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Escape With Words Answers for All Levels

You can never have enough word puzzle games. Playflame’s Escape With Words is another one of those games, and it’s designed for Android and iOS devices alike. The story in this game is that you wake up in a “strange and magical land” where your own words are the ones that could help you overcome obstacles and unlock more areas. It combines standard word puzzlers with adventure game mechanics, but unlike those standard word games, your goal here is to unlock words that create master passwords, or a series of words that allows you to escape “even the most insane situations.” There are 83 challenges with over 300 word puzzles, and a whole lot of strange creatures you can meet in your quest to form more and more of the aforementioned master passwords.

We cannot stress enough how different this game is from the usual word puzzlers we cover in this space. And since that might leave you scratching your head in some of the puzzles, we’ve figured things out for you, as this compilation of Escape With Words answers covers all the solutions for the game’s first 37 levels. Can you make that escape with the words you create? We can help you with that, though we hope you won’t be needing too much help (e.g. having to read this guide from top to bottom) as you try to solve the puzzles.

Here’s our list of Escape With Words answers and solutions for all levels:

Level 1 – Push the Door
Level 2 – Ring the Bell
Level 3 – Move the Cube to the Left
Level 4 – Roll the Rock Away
Level 5 – Jump Over the Hole
Level 6 – Give the Bear a Lime
Level 7 – Drop the Purple Soap into the Little Well
Level 8 – Use an Axe to Free the Wooly Sheep from the Big Bad Wolf
Level 8 – Offer the Sad Hungry Wolf a Hot Carrot Pie
Level 9 – Kick the Old Trunk So The Tree Mother Fox Can Jump To Reach Her Child
Level 9 – Give the Sad Fox Some Young Fruity Lollipops
Level 10 – Feed the Hungry Alligator Some Ham to Cross the Cold River

Level 10 – Ride the Raft And Float to the Other Side of the Water
Level 11 – Step on the Green Tile to Lower the Bad Spikes
Level 12 – Give the Traveller Some Pink Bubblegum to Patch His Wagon
Level 12 – Lend The Rabbit a Compass and Set Him in the Right Direction
Level 13 – Toss a Lasso to Swing Over the Quicksand
Level 14 – Open the Locked Graveyard Gate to Free the Sad Ghost and Scare the Brown Bear
Level 14 – Server the Caretaker a Warm Hamburger to Help Him Relax
Level 15 – Plant a Red Flower to Keep the Dangerous Honeybees Busy
Level 16 – Shake the Tree to Get the Silver Key From the Black Bird
Level 17 – Repair the Old Broken Device Using the Metal Junk
Level 17 – Turn the Little Red Wheel Clockwise to Raise the Gray Platforms
Level 18 – The Red Lever is Hidder Under the Third Hard Rock From the Left
Level 19 – Sound a Horn to Wake The Lazy Bunny Castle Bronze
Level 20 – Help the Bunny Rabbits Find the Tools Needed For Their Group Art Project
Level 20 – Give Them Some Paint Paper Crayons Rope Wood And Glitter
Level 20 – Help the People Make Banner Town New