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WordWhizzle Search Answers for All Levels

WordWhizzle Search is a game that falls into the category of word puzzler, one of the most popular game types in app stores these days. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices, and it comes from the same company that gave you the original WordWhizzle, as well as WordBubble. You’ll have to find the hidden word in the grid of letters, swiping in all directions to create these words and help the Professor. There are more than 900 levels to play in this game, with the difficulty increasing as you move along, as well as free hints which you can get by solving the WordWhizzle Daily Puzzles. You can also play against your friends on Facebook, if you do get tired playing the game solo.

For the best playing experience, it’s best to play this game without any answer sheet whatsoever as you try to build your vocabulary, but we understand there may be some levels where things may get too challenging. So if you need some help in the introductory levels, we’ve got some help for you in the form of this quick list of WordWhizzle Search answers, where we give you all the solutions the Baby and Kid levels.

WordWhizzle Search Baby Answers

Baby Level 1 Numbers: One, Two
Baby Level 2 Head Adornments: Cap, Hat
Baby Level 3 Animals: Cat, Rat, Ram, Bat
Baby Level 4 On The Beach: Sea, Sun
Baby Level 5 Body Parts: Eye, Toe

WordWhizzle Search Kid Answers

Kid Level 6 Cookware: Wok, Pot
Kid Level 7 Young Child: Tot, Kid
Kid Level 8 The Outer Edge: Lid, Tip
Kid Level 9 Trees: Oak, Elm
Kid Level 10 For The Baby: Toy, Nap

WordWhizzle Search Answers – Coming soon

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And this wraps up our list of WordWhizzle Search answers and solutions.