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Wordimals Answers & Solutions for All Levels

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store are teeming with word games, and why shouldn’t they – these simple brain teasers offer lots of fun and lots of brain exercise to players all over the world, and while many games have similar mechanics to each other, there’s always something different to set one title apart from the other. Firecracker Software’s new Android and iOS game Wordimals promises to be truly different as a “fast-paced” word game, where you can choose your own category and difficulty, and play along with various cute animals in more than 200 themed word searches. And each of these animals, might we add, have their own characteristics that affect gameplay in one way or another.

Playing this game is as simple as what you can expect from word games – pick your chosen category, swipe letters to create words forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally. And as you complete more puzzles, you can collect more rewards, though you can skip levels if you wish and not have to face any consequences. Still, you’d probably want to solve as many puzzles as possible, so we’ve come up with a complete list of Wordimals answers and solutions, covering the first five puzzle packs in the game.

Wordimals Joe the Sloth Answers All Levels

Animals Pack:

#1: Cat, Dog
#2: Goat, Pig
#3: Boar, Hog
#4: Lamb, Ram
#5: Gull, Owl
#6: Wasp, Ant
#7: Crab, Cod
#8: Wolf, Elk
#9: Doe, Sow
#10: Cub, Pup

Around the House Pack:

#1: Bake, Pan
#2: Mat, Tub
#3: Lamp, Fan
#4: Baby, Toy
#5: Dart, Bar
#6: Rake, Hoe
#7: Crib, Cot
#8: Tape, Pen
#9: Fork, Pot
#10: Bike, Car

Sports Pack:

#1: Out, Bat
#2: Par, Pin
#3: Love, Set
#4: Lap, Heat
#5: Goal, Net
#6: Draw, Bow
#7: Hoop, Key
#8: Puck, Hit
#9: Bump, Dig
#10: Spin, Let