Trade At The Market

The Market is one of the bigger buildings you will construct in the game’s early stages. Not only will this building be mentioned several times in the quests that you undertake, you can also sell stuff proactively, and fulfill the orders of your customers. This would also require you to have enough of the items on sale, so it will be in your best interests to keep your resource-producing buildings busy for most of the day. Once you do have the items ready, you can earn a solid amount of basic currency once you sell them; this also applies to items sold at the Shop, which is a place for you to sell your surplus items so you can keep your warehouse from overflowing.

Thanks for checking out our World of Evolution beginner’s guide! Be sure to check back from time to time as we’re planning to share more tips and tricks for the game in the near future!

Monika West

Saturday 26th of December 2020

Hi I have been playing this for a few weeks. Can you tell me how to make cotton? I have treid everything, but i cant seem to figure it out. It would be nice if you could help me. MoWest50


Monday 16th of April 2018

I do not know how to make wheatgrass, help me

I will wait for your answer.


Sunday 9th of September 2018

Life + Sand = Camel thorn Camel thorn + Grass = Wheat