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WordsUp Answers for All Levels

WordsUp is one of the many word puzzle games available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and just as you often have to, you need to find the hidden words by sliding your finger over them, and making the puzzle collapse one after another. If you are able to find the words in order, you will complete the puzzle. Things are going to be easy at first, but as you’ll find out soon enough, things can get really difficult and tricky. There are more than 500 levels, and the game is available in different languages – can you complete all of them, despite the escalating difficulty?

Even the first few levels may give you a bit of a challenge, and if that’s the case, we recommend checking out our complete list of WordsUp answers and solutions. We shall be focusing on all the levels of the game, but we definitely would not recommend you read this guide from start to finish. But if you’re stumped and are unable to solve one of the levels, you can take a sneak peek at this guide for some easy answers.

Wordsup Answers Tomato Level 1-10

#1 – Nose
#2 – Bird
#3 – Girl
#4 – Bank
#5 – Tree
#6 – Duck
#7 – Word
#8 – City
#9 – Bell
#10 – Moon

Wordsup Answers Burger Level 1-10

#1 – Rope
#2 – Face
#3 – Cave
#4 – Goal
#5 – Five
#6 – Mall
#7 – Bear
#8 – Doll
#9 – Cone
#10 – Milk