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Worddle Answers for All Levels

Worddle Answers Conductor: 5×5

1: Sob Gloom Whimper Cry Comfort
2: Light Star Moon Ceiling Cloud
3: Couple Sibling Friend Family
4: Success Shell Rock Bone Stone
5: Stretch Wash Shower Sunshine
6: Milk Beer Water Wine Beverage
7: Hamburger Pizza Sandwich Fry
8: Dentist Gum Floss Teeth Brace
9: Chard Spinach Lettuce Celery
10: Bag Hat Tie Glasses Scarf Belt
11: Petrol Oil Wind Coal Gasoline
12: Bullion Platinum Gold Silver
13: Service Customer Menu Waiter
14: Commodity Cashier Vegetable
15: Baby Youth Adult Death Senior
16: Ribbon Wrap Surprise Wish Box
17: Hockey Soccer Tennis Bowling
18: Melt Flower Rain Sow Bud Grass
19: Swallow Robin Sparrow Magpie
20: Puzzle Strength Jump Run Walk

Worddle Answers Piano: 5×5

1: Journal Magazine Novel Comic
2: Imagine Thought Infer Deduce
3: Dentist Vet Gardener Cleaner
4: Yacht Boat Ship Scooter Moped
5: Frog Grass Lawn Tree Weed Leaf
6: Gym Field Court Slope Stadium
7: Strong Hero Reliable Dad Duty
8: New Adapt Truck Change Settle
9: Australia Europe Africa Asia
10: Oxygen Reaction Carbon Metal
11: Drum Harmonica Ukulele Piano
12: Sculpture Design Music Craft
13: Galaxy Alien Planet Creature
14: Bronze Copper Tin Nickle Iron
15: Roaster Braiser Griddle Oven
16: Taco Burger Pizza Pasta Sauce
17: Lotion Essence Remover Cream
18: Light Vehicle Subway Jam Sign
19: School College Library Study
20: Cereal Wheat Rice Corn Barley

Worddle Answers Guitar: 5×5

1: Exercise Care Diet Nutrition
2: Present Children Bunny Jesus
3: Sleep Dark Moon Owl Light Star
4: Fruit Vegetable Crop Nut Meat
5: Ceiling Roof Window Wall Door
6: Pillow Bed Blanket Lamp Quilt
7: Nest Hatch Migration Habitat
8: Tablet Headset Camera Laptop
9: Nerve Leg Crutch Muscle Joint
10: House Club Pub Bar Hotel Beach
11: Energy Protect Reuse Recycle
12: Gas Smell Oxygen Moisture Fog
13: Temple Pyramid Palace Castle
14: Lollipop Chocolate Gum Fudge
15: Well River Spring Lake Stream
16: Church White Ring Bride Dress
17: Cheer Hope Firework Midnight
18: Ecosystem Recycle Waste Save
19: Success Degree Praise Family
20: Quick Hurry Hasty Rapid Flash

Worddle Answers Horn: 5×5

1: Seaweed Scallop Crab Lobster
2: Swan Parrot Duck Crow Ostrich
3: Speech Ballot Lobby Campaign
4: Tackle Net Boat Bait River Rod
5: Jog Football Paint Badminton
6: Flour Milk Cream Sugar Garlic
7: Spaceship Moon Rocket Launch
8: Hare Cricket Rabbit Toad Frog
9: Opera Movie Party Circus Sing
10: Sweet Rose Hug Date Chocolate
11: Tart Cupcake Brownie Custard
12: Sad Happy Pleasant Upset Fear
13: Feeder Animal Ticket Giraffe
14: Shaver Trim Customer Hair Wig
15: Warning Entrance Danger Exit
16: Craft Read Dance Sport Museum
17: Blood Beast Witch Scare Skull
18: Diamond Crystal Sun Firework
19: Disco Salsa Samba Waltz Tango
20: Secretary Principal Teacher


Thursday 2nd of May 2024

In DRUM 18 it isnt EXAM, it's FEAR

Lance fukuda

Monday 15th of May 2023

Wheres answers to challenge 1evel 5

john palazzo

Wednesday 26th of April 2023

where are the answers to challlenge 1 , a 7x7 puzzle?


Sunday 6th of November 2022

In photography section 5 computer doesn't work.....anybody else see that! Haven't figured out yet what the correct answer is....

Ashley Anderson

Friday 16th of June 2023

@Jromero, Also some of the answers on here are incorrect.


Sunday 27th of November 2022

@Jromero, Can you be more specific.. Photography section 5 = "it gets smaller over time" there is no mention of 'computer's in the clues or the answers.


Friday 28th of October 2022

@Karen Davis, Yes, there's no BACON, it should be BAKE: TOMATO, OVEN, BEEF, DOUGH, CHEESE,RECIPE, BAKE, ONION, SAUCE and MEAT